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What Is Esports Betting?

Esports betting is considered a younger-generation sport. The majority of Esports betting is done by young people. Click here for our recommendation.

Most of our parents and older generations don’t understand much about Esports. They tend to enjoy and prefer the local bowling clubs and lawn bowls as opposed to esports.

What is the past and present of esports?

Is esports a new game? Most people think esports is relatively new but this is not correct.

Computer games have been around since as early as the 1980s. Can you remember the Lemmings or Leisure Suit Larry? The games have been available since the days of DOS on the Amiga and the Commodore 64. These are primitive games that have existed since the age of basic model computers.

Currently, modern gaming platforms have far more advanced games with excellent features. Nowadays, you can’t get kids off computers. Most of these games are for fun and no money or betting is involved. There are some games you can bet on. How awesome is that!!! Being able to bet on computer games is pure genius and fun.

eSports Equals Big Bucks.

eSports are the new kid on the block in the betting and gambling scene. It is a multi-billion dollar business that is yet to hit its peak. The esports industry is being driven by technology, big money, prize pools, and a huge, loyal fan base. Nowadays, there are several major global prize leagues in esports.

The prize money won in two days was much bigger than what Novak Djokovic won in the Tennis Australian Open. Furthermore, Djokovic played for two weeks before winning the Australian Open. That just goes to show the big bucks in eSports have arrived.

Top competitions like the International Cup are played live in front of live audiences in stadiums. They are also televised live to millions of viewers across the world. Take last year, for instance. The International Cup was a DOTA event held in Melbourne. The cup was won by a local lad after two days of hardcore gaming, winning a whopping $4.62 million.

So, what’s esports?

Esports simply refers to electronic sports. Instead of saying electronic sports, people just call them esports. Esports are competitive electronic games. The games have been quite a success, leading to the development of newer versions.

Take for example, the game ‘Defense Of The Ancients’ which has been quite successful. It led to the creation of ‘Defence Of The Ancient 2′ commonly known as DOTA 2. Here are some of the most popular games that you can watch on big platforms.

Dota 2

World of Warcraft

Mortal Kombat


Call of Duty

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveCounter-Strike: Global Offensive

League of Legends

There are similarities between some of the traditional games and eSports. A comparison of the most popular traditional games shows similarities between first-person shooting and strategy games. For example, games like basketball and soccer. They are more similar to games like League of Legends and Dota 2. The games require the total responsibility of all players on the team.

Players need to have a strategy and a game plan. This is similar to common traditional sports. In addition, players need to focus and think. This is crucial, especially once the game goes live. There are also individualistic traditional games like NRL, AFL, athletics, horse racing, and boxing. These are similar to games like Call of Duty and Global Offensive.

Single-shooter games require a lot of focus from an individual, reflexes, speed, and accuracy. This is the official competitive contest of five players versus another five players. You need to be on a professional team to play.

These things are quite important if you’re looking to play eSports games. So, how do eSports work in the betting industry? Let’s take a closer look.

Esports Industry Spin-offs

The growth of eSports has seen the mushrooming of several sub-industries. Some of these industries include the media and TV. You’ll also find several online and printed magazines reporting on eSports.

However, the bigger impact is on the betting industry. With most sports halting due to the coronavirus, there has been a greater impact of esports in the betting industry.

How is the esports betting Ecosystem?

The eSports betting ecosystem has grown tremendously, with betting agencies in Australia and around the world adding eSports to their platforms. Everything suggests its early days for Esports in the betting industry. Most agencies still don’t know how to set odds against competing teams or even choose markets.

While there are a few leading Australian companies that take the lead, most still don’t have a clue on how to set the odds. Agencies like Picklebet are among the few in Australia that operate specifically in esports. However, the company still lacks enough research and knowledge of big companies like Bet365.

Do you have some knowledge of esports gaming? If yes, then you can be sure of landing a job at one of these betting companies.

Is Australia a Big eSports betting Country?

No, esports betting is not quite big in Australia. Maybe, not just yet! This is because Australia is still a big traditional sports country. Betting on traditional sports is quite easy. Most people understand the sports and betting markets. It’s easy to place a bet on Ash Barty in the women’s tennis WTA.

However, in the sports arena, the case is different. There are not many well-known professional esports teams. This makes it quite hard for punters to divert their attention from well-known traditional sports like horse racing. From a marketing point of view, it’s a bit difficult to sell esports betting in Australia. You’ll find esports full of foreigners from Asian countries, America, and Europe.

For most Australians, betting on esports is more like taking a blind punt. It will take time to understand the esports betting ecosystem in Australia. And, this will involve getting to know the top players and celebrities in esports.

So, is esports a kid’s game or for casual gamers?

