Bluebet review:

Bluebet Review

Bluebet Australia

Bluebet is an Australian sports betting agency that was launched in 2015. Bluebet covers sports and horse racing gambling. Boasting fast withdrawal times, great odds, and an easy-to-download app.

You can transfer money easily via PayPal and other money depositing platforms.

Like all Australian betting agencies, they are not allowed to promote, deposit, or sign-up bonuses.

However, when we joined Bluebet and reviewed the site. We discovered they still hand plenty of bonuses.

The Sign-Up Process for Bluebet Reviewed

We loved the first page as it was straightforward and problem-free under review.

Unlike other bookmaker websites that make you feel forced to complete this step, BlueBets sign-up features a small section with the word “optional” in the box where you can select a deposit maximum. To save you time, sign up here.

This website has a box at the bottom where I clicked, that allowed you to deposit with ease.

Depositing Funds

The blue deposit icon in the top banner is hard to miss. Upon review, it sent me directly to the deposit page.

BlueBet allows you to use various deposit options, including PayPal, BPay, POLi, Bank EFT, and Credit Card.

In our review, we used our credit card. This is because most punters use it to fund their accounts.

While wagering, I only deposited $10. I wanted to go small to help you with the review process. The process took about a minute for the money to show up in our account once deposited.

The Layout

BlueBets’ layout is user-friendly. The white-on-blue colors spread everywhere to make the call to actions stand out, and navigation simple for beginner punters.

Again, below the promotional banner, you’ll find the future sporting events under two separate tabs.

Note that in our review we found everything you need is displayed on the left.

Racing Menu Review

BlueBet has a page specifically for each racing category rather than one that includes horses, greyhounds, and harness racing. The racing menu has all Australian races at the top display, accompanied by international races.

The layout is straightforward to maneuver. I liked the fact that each race features a separate box. If you are in a hurry, you won’t accidentally bet on the wrong race. It’s time to put some money on the horses!

Placing A Bet Review

To place a bet was simple, click on the sport or race you want to have a bet on, then enter how much you are going to wager on the bet.

You must become a member to place a bet. If you are confused about how to place your bet call their customer service support. We placed a call and are happy to add in this review that Bluebet’s customer service was extremely helpful.

Betting options are the same as any other bookie in Australia

Our first wager was successfully placed. All good news from us here placing a bet is simple 5/5

Promotions Review

Bluebet is not a small site and competes with any betting agency in Australia. It’s worth putting in our review how impressed we were by the promotions and bonuses.

Bluebet has a stack of promotions, promo codes, and referral promotions.

Running weekly odds promotions for the NRL, Bluebet has invested heavily in rugby league in Australia. Rewarding fans with great odds promotions.

However, BlueBet has “same race multis,” which other betting sites don’t. They also offer the same game multis for sports.

What Sports Are on Offer?

We were surprised just how many sports were on offer when we reviewed the site.

All the sports on offer are on the left when you log in.

Click on one of the sports it will then take you to the type of sport you want to bet on.

Click on that sport again, it will then drill down into locations of that sport around the world.

Click again and you will see the competition in the country you’re placing your bet on, all the teams will be listed.

Bluebet has over 22 different types of sports to choose from when we reviewed the site and app.

Australian punters can be confident when they sign up with Bluebet, there is no need to join a different sports agency to find your sport to bet on.

Some of the sports on offer are cricket, rugby league, AFL, tennis, snooker, volleyball, hockey, martial arts, boxing, and much, much more.

Live Streaming Review

Bluebet currently has live streaming. You can watch Victorian and South Australian, thoroughbreds for free on their platform.

It is good to see this sportsbook is starting with live streaming. In the future, we expect to see Bluebet expand this bonus option across several other sports.

It might be noted that not many betting sites and agencies in Australia have live streaming.

For Bluebet to have this option so early on is a great sign for members.

BlueBet Review 2023

I knew BlueBet existed, but I had never done a review of the site or App. For a betting agency that is only 7 years old, the company is doing extremely well. Their desktop site is great, and the app is on point.

BlueBet Australia is a young player in the bookmaking industry. Bluebet was created in 2015.

Having a creator and CEO, like Michael Sullivan has given them an edge over the competition. He is an innovator in the industry, and always coming up with new ideas.

In 2023, Bluebet has progressed well, and if they keep moving forward at the same pace they did in 2023, we expect them to be one of the biggest betting agencies in Australia.

BlueBet Highlights

Bluebet is definitely a leader in NRL betting, sponsoring the Dolphins rugby league team. Whilst also having the Panthers stadium named, “Bluebet Stadium”. It is obvious as soon as you join, that rugby league is the company’s target market.

The company runs most of its promotions and marketing towards the NRL.

As rugby league fans the experience was was great and a must if your betting on the NRL.

As far as betting on the NRL we give the company a 10/10.

BlueBet Android App

The BlueBet Android app is easy to download, simply select the “Android Icon” link at the bottom of their home page. Click the “Sign Up” button to enter your registration information as soon as the app is successfully downloaded.

For punters who are sick of complicated sign-up processes.

Bluebets’ Android is not only easy to use, registering your account via the app is also made simple.

With fast loading times when searching, to great betting odds, the Bluebet App is a winner

BlueBets’ Apple iOS App

Punters can download BlueBets’ iOS application directly from the website. 

