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List Of Australian Betting Apps

Betting Apps first made an appearance in the Australian market in the 2000s, gaining instant attraction and popularity. TAB was the first betting agency to launch its Australian betting app, with big agency names following in their footsteps not long after. Punters will find that nearly all bookmakers provide web applications that have been developed into apps to be downloaded on your tablets, smartphones, and any other electronic device.

If you’re looking for an app to help you make your next best bet and make it easy for you to keep track of all the matches worldwide, then we have the list for you. All apps listed below can be installed on any Android or iOS mobile technology. Disclaimer: this is a purely mobile app review, if you are looking for Australia’s best betting sites, head over to our review on the Best Betting Sites Australia has to offer.

Betfair App


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BetFair is a betting exchange that allows you to bet against other punters, increasing odds. Betfair may seem like a strange thing to add to your arsenal—after all, it’s not technically a betting site; it’s an exchange, but that doesn’t mean it should be part of your arsenal!

BetFair is one of the only sites that does not rely on its proprietary software, instead, only using the software provided by the platform itself. This makes it easy to fix if punters encounter technical issues, without needing to lock down their accounts.

Top Features:

  • World-class live streaming services.
  • Touch and Face ID logins make logging in quick and easy.

What We Like – BetFair provides a great cash-out feature. When punters catch on that their team is losing, BetFair gives them the option to cash out and recover some of the money they put toward their bet. This is a great feature not provided by BetFair’s competitors.

Final Rating – The BetFair app is fast, easy to download, and has an exceptional amount of features earning a 5/5 from the Bet Fresh team.


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Providing some of the best odds and outstanding promotions, PickleBet is an easy-to-use sports betting app. They offer a wide range of bets, on any and almost all sports, including, tennis, golf, soccer, eSports, and more. PickleBet also provides their punters with the option to livestream while they bet on their favorite sporting events.

PickleBet has a great mobile app, making betting on the go seamless and easy, you don’t even need an internet connection! Just download the app and start placing your bets.

Top Features –

  • They have the best options and odds for eSports Australia-wide.
  • They have curated an easy-to-navigate app available across Android, iOS, and Google Apps!

What We Like – They are an evolving company not afraid of change. They are constantly adding sporting and racing markets, pushing and using the technology available to them to its absolute limits.

Final Rating – This app is fun to work with, easy to use and user friendly. The Bet Fresh team rate PickleBet 5/5.


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PlayUp is a beloved Australian bookmaker. They provide various odds and features on all sports and horse racing. Priding themselves on their friendly customer service team, the PlayUp app is available to all iOS and Android devices.

Top Features – Betting Limit per day is easy to find and access, with the ability to be adjusted to weekly limits making PlayUp the most responsible gambling app available.

What We Like –

  • The app is lightning-fast and simple to use.
  • The aesthetics are through the roof and not too distracting.

Final Rating – The Bet Fresh team rated the PlayUp app 5/5.


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 Arguably one of the biggest betting names in Australia, ColossalBet provides their punters with a wide range of sporting and horse racing events, including tennis, rugby, basketball, and more! The app is seamless and easy to use, it has a pretty simple interface, mimicking their website with a sleek black and gold aesthetic.

Top Features –

  • Same game multis.
  • Same race multis.
  • Advanced technology.

What We Like –

  • We enjoy how ColossalBet keeps up to date with its technology making using their technology easy, up-to-date, and problem-free.
  • The app is fast and offers almost all sports.

Final Rating – Bet Fresh gives the ColoddalBet app an overall score of 5/5.


Live Streaming

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Bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sports betting business. Their mobile app, available to all Android and iOS devices, lets you place bets on horse racing over 35 sporting events. They have an impressive live streaming service, giving punters the opportunity to stream 70,000+ matches across the globe.

The app has an unnecessarily detailed registration form. It includes questions about your location, age, marital status, income bracket, hobbies and interests. This sign-up process can take up to two minutes, however, there is no need to enter any payment information until after your first bet.

Top Features –

  • They provide a lightning-fast live streaming service.
  • Constantly updated odds.

What We Like –

  • For an old company, they have made the effort to keep up-to-date with the newest technology.
  • They offer eSports betting via their app.
  • The app is fast and offers almost every sport imaginable.

Final Rating – Bet365 is one of the most trusted bookies Australia-wide. Their technology is amazing, providing an awesome user experience, giving them a 5/5 from the Bet Fresh team.



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BetDeluxe is a smaller, more nimble bookie from down under. This Australian-owned betting agency offers a unique platform and app that has set the bar high for other sites. Their promotions are also some of the best around!

BetDeluxe has apps for both Android and iOS systems, so you’re sure to find a way to get in on their action.

Top Features –

  • Provide great odds.
  • The app is fast to use, arguably one of the quickest in Australia.
  • The app is configured for every electronic device, accessible on tablets, mobile phones, and more!
  • There are frequent bonuses available.
  • They have a solid customer service team.

Final Rating – The Bet Fresh team gave this application a 5/5.



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Offering lots of promotions for its customers Ladbrokes quickly shot to fame upon their entering the Australian betting market.

The Ladbrokes app, is available for all iOS and Android technologies, boasting a wide range of daily promotions with a fun and user-friendly interface. In addition to the upgrades, the app has excellent odds and features that help punter the most out of their betting experience.

Top Features –

  • Alongside the Android and iOS app stores, the Ladbrokes app is also available to download via Google Apps.
  • With fingerprint and face ID login options, the Ladbrokes app has all the bells and whistles you would expect from one of Australia’s top betting companies.

