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NRL Betting Tips & Expert Predictions helps punters across Australia find winning NRL betting tips to place a bet on every weekend, all season long.

BetFresh keeps up to date with all NRL player injuries, player swops, and current team form. With tips being posted weekly from industry-known NRL betting expert tipsters, our company aims to provide Australian punters with winning bets every weekend.

With 16 games a weekend over 27 weeks, The NRL provides a massive market for rugby league tipping and betting.

The Types Of Tips We Provide Every Weekend

Our expert NRL betting tipsters provide tips every week for head-to-head wins, same-game multi-bets, first-try scorers, first-point scorers, and exotic bets.

When sports betting online it is essential to research and select the best betting sites to place your bets with. The sites we recommend provide rugby league fans with great odds, and safe transactions, we have you covered!

Furthermore, throughout this website you can find sports betting information on NRL teams, winning margins, game scores, players, individual awards, and grand final winners.

Different Types Of Bets 

BetFresh provides expert NRL betting tips weekly, covering different types of bets you can place on rugby league matches.

Such as:

Head-to-head tips:

This is the simplest form of sports betting, we provide the tip, and punters then place a bet on one of the NRL teams to win.

Line betting and handicap tips:

Line betting is when a bookmaker sets a certain score margin to handicap one of the NRL teams. It is done to level the playing field between the two unequal teams.

If your team wins the rugby league game by more points than the margin you win. If your team is playing well and the odds are low, it’s a good way to increase your return on the bet.

BetFresh expert betting tips include line betting and handicap tips in our weekly NRL tipping articles.

Winning margins:

A winning margin tip is when we predict the winning team to beat the other team by a certain score. The odds are generally low on this type of bet.

For example, if we tip Souths to beat Cronulla by 10 points if you placed a bet on Souths and they won by ten points or more you win. The odds are a lot more generous on this type of bet.

First try scorer:

First-try scorers tips are a high-risk NRL bet, however, the odds are high. It is a bet where you are tipping one of the 26 rugby league players to score the first try. We seldom get this tip right and advise, bet with caution.

On the upside, tips are rewarded with generous odds, so if you win you win big!

How Our NRL Experts Predict Their Tips

Our NRL expert tipsters live and breathe footy, it’s what they do. Following teams and reviewing previous matches weekly, has resulted in an awesome hit rate of tipping winning teams and finding great odds.

Our experts track player injuries, previous game wins, and losses. As well as reading information online regularly providing you the punter with the best NRL betting tips every week.

Once our homework is done we we then post our NRL betting tips every Tuesday for the upcoming weekend’s rugby league games.

BetFresh provides NRL betting tips on the head-to-head win, same-game multis, line betting, and the first try scorer.

Betting On NRL In Australia

In Australia, there are hundreds of different sites to place your bet with. We also have reviewed most of them and have listed the top 5 NRL betting sites in Australia, click here to view them.

Popular Betting Sites For NRL

There are a variety of betting sites available in Australia, the most popular sites are as follows:





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At BetFresh we have reviewed the best sports betting platforms to help punters make the best choices. Our website provides information on NRL Betting Tips, predictions, and previews every weekend. Helping, increase your chance of winning.

Including NRL Grand Finals and Finals tipping and premiership coverage.