AFL Betting Tips

At BetFresh, our expert tipsters offer a range of free betting tips to guide your betting through the AFL season. The tips offered on our website are posted every week throughout the AFL season. On BetFresh you can find match predictions for all AFL games, from the first round all the way to the Grand Finals.

AFL Tips For Beginners

If your new to betting on the AFL there are a few things you should know before placing a bet. Putting money on a team blindly without knowing the basics, reduces your chance of winning dramatically. So we have listed below our tips to help you pick some winners.

1. Playing At Home Is A Huge Advantage

In the AFL statistically, 57.6 percent of games are won by the team who is playing at their home ground. This number is an average. In 2022 Geelong won 82 percent of the games they played on their home ground. If you had tipped against Geelong playing at home you would have lost your bet eight times out of ten. Hawthorne won 70 percent of its matches at home. Lesson 1 (pro tip) check if the team your betting on is playing at home.

2. Know What Teams Are Winning

AFL is like any other team sport. When a team is on fire and winning it is hard to tip against them. If you are betting on the AFL and are serious about winning you need to know which teams are in form and winning.

A simple search on google for AFL results will help you see how many games the team you are about to bet on have won that year. It will also show you their latest results. Always check this before you place your bet and be cautious of tipsters tipping against a winning team.

3. Different Weather Conditions Can Tilt A Game

AFL is unique in the fact that most games are played in the winter in Melbourne. Melbourne is the center hub of AFL. It rains a lot in the winter there and you need to know how the team you are tipping performs in the rain. Later on in the AFL season, this evens out as the weather improves in Melbourne.

Early on in the season, it is critical to place your bets on a team that performs well in the rain. Melbourne is famous for it being sunny one minute and then raining the next. Lesson 2 (pro tip) Check the weather conditions report, but also check how the team your tipping performs in wet weather.

4. Research Player Injuries

In AFL every team has 2-4 superstars. You need to know which of the star players are in good form. You also need to know if one or more are injured or not. A superstar who is playing injured often isn’t playing their best football.

If they are not playing at all and are not listed in the start-up line it is a good tip to reconsider your bet. Often average teams suffer badly when one of their stars is not playing. Lesson 4 (pro tip) know who is injured and know the starting team listed for that game.

Tips For Advanced AFL Betting

There is a difference between placing a $5 bet for fun once a year and betting a few hundred or thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. If your betting to win as a source of income you need to know as much as you can.

Know Player Statistics

If your a serious punter you need to know player statistics as well as team statistics. Missed tackles, dropped balls and unforced errors are a key statistic when tipping a winning team. Not knowing these statistics translates into not knowing if a side is well disciplined, good with attacking or good at defending.

Websites We Recommend For AFL Betting

Below is a list of websites we recommend for great odds on AFL. For more information on these betting sites click the link.





Read Betting Tips and Game Previews

All our tipsters preview a variety of AFL games to thoroughly analyse and offer expert picks and predictions. The most recent AFL picks and betting previews are updated regularly. 

The Different Types Of Bets For AFL

Our expert writers will walk you through some of the effective betting strategies on AFL games. Below discusses the different types of bets you can select.


This is a simple and standard betting approach. A punter simply picks a team that they believe will win, and if they do, the punter wins as well.

Handicap Betting and Line Betting

Line betting is where a bookmaker sets a certain margin to handicap a team to level the playing field between the two teams.

For example, a bookmaker will provide Team A, with a 12-point handicap if they are strong or a better team than Team B. The goal is for Team A to defeat Team B by a margin of more than 12 points. 

A punter can win in this by betting on Team B even if they lose with less than a 12-point margin.

Winning margins

You must accurately predict how many points will separate the two teams after the full event. For instance, if you bet that Team A will defeat Team B, then you can use the margin to increase your winnings.

For example, if the punter tipped that Hawthorn would win by a margin of 1 to 39 points. Hawthorne would need to win by 1-39 points otherwise you lose.

Total points

Another popular alternative is total betting. The ‘over’ and the ‘under’ are the two sides of the Total. The “Total” is calculated by adding the final scores of both teams.

A game’s scoring cap, for instance, could be 120 points. The ‘over’ will be paid out if the team defeats the other 88–62 the total will have exceeded the total point total and you lose. The ‘under’ will be paid out if the final score is between 70 and 65.

First goal-scorer

This is a difficult bet to win but can be a lot of fun when you do win as the odds are usually high. It’s a simple bet to place you pick the player you think will score the first points and if they do you win.

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