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Bookmaker Review

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Honest Review of Bookmaker Bonus/Promo Code

Have you ever tried to sign up for a promo code or bonus without success? I know how you feel as I’ve been there too. In this review, I’ll take you through Bookmaker promotions and general sites. As an Australian punter, I found it interesting after signup and betting on several races!

Here is everything you need to know!

The Sign Up for Bookmaker

Bookmaker is a perfect place to begin gambling, and we’re delighted that their simple sign-up process makes things easy. To begin, proceed to the website and click on “JOIN NOW,” located on the upper left.

Immediately after you fill in your details and create a username and password, the site demands you set a deposit limit.  This is great to assist you in managing your funds, and that is why I liked the feature.

Deposit Options with Bookmaker

Bookmaker is similar to other betting companies we have reviewed as it offers tons of deposit options. Some of them include;

Credit cards

Bank transfer




Debit cards


Bookmaker Review and Layout

It’s time to look at Bookmaker, the new home of all things horse racing. The home page is a little different from what you’re used to (and I’m not just talking about the banner on top), but it’s pretty simple to navigate once you get your bearings. The banner at the top isn’t clickable, but it does give you some information about their site, which is nice-you don’t want to scroll right past that!

Once inside the site,  though, there are a few things that stand out: firstly, I couldn’t help but notice how awesome the banner at the top looks! It’s professional and to-the-point, with all sorts of helpful information in one place without cluttering up your screen. It does not take away from you what’s essential: Sports betting action!

And there’s no mistaking it-all the sports are featured under their banner here. There is also this nifty little thing called “How To” that gives tips on how to bet (they even have an example). They seem like good advice if you’re new to the bookmaker site. Bookmaker is a race betting site that targets the Australian market, obviously targeting those interested in race betting. 

It’s a great beggining point for your racing career. The Bookmaker page features all famous races and provided links to their sports section for additional information. All sports are on the homepage, along with in-play betting and promotions. There is also the how-to guides section, where you MUST log in to access.

The top menu options include total racing pages for each race type and all other sports, as well as a handy little link showing where they will be running next.  It’s a great way to keep up with their upcoming events, but it could use some work incorporating even more info into the design. It’s also clear that all the famous races are on the homepage, which is excellent. This layout makes it easy for people who only want to bet on one race to find what they’re searching for.

However, if you’re not into betting on races, there’s not much here for you! The top menu doesn’t even mention sports at all-it’s about betting on racing, but besides that, there’s nothing else (except an in-play guide).

Bookmaker Racing

The racing feature gives you an idea of where you stand with other racers. It shows the races up to the point where they have started and then updates once a race has begun replacing it with the next one, so you can get immediate updates on all your favorite races!

Bookmaker Popular Racing

I hopped onto the Flemington horse racing page and was immediately impressed. The top menu has a button for racing, which takes me to a page that lists all the different races. The race graphics are simple and easy to read, with a table of contents at the bottom of the page for easy access. 

The multiple horse quick forms open simultaneously, which allowed me to compare them and make easy and quick bets. I was able to see the rabbit chasers and harnesses, but my interest as always, has been Horse racing. I selected horse racing alone and continued to place my bets.

Bookmaker Form Guide

I have been looking at the full-form guides, but they’re pretty hit-or-miss. The full-form guide is a great way to get a feel for the race track before placing your bet.

It’s always a bit of a gamble with complete form guides-sometimes the information is well-organized and thoughtful, and other times it’s just plain dull and doesn’t give you information about what’s going on or how you should think about it.

So before placing my bets, I read through some of the more popular full-form guides to see if there was anything useful to help me make an informed decision. And I’m here to tell you that this one was pretty good! I loved how the form guide was eye-friendly.

A closer  look at sports and Bookmaker Sports Page

I always thought that sports were just about racing, but after seeing how the site looks, I think it’s much more enjoyable. If you’ve ever watched sports, you know what I  mean. It’s all about who can go the fastest. And it’s all about winning.

Sports are about competition and victory, so the sports page looks so good-it focuses on what matters most: The action! I was baffled by the number of different sports they have, but again, I expected that from a bookmaker. I know bookmakers are not just about betting, but it’s still surprising to see so many different sports on one page.

They offer sports like bull riding, Gaelic football, darts, and other sports such as  NFL, AFL, and Basketball. What else do they have?

Live In-Play Betting

How does it work?

In-play betting is when you place a bet on the game as it happens. You won’t get a confirmation for your chance until the match has finished, but if your team wins or loses, you are paid out immediately.

The in-play betting page is clean, easy to use, and super user-friendly. In addition, it provides transparent information about the different types of bets available. 

All games that gray out have been suspended and show significant what you need to focus on. This ensures you place available bets. So let’s go over to promotions! 

What promotions does Bookmaker have? Bookmakers Promotion Page

It is hard to find information about Bookmaker promotions, and they are no exception to the rule that most betting sites offer similar promotions. But they offer the standard promotions at most betting sites for specific races and different sports.