With the “Apple Icon” button, located in the footer, it’s not hard to find where to download the app.

Once downloaded, select the “Sign Up” option.

Bluebet will send an automatic prompt, you will need to fill out all necessary details to activate the app.

The Apple app is simple to use, when reviewing it we placed a few bets to trial it ourselves.

The App is fast, non-glitchy, and easy to navigate, offering great odds, bonuses, and promotions.

BlueBet Mobile Site

Bluebets’ mobile site held up well under review. Bookmakers’ mobile sites are known to have, lag, and jump and can be difficult to navigate.

Bluebets’ mobile version was fast, easy to navigate, and super fast.

We give a thumbs up for Bluebet in its effort to build a mobile site, that matches the desktop in quality.

BlueBet Website

We were impressed with the blue, grey, and white color codes used on the site.

In this review, we found the website easy to navigate, whilst also loading fast.

Boasting plenty of promotions, and high odds the bookmaker offers punters plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

The simplicity of the site is its best feature. Basic colors, easy nav some nice graphic art, and wolla. We have Australia’s best NRL betting site!

Bluebet is still a young bookie, but their website is on point and fun to review.

BlueBet Basic Information Needed

When conducting our Bluebet review, and joining the site, some basic details were required to activate the account.

These are the details you need:

Full Name


Phone Number




Email Address

Depositing Into The Account

Withdrawing and depositing money into your account is easy.

You’ll need a credit or debit card to fund your account

Full name on card

Credit Card Number, and Expiration Date

Your credit card’s CVV Number (Card number found on the back).

A minimum deposit of $10 is required.

Bluebet is a safe agency to have your money with.

In our review, we found nothing to indicate you might be scammed by Bluebet.

BlueBet Verification Process

BlueBet requires 100 points of verification within the first 14 days of your initial deposit.

When we joined Blubet to review their platform we had to verify our account.

Bluebet requires 100 points of id. 70 points are awarded for important documents like birth certificates, and passports. 30 points are awarded for regular IDs such as a driver’s license, pension card, boating license, etc.        

Other papers, such as Medicare cards, credit cards,  lease or rental agreements, etc., are valued between 25- 35 points.

Placing a bet with BlueBet

This part of the review was fun! Placing a bet with Bluebet is simple once your account has been created.

Choose the sport or race, click on then enter the team, dog, or horse you want to bet on.

Then enter the amount you wish to wager.

BlueBets’ Horse Racing Section

BlueBets’ members have access to a wide range of horse racing markets.

This includes:

Boxed Bets

Feature Races


Jockey Challenges


Types Of You Can Place

Australian Thoroughbred Racing Odds

Daily Double

Early Quaddie


First Four

Jockey Challenge




Running Double

Same Race Multi

Super 6



Win and Place

Australian Harness Racing Odds

Daily Double

Early Quaddie


First Four





Running Double

Running Doubles



Win and Place

Australian Greyhound Racing Odds

Daily Double

Early Quaddie


First Four






Running Double

Running Doubles

Same Race Multi



Win and Place

BlueBets’ Bonus Cash

Bluebet are not allowed to promote, or advertise any type of cash bonuses.

During our review of Bluebet we joined the agancy and placed a few bets.

Blubet definatly does still have cash bonuses, and they are extremly generous when bonusing your account.

Deposit Bonus

Bluebet again is not allowed to advertise a deposit bonus.

Once your a member you will receieve plaenty of them.

When we joined to review the agency, we received the occassional deposit bonus. It was infrequent without rhym or reason. However their deposit bonus definatly does still exist.

BlueBet Promo Code

Due to harsh Australian gambing laws, Bluebet is no longer able to promote any type of promo codes, or bonuses.

We looked online at several refferal sites, and we were unable to find a promo code.

Bluebets’ referral code was the closest code we could find to a promo code.

Customer Support

BlueBet has excellent and responsive customer support. Nothing is too much trouble, and they are happy to help via a phone call, (which is awesome)!! for begginer punters like us.

Customer support details are:

Phone Number

Support Phone Number: 1800 797 644

Racing Betting Phone Number: 1800 797 066

Sports Betting Phone Number: 1800 797 588

Postal Adress:

PO Box 14, Randwick, NSW 2031, Australia


Live Chat: 24/7


02 9571 0033 (Australia)

+61 2 9571 0033 (International)

BlueBets’ History

BlueBet was founded in 2015 by Michael Sullivan. He was the CEO of William Hill and widely regarded as one of the industry’s top experts in Australian sports and racing betting. The company is located at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse. Investing heavily in NRL betting, the agency is an NRL fan dream come true.


BlueBets’ user experience is fantastic! We are proud to have been able to provide this review.

100% Australian-owned and operated, they are Australia’s leading sportsbook for NRL.

Verdict: Quick, easy, fast, great customer support, and terrific odds.


Bluebet was founded in 2015 by former William Hill CEO, Michael Sullivan.

BlueBet Stadium is located at Mulgoa Road and Ransley Street in Penrith, New South Wales 2750. It has a standing capacity of 22,500. BlueBet Stadium is home to the New South Wales Surge (AFLW) and Penrith Panthers (NRL).

Depending on your bank, bank EFT withdrawals can take up to two business days. Customers must verify their accounts before withdrawing funds. For more information about withdrawals please visit the BlueBet website.