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Betfair Review Australia

Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange! How cool is that! Betfair offers sports betting, casino betting, and online poker. It is a British company with offices all over the world. The main office is in the UK and the other main office is in Malta. Licensed in Tasmania it is a bookie Australians love and trust. You can sign up here. They are one of the most transparent betting companies in the world and have signed several information-sharing deals with governing bodies that other betting companies have not.

We will help you learn everything about Betfair in this review. At the end of reading this review, you will know whether it is right for you.  You will see that the site has a lot to offer when it comes to incentives. Let us dive in!

Highlights Review

There was no “official” rewards program when we signed up on Betfair. This does not mean that this sportsbook does not have any rewards available. The company’s preferred method of rewarding loyal customers is slightly different. We noticed after one week of being signed up rewards started appearing.

Every day of the week, Betfair Australia offers a new betting promotion. They offer as many as 10 specials for various sports, leagues, and betting markets on any given day. If you log in often enough, you’ll notice something rewarding if you place many bets.

Betfair Australia Promotions Review

Existing customers are eligible for special offers and can expect significant rewards. Under Australian gambling laws, these offers are not allowed to be promoted. But if you are a client you will receive the same race, game, and many more rewards. Instant Deposits with PayID are also available.

Betfair Android & iPhone Mobile App Review

Betfair Australia has put together an awesome app for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Your betting and wagering history is accessible on the app, as well as instant withdrawals, are accessible through the app.

Using a mobile device to place a bet is more convenient, and faster than doing it on your computer. It is possible to wager on your phone in two different ways. They feature a mobile app and a mobile website to place bets quickly. We recommend downloading their app.

Betfair’s app is a no-brainer it is simple to use, has all the options, and is fast. If you love having a punt on your phone Betfair’s app is for you!

The Sign-Up Process At Betfair

Signing up is easy. Betfair only requires a few details, and within 2 minutes, you will become a Betfair customer. Betfair now has two-step authentication added as a layer of security you have the option to turn it off if you like. 

In 2018 Betfair introduced facial recognition as another way to sign in. Making it one of the first betting companies to offer this feature. This is one cool feature, if you forget your password, no problems just press your face to the phone, and boom you are in your account!

Australian Depositing Method Reviewed

If you want to deposit with Betfair, find DEPOSIT on the top menu. When you click it, Betfair will prompt you to the page where you will make your deposit. Follow the steps to make your first deposit. You can make a small deposit if it’s your first time depositing on Betfair.

If you are using your bank, you must link your Betfair account to your bank account. You might get a code from your bank, which you can use to link your bank app on your phone. You are good to go once you confirm the funds from the bank. You can use PayPal, deposit from your bank, or even transfer.

How Accessible Is The Website?

The browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet can be used with ease to place bets. You’ll also need a web browser like Mozilla, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.

It can be more convenient for people less tech-savvy to use the website. Apps require frequent updates and can take up a lot of room on your phone. Just google Betfair they are in first place for their branded search login and away you go!

The Official Australian Website & App

I realized that the site displays racing on its homepage and conveniently caters to sports bettors and race bettors equally. I like the colors and feel of this website, the yellow makes the site pop. The betting slip is always displayed on the right side of the screen. This gives seeing your bets or placing a bet easy to navigate. It makes it impossible to double down by accident.

The BetRight website is designed for beginners and advanced punters. When you’re hurrying to make a last-minute wager on the website, having the link buttons stand out in bright colors is appealing. The activity bar on the left side of the page lets you keep tabs on your bet slip, recent activity, and upcoming promotional offers. On the left-hand side of the screen is a tab labeled “Promotions,” It lets you view the latest deals.

You can get customer service information by clicking the “Contact Us” button.

Placing A Bet

Placing a bet with Betfair is straightforward. Find your race or game. Next, you can see the Betfair market graph for any horse or sport you want to bet on. There you can choose your horse or team. 

Unlike many other sites where you can place a minimum bet of $1, you can only place a minimum bet of $5 on Betfair. Hopefully, they will lower this to $1 to accommodate beginners who don’t want to blow a lot of cash on their initial bets. So, now that you know how to place a bet, let’s see what Betfair offers in sports.

What Sports Are On Offer?

Betfair has a lot to offer when it comes to sports. Every major sports event is available on the Betfair Exchange. 

Betfair also offers minor events like the famous I Am a Celebrity 2022. This bet is growing in popularity fast. It’s good to see that Betfair recognizes the fun people can have betting on unusual events.

