What is Counter Strike Betting

Is Counter-Strike Betting Hard To Win

If you are an esports enthusiast, then Counter-Strike betting is not new. This is a game with over 24 million monthly users, according to Statistics. 

As much as this betting style has global recognition, eSports sites are where you need to go for counterstrike betting. It is fun, you can bet with your friends online any time of the day How cool is that!

How To Make A Smart Counter Bet

Find a licensed and reputable Australian betting website. They need to be CSGO approved. Register with the website, and find a website offering good odds. Deposit your money and remember favorites win a lot in counter betting. So follow the money and bet smartly, long odds are really hard to win in counter-betting.

Massive scandals ever recorded

In 2020, there was a mega gambling scandal that almost brought the entire esports industry to a halt. Australia’s Infamous CS: GO Betting Scandal involved players who were betting on their own matches. ESIC acted fast to ban all the players who were found in the scandal.

It was discovered that most of the players bet multiple times on various markets for the matches they were involved in. 42 players who were involved got banned by ESIC. It is believed that the scandal would have escalated if the culprits were not discovered.

Through coordination with the Australian Police, ESIC was able to formulate solid cases against those involved in the scandal, hence announcing charges and prosecution.

Why is it so hard to track down the culprits?

Those involved in match-fixing scandals easily escape because betting is new in North America with legalization still in progress. It’s been hard to come up with legalities that safeguard bettors and sportsbooks from scandals. So, a lack of experience in tracking the match-fixers and prosecuting them is the main issue holding the industry back.

The FBI may be solid but has never had a sports betting investigative unit. However, with the recent scandals, things may be changing and more strict methods are getting in place to provide a sound legal framework to track down and prosecute match-fixers. 

This is a reprieve for the Australian market that has large eSports wagers.

The Australian Advantage

The key advantage of Australian counter-betting is the creation of one national framework. This framework has been engineered and has been proven effective. The approach has worked well in other sports and is currently being implemented in the esports industry. Australian betting sites have become amongst the safest counter-betting sites in the world.

When it comes to betting the system works swiftly. The approach is now allowing fair play in esports betting and making betting sites safe.


Australians love CS:GO and where there is fun, betting takes place. However, cases of match-fixing have hit the industry. Worse still, even participants may bet against their teams. ISIC is working with several agents to curb the vice and restore sanity to betting. 

In 2020, over seven people were banned for five years, with some extending for match-fixing. Such laws and rules come in handy to keep betting fair for all.

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