The best way to navigate their site is through the tabs along the top of each page, which allow you to see what’s available at any given time. For example, the latest promotions available have different advantages. You can access them through this link.

Note that promotions are available to members and require you to log in to access them. But, again, most promotions are seasonal and need you to check them over and again.


I have been a bookmaker for a while, and I’ve always had a good experience. is a welcome addition to the industry. I have found that it’s a well-rounded betting site. The layout is neat and concise, which makes navigation easy-there are no issues with login, deposits, or placing bets. The site caters to a lot more than I had expected when I first started using it.

I will continue using as my go-to for promotions, and I look forward to seeing what else they have for us! It is a great site to use if you want to place wagers on races. Now that Spring Racing Carnival is upon us, it is the right time to jump back and look at how it and any emerging trends.

Now, what did we learn?

Well, it’s still simple to use. Sure, you can hop on the site and make wagers with no problem. But if that’s not your style, Bookmaker has a sign-up procedure that will walk you through the steps of setting up an account in minutes. It’s quick, and painless-the verification process is also smooth, so there is no need to stress out when trying to get a new account.

And then there’s the layout itself: easy-to-use and easy to navigate and doesn’t require any special knowledge. All racing enthusiasts want more than just a form guide-they want everything they need in one place! Short-form guides(for beginners)and complete form guides are available on Bookmaker’s site.

Bookmaker is a great betting site for Australian punters. They have the best odds and promotions, so you can always be sure you’re getting excellent value for your money.

Bookmaker Placing a Bet

Bookmaker is a great place to find the best odds on your favorite sports. When you first log on, they greet you with a simple homepage that is easy to navigate. You can see all the sportsbook’s offerings in one place, and it’s easy to find the information you need.

You can easily place a bet with Bookmaker’s easily accessible betting section, with their excellent price fluctuations. They also offer a wide range of betting markets so that you can get your pick of the action with ease! If you want to know what other people have been placing bets at, Bookmaker has that covered too!

What is lacking at Bookmaker?

Bookmaker, one of the biggest betting sites in the world, has some great features. They have a wide range of sports options and support for live betting. Bookmaker is an excellent site for racing fans. They have a lot of features, including a weekly promotion and some bonuses available once you sign up. However, they don’t have any bonuses available for the races themselves.

There’s a lot to like, but there are some things that I think need improvement. The website is easy to use, but it’s missing some basic features that would make it even better! For example, they don’t have a speed map-this is something that racing enthusiasts want more than anything else!

They also need to be more active in promoting their brand and getting people interested in signing up for their website. The most significant missed opportunity for sportsbooks is that they don’t offer live streaming. Live streaming gives you a chance to build your brand and attract new customers every day. It gives you the opportunity for direct contact with your customers, and that’s a powerful thing.

Bookmaker Highlights

Bookmaker is more than just a betting site. It offers a variety of features to help you get the most out of your visit, such as:

Use a Bookmaker Card the same way you use your Visa Card.

Handpick your odds and build up the odds by clicking on the margins to create the betting experience that you want.

There are a variety of Betting types to choose from, including football, tennis, horse racing and basketball.

Live Betting- you can place bets on your favourite sporting event live or choose to watch the event as it happens through Live Channels.

With Bookmaker, you can pick your odds and build up the highest possible betting margin. You can place a single bet or a whole range of bets.


Bookmaker Promo!

Bookmaker also offers fantastic promotions for Harness and Thoroughbred races with odds set in advance. You can modify the odds to favor you! And if you want to be brave, get the best price and boost your odds through their “Favorite vs Field’s selection for an even bigger chance at winning big!

We’ve all been there- you’re in the middle of a winning streak, and everything seems to be going your way. But then something happens, and suddenly you are staring at a loss that you could avoid if only you had bet on the favorite! Well, not anymore.

At Bookmaker, it’s easy to take advantage of each win by increasing your chances of winning by supporting all horses in one single bet. This feature has the option to build upon your multi quickly. In addition, you can get multiple bets in place before entering the race. All promotions are available upon signup. You can explore the promotions through this link.

Bookmaker Android App

The Bookmaker app is a mobile racing app that lets you bet on the outcomes of upcoming races, participate in promotions and earn rewards. You can find the app by searching for “Bookmaker” in the Google Play Store or on the Bookmaker’s main page. If you prefer to download it directly, head to the homepage and search for “Bookmaker.”

Once you’ve downloaded the app and opened it up, you’ll see a screen with several different tabs: Racing Events, Promotions, Rewards, and Settings. You can click through each account to learn more about each feature or activity within the app. The racing events tab lists all upcoming races worldwide and displays them in a calendar format.

The promotions tab contains various offers from other companies during certain times throughout the year. These include;

Free bets

Gift cards for popular retailers, like Amazon.