Betfair Live In-Play

If you like live betting, you will be happy to hear that Betfair offers live in-play. Betfair refers to their live in-play betting as live in-play betting.

Live play betting increases your chances of winning big because it’s easier to predict an outcome while the game is in play. Like most other gambling companies you will need to call them to make a bet once the game has already started.

Betfair Live Streaming Options

The last time I checked the Betfair website, they do have live streaming. You need to place a bet on that particular race to watch the race or game live on their site or app.

What Do We Like About Betfair?

If there is one thing we love about Betfair, it is the fact that they provide lay bets. A lay bet allows you to place a bet on a horse you think will win. 

Let me explain. You can bet against a horse if you think it will lose. However, if the horse wins, you will lose your bet. Make the right moves.

Betfair Promo Codes

As we discussed earlier, Betfair is more of a betting exchange and not a regular betting site. Betfair like all other betting agencies in Australia are not allowed to advertise promotions.

Apple and Android App At Betfair

You can download the Betfair app whether you use an Android or an iPhone. The best thing about the Betfair mobile app is that it has improved. Now it’s easier and more fun to browse. In addition, this app has a black interface, making it unique and visible. 

Because Betfair is a big name in the Australian betting world, you can expect their app to be amazing, big, and high-quality. You can download the app directly from their website. Or better yet, you can download it on the Play Store and app store for Android and Apple, respectively.

Betfair Mobile Site

How smooth an app is on mobile is crucial to its success as it determines user experience. Luckily, the Betfair mobile site has set the bar high regarding betting sites. 

The Betfair mobile site operates smoothly. You will not experience any lags or drags, not even one, while using this site. The only downside, which is not that serious, is that the mobile site might be draining your battery.

Betfair Website

In 2014, Betfair completely changed and revamped its website. This made the website more user-friendly. Even a betting novice could understand the rules and how to use the site. 

The Betfair website doesn’t have the betting jargon that often confuses users. The language used on the Betfair website is simple, straight to the point, and easy to understand.

But what if you prefer the old version? Well, you will be happy to hear this. Betfair still has the old version, which you can access via a different link.

Betfair New Account Registration

It’s simple to sign up or create a new account with Betfair. The sign-up process is a 3-step process. First, go to the sign-up page, and you will be prompted to provide your details and personal information. Next, put in a username of your choice and a strong password. 

Note down in your details somewhere because Betfair will ask you to verify them anytime you want to make a withdrawal. However, if you use a GreenID to verify your account, they can do this automatically. If you didn’t use GreenID, you must verify your ID manually.

Banking With Betfair

If there is one thing Betfair excels at, it is that they provide numerous banking options. This is not the case with other betting sites, which sometimes have limited betting alternatives.

Betfair Deposit Options Review

You will find almost every deposit option available in the betting industry. In addition, Betfair offers multiple alternatives for your deposits.

Credit/Debit Card


Bank Transfer





The Minimum Bet on Betfair

Unlike other betting sites where you can find a minimum bet of as low as $1, Betfair offers a minimum of $10. But this makes sense and is not unfair, considering Betfair is a betting exchange site.

Minimum deposit

Are you wondering whether Betfair has a minimum deposit? Well, they do. The minimum deposit is $10, which you will see available in your account immediately.

Betfair withdrawal options

The least amount you can withdraw from Betfair is $10. You will receive the amount you have withdrawn into your preferred bank account.

Minimum withdrawal

The minimum amount Betfair will allow you to withdraw is $10, which they will send to any bank account you choose.

Betting Markets at Betfair Sportsbook

In Australia, Betfair is a popular choice for horse racing and sports betting. But since it is more of a betting exchange, you should not expect all major events to be available on Betfair. 

If there is one event that Betfair excels in, it is horse racing. They offer a near-perfect bookmaker tote and betting experience on horse racing events. Furthermore, they have some of the highest and best odds in the game. If you like, you can use the “the best of” special feature to wager on horses on Betfair.

Horse Racing at Betfair

Betfair is among the best betting exchanges offering high-quality horse racing betting. You can bet on greyhounds, harness racing, and thoroughbreds on Betfair horse racing. The best part is that these horse racing bets are available for Australians and worldwide. 

Moreover, Betfair offers horse betting during racing specials like the Spring Racing Carnival and the famous Melbourne Cup. These events often have the best odds. Betfair stands out from other sites because it offers all bets.