No, esports is not designed for kids and casual gamers. In fact, top esports gamers spend years honing their skills. Most esports games and platforms offer professional players a chance to migrate their skillset. Professional players usually have a gaming CV. It makes sense to have cross-portable abilities when you want to showcase your skills on different platforms.

However, every professional player started somewhere. Think of it as getting your feet wet and having your body shot with knives, arrows, and bullets. In esports gaming, you’ll die several times. By the time you become good at the game, you would have probably died 1000 times.

What team do you back? Understanding the form

Unlike most traditional sports, where you understand a lot about the teams, that’s not the case with esports. You’ll soon realize you need to know the right teams to back. The right teams to back depend on the game platform and the teams competing. Game platforms include DOTA2 Counter-Strike, League of Legends, etc.

Reading and knowing the tram to support takes a lot of time and research. It’s more like reading the results of horse races. Reading the form gets you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. What is the team strategy? What does each player bring to the team?

You need to keep yourself updated with the team news and any changes in the team to make an informed decision. Some teams change players and strategy at the end of every season, and this might change whatever you already know. Let’s first see the top leagues and tournaments in esports to place your bets on.

Popular Tournaments and leagues in esports

IEM Katowice (CSGO)

Faceit Major (CSGO)

Call of Duty World League (CoD)

League of Legends World Championship (LoL)

The International (Dota 2)

LEC and LCS (LoL)

The Overwatch League (Overwatch)

Major esports activities in Australia

So, what are the main esports activities across Australia? Let’s have a closer look at major esports activities across Australia.

Melbourne Open: MEO#2020

The Melbourne Open is an esports event sponsored by the state of Victoria. It’s a tournament that kicked off in 2018 running each year until 2022.

It’s a popular esports activity that attracts people across Australia and tourists from abroad. The activity was slightly affected by the coronavirus, with the games on the platform being Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Warcraft III.

The Australian Esports League

Few people know, but Australia now has an eSports league. The league primarily competes at the high school and university levels.

This is the kind of foundation needed to get younger gamers to go from grassroots to professional gamers. Players get a chance to start with an amateur league before signing up for the semi-pro league.

What betting agencies are offering esports in Australia?

As of now, almost all betting agencies offer esports betting. Below are the leading esports betting agencies.



Bet Easy






Bet 365

There are a few leading betting agencies like Bbet, BlueBet, PlayUp, PalmerBet, and TopSport that don’t have esports betting pages yet. But probably it’s a matter of time before they are added.

How to bet on esports via an online betting agency

Betting on esports online from the listed agencies is simple and easy. It’s no different from the traditional betting on the NBA, AFL, or NRL. Get online for the games offered and check the available betting markets. Mostly, people tend to bet on the final results.

However, agencies like Picklebet solely deal with esports betting. As a result, you’ll find more markets and a few more options than with other agencies.

Preferred Leagues and Tournaments to bet on.

You need to understand the leagues and tournaments you’re betting on in esports. As we’ve seen earlier, there are leagues and tournaments to bet on. You need to locate the best leagues and Tournaments that the best players are competing in. If you bet blindly, then the ending will be a sad one.

Below are some of the popular leagues and Tournaments.

Faceit Major (CSGO)

League of Legends World Championship (LoL)

IEM Katowice (CSGO)

The Overwatch League (Overwatch)

The International (Dota 2)

LEC and LCS (LoL)

Call of Duty World League (CoD)

The leagues above are the recommended ones to wager on. Read more on the selected site and perform a deeper analysis before placing your bets. Our comprehensive guide should help you bet

Strategies when betting on League of Legends

The first and easiest way to choose a team to place your bet on is by selecting the favorite team to win. Once you know your favorite team to bet on, go ahead and analyze both teams well. Get to know the players well. Here are a few things to look out for:

Which team has a lane phase or a better late lane phase? Are there any potential individuals that can change the game? Look for such players in the team. Do have some knowledge of Micro and Macro plays. If you know, then try and see which team stands a chance during fights.

If you’re looking for a special bet, then make sure you’ve been following such advanced betting.  For example, bets like the First Blood and Baron should be placed if you’ve been following the teams and know details about their previous matches.

Detailed information about teams can help you know which team to place on macro or micro bets. Let’s dig deep and understand more about macro and micro plays.

What is a micro play?

Micro play is the ability to use an individual champion in the League of Legends to take advantage of a situation in a game. You need good knowledge of micro play if you’re going to place the right bet. You need to understand the champion’s play and know he or she can perform really well.

Macro play allows one to gain leads on the lane and kill opponents quickly. On the other hand, a bad macro means you don’t know the champion well. The champion would be performing subpar compared to average players. You need to make good micro-play decisions. A bad micro means you don’t know the champion well. Here are things to look out for:

Ability to make good kill shots

Kill/death ratio

How summoner spells are used

Ability to poke and kite

Creep Score CS per minute

What is Macro Play?