Finally, there are settings where users can change their name or email address if they want one instead of using their real name. I’m not a big gambler, but I wanted to try my hand at placing bets on live events. It was super simple to find a bookmaker that didn’t have all the bells and whistles of other bookmakers.

There are so many options out there, but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I found a Bookmaker Android app. It was easy to use and gave me all the information I needed to find a bookmaker that had good odds and would let me place bets quickly and easily. After trying it out, I went back and told all my friends about how excellent the Bookmaker Android app was.

Bookmaker Apple IOS App

Bookmaker is the best betting app for iOS, and we’re here to tell you why. If you love betting but don’t want to spend hours on a website or app, Bookmaker is the perfect solution. With just a few taps, you can bet on your favorite team or player in real-time, and when they win, you’ll see it right there on your phone!

The bookmaker makes it easy to get into the game without worrying about getting lost in a sea of options. It is so intuitive that even if you’ve never used an online sports betting site, you’ll feel right at home with this app. The Bookmaker app is an impressive way to follow your favorite sports and racing events. The app is available on Apple Store. It is also straightforward to use, so you should be able to figure out how to use it without any problems.

The bookmaker does not require you to enable your location, and for this reason, we feel that this app is safe for people who don’t want to disclose their location or IP address to any third party(like Google).

Bookmaker Mobile Site

Bookmaker is one of Australia’s two bookmakers. They have a great mobile site that is updated frequently. The homepage features an extensive scroll menu on the right side, allowing users to quickly access popular categories like horse racing, cricket betting odds and NRL betting tips.

There are also links to their social media pages so you can stay up-to-date with all their latest promotions. Bookmaker also has the in-play betting option, which is excellent for players who want to play and bet with ease. Check the dropdown menu to get the in-play alternatives. Apart from the in-play, you can access the same game multis on your mobile site. 

Bookmaker Website

The banner is eye-catching and doesn’t scroll through different promotions. It is straightforward and painless to use. You always feel like you are on a perfect site because of the sports and events available on the website. Everything is arranged neatly, and you’ll love betting on Bookmaker.

Bookmaker Sign Up

After signing up, the verification process was simple. All I had to do was supply a few pieces of personal information, and I was ready to go! However, I should mention that the Green ID is needed for an account to ensure you’re not signing a fake account for money laundering.

It took me roughly four minutes to sign up and get verified, and I was ready to begin betting. Before you withdraw money, you need to be verified.

Bookmaker Deposit Options

Banking Options

Bookmaker is committed to providing the best service for its customers. So whether you’re depositing funds or making withdrawals, you’ll find that Bookmaker has various options available to meet your needs. All credit cards involved in fund deposits are verified to ensure the security of your transactions.

Bookmaker accepts credit card payments through Visa and MasterCard, and other ways such as BPAY, PayPal and POLi banking. Note that the minimum deposit and withdrawals are $10. Usually, most bets require a minimum of $20 to wager successfully.

Betting Markets

Bookmaker Betting Markets are a great way to place a bet on horse racing, harness racing, and greyhound racing.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is no different, with Bookmaker offering markets for every type of horse race. From the standard Win/Place markets to non-standard betting types such as Trifecta and First Four, Bookmaker has a wide range of horse racing markets available for betting.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a booming industry, and many ways to bet on sports. You can bet on the outcome of individual games or on teams to win or lose their specific matchups. The bookmakers have different markets available, but these markets aren’t always as consistent as they could be.

Now, the question is: how many markets are enough? Well, our answer is…not too many! There were 105 NFL games on Bookmaker played over two weeks.

Bookmaker Bonus Bets

Bookmakers believe in rewarding their customers with great bonuses and special deals.There are several bonuses at Bookmaker:

 Bookmaker Racing Bonus Bet- allows you to place one bet on any horse that comes second in the race.

 The Bookmaker Casino Bonus Bet.

Bookmaker Sailing Bonus Bet.

Bookmaker Rugby Bonus Bet.


Bookmaker is a simple,easy-to-use sports betting site. It has a simple interface that lets you find information on your favorite teams and make bets quickly.

Bookmakers have many sports betting markets, including football, basketball, and horse racing.

The site has the same appearance on a computer screen or phone, which makes it easy to use even if you’re not in front of a computer.

Entain plc, which owns Ladbrokes, so you know you’re safe when using Bookmaker.

Bookmaker Contact and Customer Service

The best way to contact Bookmaker is through one of their many contact options. They can be reached by:

Local Live Betting:


International Live Betting:

+61731849333 or +61879187300

Their live betting chat is open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm-3 pm AEST. You can also use their email chatbot available on their website homepage.


Bookmaker is 100% legit. They are one of the best sites out there with the best odds on the market.

You can use Bookmaker legally. The legal guidelines for bookmaking and gambling in Australia are tight. However, Bookmaker is licensed and regulated through the NT Racing Commission.