Sports Betting by Applying the Right Strategy

Make the Most of Your Sports Betting by Applying the Right Strategy

If you are a fan of football, then you can try your luck with the online Australian Football League (AFL). Sports betting is not only exciting, but by applying the right strategy you can also win the game. The primary objective of any sports betting game is to win money. You can even wager against different football teams and if your team wins, you can even get bonus cash.

Understanding How Betting Lines Work

To keep your stakes at winning high, you need to fully understand how line betting works. Initially, it might sound a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of the basics, you will go with the flow. It is always recommended to start with small bets and once you are confident, then you can gradually increase your bet. 

Betting lines are forms of sports betting where the market is handicapped. The bookmakers set equal margins for both teams, known as a line. If the bookmaker believes that Team A has a chance of winning, they will set a margin of +5 points if that team scores 6 points or more, you will win the bet. Similarly, if you place your bet on Team B, they will need to lose by less than 5 for you to win the bet. 

Yes, this might be a bit overwhelming for beginners. That is the reason why you need to take it slow and learn from experts. Australia is popular for online sports betting. If you browse through online betting sites, you might come across many other types of line betting such as:

Pick your own line

Quarter-time or half-time lines

Quarter-only lines

Under pick your own line, you get to place the match line instead of the bookmaker. If your team wins or loses, depends on your wager, against the match, you will win the bet. 

Under quarter-time or half-time lines, you need to place a wager against which team will score more during the quarter or half-time. Under quarter-line, the wager is only against the score made during the quarter of the game. If you are an expert, you can even opt for moneyline or total betting.

Moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is wherein you place bets on the football team that is likely to win. There are likely to be three outcomes from this betting. The football teams of Australia can either win, lose, or come to a draw.

This type of betting comes with three components which are:

The favourites

The underdogs

The even or pick ‘em

The favourites are where you will place a wager against the team that is most likely to win. The favourites are always represented by a minus sign. So, if you wager AU$ 150, to win AU$100. If the team wins, you end up winning a total of AU$250.

The underdogs, on the other hand, are considered to be the team that is less likely to win. The underdogs are always represented with a plus sign. In this case, you will wager AU$100 to win AU$150.

Last, but not least is the even or pick ‘em. Here the betting occurs when two teams are equally strong and the outcome might be difficult to predict. In such cases, the sportsbook decides to price them equally. So, if you wager AU$100 to win AU$100, you will end up payouts of AU$200. Such types of bets will have the abbreviations EV or PK listed on the moneyline.

Total Betting

Total bets also known as over/under bets are one of the popular online sporting bets for football games in Australia. Under these types of bets, you will be wagering on where the total score will be higher or lower than the points provided by the sportsbook.

Four components come into play here:

The value

The price

The over

The under

The value is nothing but the total combined scores of both teams. If the total bet in the sportsbook is 40, and you wager that the combined goals of both teams will cross 40 or below 40. Depending on which side you put your wager, you will win the bet

The price is similar to that of moneyline betting. If the sportsbook shows a -100 against 40 points, then you need to bet AU$100 to win AU$90, regardless of you picking the over or under bets. In the case of over bets, you will wager that the combined teams’ scores will be greater than the number listed by the sportsbook.

In case of under bets, you will wager that the combined teams’ scores will be lesser than the number listed by the sportsbook.

The Right Strategy Matters

In Australia, people are fanatics of football, so it is no surprise that you might find lots of users over betting on teams. Yes, online sports betting can be addictive, but it is advisable not to go overboard with your money.

When it comes to online betting you need to have the right strategy in place. Some important tips that you might want to take into consideration include:

Ensure that you pay attention to the line movement shared by the sportsbook

Place bets on lines that are most likely to move in your favour

Predict your own lines. If you are a novice, you will easily be able to predict what the sportsbook lines would be and compare them with your own

Do your research before the game and check out the public opinion

Placing bets online in Australia is easy. All you need to do is open register with any credible sports betting site, create an account and choose the games that you want to bet on. Many online betting sites even offer bonuses to first-time customers. You might want to make use of this opportunity, and click on the games that you want to bet on. Search for the “Handicap” tabs to place your line bets.


Do not get disheartened if you lose your wager. The main point is to enjoy the game. Take it in stride by learning from your mistakes and getting better at bets.