Macro play in the League of Legends is how you use micro play in combination with the information you get during a game. You get to gain and utilize such an advantage over a wide map. In a way, micro play is more about an individual player, while macro is more about a team. The best way to understand and remember macro play in League of Legends is to remember that everything has to do with strategy.

This is a crucial aspect of whether the best mechanical players win or lose. There needs to be great emphasis and awareness on game knowledge. Some of these advanced game stats are not visible to people without great knowledge of the League of Legends. Take for example, a jungle camping top layer without having a Teleport. This sets him behind early in the game.

The lanes swapping from top to bottom and then invading This ends the game instead of going for Baron and converting. It is the same case in traditional sports. Imagine watching a basketball or football game. As an avid supporter, you can see the stronger team, what they did well and what they lacked. The same applies to League of Legends. You need to focus and use your brain well. It becomes a lot easier to win a bet as opposed to placing bets blindly.

Strategies when Betting on CSGO

When it comes to FPS games, strategies are more reliant on individual players. However, professional players must consider both micro and macro plays. Before betting on these you need to understand the individual player strategies.

You don’t want to place a blind bet just because it’s individual players. The last thing you want is placing a bet on a teal you’ve never heard of. Below, I’ll discuss some strategies that you must understand before making any betting decision.

Macro plays in CGSO

In CGSO, macro play helps teammates but is done by taking advantage of an individual player’s skill. For example, in a macro play, you can use grenades, smokes, flashes, etc.

A simple flash or grenade can be quite effective on the opponent, giving the entire team a big advantage. When a player flashes over the enemy, their hidden location is shown, giving the other teammates a chance to shoot and kill them.

Micro play is CSGO

We’ve already seen how macro plays help a team. In a micro play, players are in a situation where quick and accurate decisions must be made. Some of the skills needed are reflexes, speed, and accuracy. FPS games require high accuracy and speed. You need to be able to land headshots.

For professional players, a shoot on the head ensures instant death. You don’t want to give opponents a chance to shoot back. Micro play in CGSO also includes the angles players hold during the game. You can be sure no player will stay openly waiting for an opponent.

Every player tends to hold an angle where they can spot the opponent and take a shot before they are seen. Also, when you miss a shot, you remain hidden. As you can see, position in the CGSO game is crucial. There are usually two sides. The terrorist team (TT) and the counter-terrorist team (CT)

The TT side aims to place a bomb without the CT side defusing it. The CT side can also hold positions and try to prevent the TT side from placing a bomb. So in general, if you want to place a bet, you need to have a good understanding of the game. Make sure you watch a few games and know how the game goes. In addition, try and follow the teams to see how often they win or lose. This way, you can easily know which team is more likely to be the winner.

More on CGSO and League of Legends


Comparison can only be done for games in the same genre. When talking and comparing skills, different factors come into play. Both LoL and CGSO have different interpretations when it comes to skills.

Luckily, both games don’t have any complex skills or advanced features that are difficult for average players. However, games like the Super Smash Bros Melees require a lot of skills. Several inputs and techniques must be set before playing the game.

Which is the most difficult game to compete in?

This is a great question. League of Legends is probably the hardest if you have never played any MOBA games before. There is nothing intuitive about LoL. You need experience and knowledge.

There are over 130 champions and you’ll need to learn each of their 4 abilities. Quick math shows there are over 500 abilities in the game. Furthermore, you’ll need to know how much damage each of your abilities does to an opponent.

Which is the hardest game to be consistently good at?

The League of Legends remains the most difficult game to be consistently good at. This is because LoL is a volatile game and one that depends more on knowing about your opponent. The game also requires excellent focus, good communication with other players, and a good sense of moving around the map.

For you to be the best, you must have excellent communication with other players. This is the only way to achieve your goals. This makes it quite difficult to be consistently good at the game.

Which is the hardest game to become a top 0.01 player?

League of Legends has to be the most difficult game to get you among the top players in the world.

Some of the 0.01 top players have probably been playing Moba games for over 10 years now. You need a lot of dedication and practice to reach their levels.

Which is the hardest game to be the best player in the world?

Again, it has to be the League of Legends. It’s by far the most played game. This means you’ll be competing with millions of top players from across the world. What’s more, the current best player is a nature freak. He is currently the best player, miles ahead of the rest, and it might take a long time to dethrone him.

Overall, the game is theoretically difficult to play. However, this should not hold you back from trying it. It’s worth noting that the people you’re competing with are playing under the same difficulty levels. So you are now ready to begin your wagering journey on esports? Well, try Sportsbetking as it has the best wagers and legit odds. Plus, you have lots of free bets and bonuses.