What we like –

  • One thing we loved in particular is that the app has a 24/7 live chat option.
  • They also provide a full transaction history option.

Final Rating – As far as apps are concerned, this one is definitely up there, Ladbrokes get a 5/5 from the Bet Fresh team!



Fixed Odds

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As one of the oldest and most established sports betting apps, BetStar has a solid reputation for being safe, easy to use, and secure. The BetStar app is available on all Android and iOS devices.

Top Features –

  • Alongside the Android and iOS app stores, the Ladbrokes app is also available to download via Google Apps.
  • BetStar also provides great odds!

What We Like –

  • Aesthetically, BetStar has great graphic art and colors making it intriguing and fun to use the app!
  • BetStar provides a fast and smooth user interface, making it one of the best applications you can download.
  • They have a wide range of payment methods, you can place your bets in almost any way possible including credit card and PayPal making depositing and withdrawing nice and easy.

Final Rating – In comparison to other apps on the market, the BetStars app is one of the best ones around, giving them a 4/5 rating from the Bet Fresh team.


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Neds are a leading name in the online betting world. By downloading their app, available on all Android and iOS devices, you will be able to place your bets on a great range of sporting markets from anywhere in the world.

Neds provide their punters with betting options at both long-term and short-term prices, while also having some of the best odds on events. Further, they boast excellent customer service, available 24/7 via telephone or email. Neds also offer multiple payment methods, including PayPal and Visa cards, so you can quickly deposit your winnings into your account when they arrive.

One of their most well-known and beloved features is the Neds Toolbox. This is a handy toolbox that enables users to bet on different events while watching TV or browsing through social media sites. The toolbox also makes it possible to track your favorite sports teams by viewing their results in real time keeping their punters up-to-date in real time!

List Of All Betting Apps in Australia

There are two significant formats for betting apps in Australia.

The first is an app that allows users to bet on various sports at the same time, these can include football and horse racing for instance. These apps are generally available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The second type of app allows punters to place bets on specific games. These are exclusive to iPhone users, it enables them to place bets on rugby matches for example, as well as a range of other sports.

Betting AppsApps NameApps Description


RealBookie is a leading Australian betting site designed and developed by Chris Leste and Mark Sampieri.


BoomBet is an excellent online betting company that offers horse racing, sports, and esports.


Relatively new WinnersBet has great odds and is one that punters should consider.


BoomBet is an excellent online betting company that offers horse racing, sports, and esports.


SportsBet is a well-known betting app in Australia with great betting odds.


Focusing solely on Greyhound Racing, BetDogs is the one-stop shop for the best Greyhound racing odds.


TAB is one of Australia’s leading online betting agencies, providing punters with reasonable offers and promotions.


Relatively new to the Australian betting market, they specialize in horse racing.


With a solid range of betting options, PicnicBet is an excellent betting app.


Punt123 is a new competitive bookmaker with prompt and friendly service.


CrossBet offers great offers on sports betting and horse racing bets.


TopSport is an excellent bookmaker with competitive odds for sports and horse racing markets.


Relatively new, created in 2021, WishBet is a primarily horse and greyhound racing bookmaker.


Booki is a simple and reliable betting site with a wide range of betting markets.


Rivalry is another exciting betting site that is entirely devoted to eSports betting.


Known for its reliability, ActionBet has been in operation for years.


EliteBet is an average betting app that offers solid bets in horse racing.


BetDeck is a relatively new site with a primary focus on Australian horse racing.


Similar to Crossbet, ZBet is an excellent betting app.


DraftStars is an Australian betting app, with a primary focus on fantasy sports.


Moneyball is another exciting betting site that offers fantasy sports betting.


BBet is another Australian company launched in 2019 by an Australian bookmaker.


WinBet is a Bulgarian betting company that operates in various countries, providing great odds.


SportsChamps is a new and exciting Australian fantasy betting company.


BetBarn is another old betting site in Australia to consider using.

Android Apps

Android apps are primarily downloaded through the Google Play Store. Although, for the most part, downloading from the Google Play Store is safe and efficient, there are developers who have curated apps to mimic the malware of the mentioned betting apps. We recommend downloading directly from the betting site itself. Here you can press ‘download now’, and you will be redirected to the correct app ensuring optimum safety.

iOS Apps

When purchasing an Apple product, customers need to download the operating system. This system is called iOS and it runs on Apple technology only, unlike Google Play Store which can be downloaded on any Android device.

The Difference between iOS and Android Technology

iOS products tend to have better battery life.

iOS products have stronger security features.

iOS has many more apps suited to their technology.

Web Apps

What is a web app?

A web app runs much like an online betting site would, the only difference being, that instead of being on your laptop or desktop, it is accessible through your phone’s bookmarked home screen.

With web apps, you can check markets, place your odds, deposit, and withdraw money. Web apps are not as popular or as user-friendly as iOS or Android apps, but they do, however, take up less space. If saving space is a priority for you, then web apps might be worth considering.

FAQs About Best Betting Apps in Australia

Betting apps are legal in Australia. You can bet on your favorite sport or race from the comfort of your home. To learn more about betting apps, visit the Australian Government's Sports Betting website. It has all the information you might need and includes links to other sites that cover betting in Australia.

There are many different types of betting apps available in Australia. However, they all offer exciting features that make them stand out from other betting companies worldwide. 

Whether it's live-streaming horse races or incredible odds and bonuses on your favorite horses, there's something for everyone here! These apps include include Rob Waterhouse, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, and Neds, among others.