Betfair Sports

Betfair offers many sports to place a bet on, including soccer, football, cricket, rugby league, tennis, AFL etc. In addition, if you want to wager on unpopular sports like handball, volleyball, chess, and financial bets, you can do so at Betfair. 

Although they offer a variety of games, they are a little bit off if you compare them with regular betting sites that are not betting exchanges. Here is a list of the sports they offer.


Horse Racing







Financial Bets

American Football

Australian Rules



Gaelic Games



Winter Sports

Greyhound racing


Mixed Martial Arts:



Rugby League

Rugby Union


Ice Hockey

Special Bets


Betfair Bonus Bet.

Unlike typical bookmaker websites, Betfair does not offer a betting bonus. Although this is unpleasant, this is reasonable given that Betfair is a betting exchange website.

Types of Betfair Betting

Because it is not a regular betting site, Betfair doesn’t offer many sports and horse racing betting types. Instead, it’s a betting exchange site. The two common betting types are lay and black.

Racing betting types include:

They offer standard betting types, there are other types of betting you can enjoy. However, these betting types vary with sports. So, before placing a bet, check if your bookie offers alternatives.

Betfair Promo Code

Unfortunately, Betfair does not have promo codes. To begin with, this is because it is a betting exchange site, as opposed to a standard website that provides promo codes.

Betfair Odds

Betfair odds are different from those of other normal betting sites. This is because Betfair is solely a betting exchange site and not a regular betting site.

When you wager a bet on Betfair, you are making a bet against customers or wagers. This is not the same as placing a bet on a regular betting site where you bet against the bookies and the site.

Betfair Contact & Customer Service

The Betfair contact and customer care services are very accommodating. You will find everything you need through Betfair contact and customer service. Whether it’s a simple question regarding wagering or if you have a problem with your account, The best part about their support page is their extensive help page. 

This page contains many frequently asked questions (FAQs) that other Betfair users have asked in the past. So, whenever you have a question, you can visit this page and get a detailed answer. Betfair also has a physical customer service center in Darwin. And the best part is that it’s open, and you can find help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone betting in Australia:

132 BET (132, 238)


HELPDESK Australia:

Call 1300 BETFAIR (1300 238 324) for more information.

Telephone Betting (NZ)

0800 567 002


+61 132 238


Darwin City NT 0800 GPO Box 1065


08 0023 8324

But what if you search for your questions on the Betfair page but do not find a detailed answer? Well, you can visit Betfair’s Live Chat Service. The live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the customer care report is also fast and reliable.

Betfair Rules

Betfair gives you the rules on their betting site. You can find them in my account area. Betfair provides you with these rules for your benefit. They help you practice responsible gambling. On this page, you can place your deposit restrictions. Furthermore, you can set the maximum number of bets you can place. This is what makes Betfair stand out from its competitors.

On this page, you can place your deposit restrictions. Furthermore, you can set the maximum number of bets you can place. This is what makes Betfair stand out from its competitors. 

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

The Betfair betting exchange company is committed to responsible gambling. They dedicate their time and effort to giving their customers the best service and an enjoyable experience. That’s why Betfair is among our time’s top-rated betting exchange sites. So it’s upon you to bet responsibly.

If you feel like you are betting too much and need help, call 1800 858 858. You can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can visit for more information. They can help you with your gambling problems, especially if you feel you are losing touch and are beginning to make bad decisions as you wager.

About Betfair

Betfair tops the list of the most famous and established betting exchange sites in the online betting community today. Betfair began operating legally around 2005. This is when they first received their first wagering license. Betfair is mainly based in the UK and Australia. They offer the best liquidity and markets compared to their competitors.


That is all there is to know about the Betfair betting exchange. As you have seen, Betfair is reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, it’s great for both beginners and professionals thanks to its user-friendly interface on mobile and sites.  Betfair doesn’t have bonuses or promo codes like regular betting sites. Generally, Betfair is a decent site with many sports and horse racing games to wager on.

If you need more reason to wager on Betfair, you will be happy to hear that they are licensed and authentic. Furthermore, they are owned by Crown Resort LRD, which is a trustworthy company. So your money is in the right hands with Betfair.


Betfair is a famous betting company founded in the UK in the 2000s. Since its establishment, Betfair has grown in popularity and is now available in most countries worldwide, including Australia. 

Betfair received its license in 2005 and took over online gaming company as the biggest online gambling company in 2016. They have their headquarters in the UK. Betfair differs from regular betting sites because you can bet against customers, i.e., the losers, not the bookies.