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Finding and being able to use a Betfair code is a far cry from what the code once was. Promo codes, bonus codes, random deposit codes, and sign-up codes are not allowed to be promoted.

Betfair is an online betting exchange in Australia. Betfair’s promo codes, referral codes, and all other types of code are rewarding and fun to use.

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How To Use The Code


Betfair customers are frequently rewarded with random codes, thus making the betting exchange a fun place to be placing your bets.

One of the most attractive features of Betfair is being able to set your own odds. This feature is more rewarding than any bonus code a bookmaker can offer.

Being able to set your own odds on the Betfair exchange allows punters to take advantage of fluctuations in odds and the code is easy to use.

Betfair provides codes across all sports and racing markets, including, NRL, Basketball, horse racing, NFL, baseball, golf, cricket, and much more.

Australian punters have used our code, “BETFAIRKINGS”. It still works and is a rewarding tool for Australian punters.

Betfair is a betting exchange, and the bookmaker’s platform takes a little getting used to, however, for advanced punters, we found the platform to offer bonus rewards that other Aussie bookmakers don’t have.

Betfair Promo Code

Using a code like “BETFAIRKINGS” was once upon a time a simple process to do. Nowadays finding a Betfair promo code is hard, mainly due to Australian gambling regulations.

If the customer is lucky enough to find a promo code, enjoy it while it lasts as these codes are not allowed anymore.

When betfaor does provide a promo code it will usually land in your account as bonus cash. The bettor can’t withdraw the money but you can use it to bet with.

Use our code “BETFAIRKINGS” and try your luck you might be in for a win.

Betfair Set Your Own Odds Code

When you receive a set your own odds code from Betfair you are in for a surprise. This code incentivizes punters to be able to log into the Betfair account and be the bookie. 

Setting your own odds allows you to set the odds and have punters bet against you, so effectively the punter becomes the bookie via the Betfair code.

This is a promotional feature that makes Betfair unique, Normal bookmakers don’t have this option, use Betfair;’s exchange to take full advantage of this option.

Use our code “BETFAIRKINGS”, if searching the internet and having no luck finding the code.

Betfair Random Code

Random codes are used to incentivize punters, however, bookmakers are not allowed to promote the code. Australian gambling laws are very strict on the promotion of any promo that incentivises promotional, or bonus codes.

Receiving a random code allows you to place a bet at the bookmaker’s expense.

Traditionally bookmakers have sent random codes to punters who have been on a losing streak, keeping them in the game so to speak, or maybe bookmakers are just nice people.

Betfair is well known in Australia for providing random codes, from time to time.

If you are looking online for a code and can’t find one, try to use our code “BETFAIRKINGS”.

Betfair Refarral Code

Betfair offers a referral code, as most bookmakers in Australia do. Betfairs referral code allows a tracking code to be placed on the code. These codes are generally used for affiliates or promoters.

When an affiliate or promoter, promotes Betfair, they are given a code and can track the bonus money Betfair provides for any new sign-ups who deposit money into their new account.

The code is usually placed on a link within a piece of content on a website, or a QR scan code on a flyer or pamphlet handed out at sporting events.

Use our Betfair referral code “BETFAIRKINGS” now!

Laybet Code

The laybet code Betfair offers as a promotion is unique, other betting agencies do not provide punters with this bonus. It is one of the many bonuses Betrair is able to offer with its unique betting platform.

Betfairs laybet is when the punter bets on a particular outcome. Whether it be a horse losing a race, or a team losing a game. The liability in placing one of these types of bets is the amount of money the punter may lose.

Laybet code is easy to access, all you need to do is sign up to Betfair, and you will find the code with ease. Surprisingly Betfair doesn’t promote this bonus feature, it’s a great add-on for any advanced punter.

Use our laybet code “BETFAIRKINGS” now!

The Betfair Code For Loyal Members

Betfair excels at providing codes for members. The codes used to be in the form of extra cash to bet with, however, nowadays the code sent is so the punter can access extra features.

Betfair has always rewarded Australian punters with bonuses, and the above is the answer to recent Australian gambling laws, still giving the punter something extra. But rather the bonus code unlocks extra features.

If Betfair hasn’t provided you with a loyalty bonus recently try our “BETFAIRKINGS” code and see what happens.

Betfair Sign-Up Code

Sign-up codes from Betfair are a thing of the past. The sign-up code does not guarantee any bonus cash once you sign up. It is generally used by affiliates and promoters so the bookmaker can track where the sign-up was referred by.

Affiliates still promote this code as a bonus code, but that is now against the rules.

So what’s really going on? Sign-up codes can still see the punter rewarded, however, the affiliate and bookmaker are not allowed to promote this as a bonus or bonus code.

Use our sign-up code a try ” BETFAIRKINGS”.

How To Apply

If you send any bookie in Australia a request for a bonus code, the bookie will not respond, they are not allowed by law to email you a bonus code.

Affiliates and promoters are, however, allowed to promote referral codes.

If the punter is lucky enough to find or receive a promo code, simply log into your account.

Click on the sport or race you would like to place your bet on. A pop-up will appear with two columns, on the right is your deposited cash, and on the left is your bonus code with the promo cash. Click on the left to use your bonus cash.

Promotions Explained

Betfair is unique in the fact that it is not a traditional bookmaker, but rather the middleman that holds money for punters to bet against each other. This means that Betfair is allowed to run a lot more promotions than other Australian bookmakers.

The idea of creating extra features for the punter’s bonus is brilliant. Betfair provides every type of feature code one could think of, allowing them to legally promote bonus codes.

Betfair customer service is second to none, and if you’re looking for a promo code. Give the bookie a chance they won’t disappoint.


The betting scene has changed a lot in Australia over the past few years. Bookmakers have to be extremely careful about how they promote any bonuses and codes.

Betfair is an established betting agency that any punter can trust with their money.

If you are finding it hard to find a Betfair code use the “BETFAIRKINGS” code and have some fun punting.