Volcanobet review:

Volcanobet Review

● Australian-owned and operated
● Fun and entertaining App & Website!
● Competitive Fixed Odds prices
● Weekly Member Promotions on Racing and Sport

Who is VolcanoBet?

VolcanoBet is one of Australia’s new leading online bookmakers. Established in July 2023, VolcanoBet offers users a range of services running both across Australia and all over the world, making international sports more accessible to you.
Volcano Bet provides you with betting markets across Australian and International Racing and sports.

A Review Of the VolcanoBet Website

VolcanoBet really plays into their name and you can see this once opening their website. It’s fun and engaging.
With a wilderness, caveman volcano-like backdrop, VolcanoBet differentiates itself from its competitors by providing users with an animated experience to go along with their bookmaking services.

VolcanoBet has gone about its animations and web design in an efficient way, ensuring that the animation doesn’t get in the way of the flow of its website.
This makes it fun and easy to scroll through and see what VolcanoBet has to offer. Like any other bookmaking service, VolcanoBet provides you with a simple and easy way to go about your betting, making everything you may need
easily accessible.
With your betting slip on the right-hand corner and table of contents on the left, there isn’t much else you may need when placing your bets.

The Sign-Up Process Reviewed

Signing up to Volcano Bet is made so users are able to sign up and access their accounts quickly.
By clicking the ‘sign-up’ button in the top right-hand corner, you are redirected to a page that requires you to enter your details.
All VolcanoBet requires from you is your name, number, address, age, email, and if you would like to opt in to receive any marketing emails and/or messages.
Following your sign-up, you are thrown into the member part of the website where the only difference for members is gaining access to the promos page, the ability to actually set a deposit, place bets, as well as further responsible
gambling content.

VolcanoBet doesn’t require you to set a deposit upon signing up to their site. Because of this, they give their users the opportunity to peruse their website and see what VolcanoBet has to offer without locking them into anything rock
This makes VolcanoBet more appealing, giving users the idea that they are able to have fun with Betting, making it something that is light and customizable to your lifestyle.

Volcanobet Promotions Review

Still a very new bookie, so there’ll be plenty of promotions to keep an eye out for over the Spring Carnival!

Our advice, create your VolcanoBet account, enjoy the product and functionality of the App, and keep an eye out for promotions!

Responsible Gambling Awareness Review

VolcanoBet have gone out of their way to ensure members are aware of the issues that can come with Gambling.

They have done this by providing multiple ads running through their rotating banner, and any spare spot where it would be deemed necessary.

This includes ads under the Bet Slip on the right-hand side of the page, a banner running along the whole bottom of the website, and a Responsible Gambling tab on the left-hand table of contents page for members.

Volcano Bet provides you with the Australian National helpline.

Take a Break and Lifetime Exclusion with Volcano Bet:

Further, they provide members with the option to ‘take a break’, as well as, put themselves on a Life Exclusion from Volcano Bet and other gambling services affiliated with them.

Their ‘take a break’ is an option where members can take anywhere from a day up to 30 days away from the Volcano Bet Gambling services.

The Volcano Bet App Review

The Volcano Bet app is the exact same thing as the website, only with more impressive animations.

It provides you with the same information and access to sports, only this time, directly from your phone.

The app only makes Volcano Bet more accessible from anywhere around the world.