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Whether you are betting for fun or to earn money, you shouldn’t jump in with no knowledge about the cricket match you bet on. Our expert tipsters are here to guide and help you with free cricket predictions and tips.

At BetFresh, cricket tips are provided regularly, and you can check them out before any big cricket match. Our experts do their research for every match.

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Cricket Tips For Beginners

Below are the bare essentials everyone should know before placing a bet on cricket. We always suggest not following just anyone’s tip before you have researched the following:

1. Know What Teams Are Currently Winning

If you are an experienced punter or a beginner it is essential to know which teams are in form. In the early 1990’s Australia was winning almost every match they played through to the early 2000s. If you weren’t up to date and following cricket matches, placing a bet against the Australian team during that period would have seen you lose nine times out of ten. When a team is on fire, it can take years for a team to loose its momentum. Lesson 1 (expert tip) know what teams are on fire before you bet.

2. Pro Tip, Home Country Advantage Is Everything

For beginners or experts, knowing if the team you are tipping is playing at home or abroad means everything. Cricket is a unique sport, anyone providing good tips knows nearly twice as many matches are won at home. This statistically gives the home team a massive advantage. Lesson 2 (expert tip) know if the team you are betting on is playing at home or abroad.

3. Different Conditions Can Tilt A Game

Every country has different weather conditions and different turfs. As an example, the cricket pitches in Bangladesh favor spin bowlers. The ball when pitched by the bowler hits the turf and spins in unusual ways, making it extremely difficult for batsmen who are not accustomed to these conditions.

Although Bangladesh does not do that well when playing in other countries, playing at home in Bangladesh they are almost unbeatable. Lesson 3 (expert tip) make sure to check where the game is being played.

Cricket Betting

4. Research Player Injuries

It is common for cricket teams to have 2-3 star players that are currently in form. It could be a bowler or batsman that is in form and almost winning matches by themselves for the team. If one of these star players is injured you need to know this before you bet on your tip.

Shane Warne is famous in Australian cricket for single-handedly winning matches as was Sachin Tendulkar for India. Lesson 4 (expert tip) know who is injured.

Tips For Advanced Cricket Betting

If you are regularly betting on cricket and reading tipsters tips, you need to research player statistics. From how many wickets a bowler averages at different grounds. To how many runs a batsman makes at different grounds to punt professionally on cricket matches you need to research this yourself and not just rely on tips from tipsters or the internet.

Different Types Of Bets You Can Place On Cricket

There are many different ways to place a bet on cricket.  A popular bet is the match bet, where there can be only three outcomes; a win for team A, a win for team B, or a draw. Another bet is an outright winner, where you tip the winner.

The top bowler bet is where you should predict which player will be the top bowler at the end of the match with the most wickets in the game. A top batsman bet is where you should guess the player that will score the most runs in the game. So, as you can see, these things are hard to guess without the help of an expert tipster.

Which Is the Best Cricket Betting Tips Site?

The sites below also include the opinions of ex-cricket players and professional betting tipsters. You can take a look at the cricket predictions from the websites below. On them, you can find tips for free.







Is Cricket Betting Legal?

Everywhere where sports betting is legal, cricket is legal too. Even countries that don’t have a cricket team still allow cricket betting. And that is pretty understandable, considering cricket is a very, very popular game.

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