What IS A Trifecta?

The Definition?

A Trifecta is a type of bet in racing. The wager is placed to predict which runner comes first, second and third for a win. With a correct bet, you win. For example, if you bet $2.00 on horses 1, 2, and 3 to win in that order and the outcome is as you placed your bet, you win the bet.

A trifecta bet is popular, if you win you can win big. Trifectas are hard to predict and best to do for fun or left to the experts. The chances of winning big are high as the odds are usually very high. Winning a trifecta is always hard, and we stress the point it is best left to the more experienced punters.

Trifecta Variations

Trifecta bets have variations, with the most common ones: Straight, Boxed, Flexi bets, and standout trifectas. A straight trifecta may be popular for a lot of punters, but not one of the easiest bets you can make. With this bet, you need to understand your chances of winning are slim. It is best practice to place small bets on a type of trifecta, and ket the high odds give you the larger returns. Visit this page for the best Australian betting sites.

What Is A Straight Trifecta?

A straight trifecta is the most affordable trifecta. But it is not easy to win. While placing your bets on a straight trifecta. Find out the odds on the other horses to make an informed selection. A boxed trifecta is where you select three horses to win, and if any of the horses finish first, second or third, your bet wins. 

This bet calls for a minimum of three selections. The three selections allocate you six bets depending on the sequence you want. If you have more selections, your boxed bet cost becomes high. However, the chances of success are higher.

What Is A Felxi Trifecta?

A Flexi bet Trifecta lets you pick a specific number of horses you believe will win. 

You need to specify the number of runners and also the amount you intend to place on the bet. This bet gets you a percentage of the winning dividend, usually based on a normal cost difference of a boxed bet and the amount invested.

Stand Out Trifectas

Lastly, there is a standout trifecta. In this type of bet, the target is to select horses winning in any number of selections no matter which order the individual horse comes in. 

For instance, you may pick on the first, second, and third while making sure each position selected has at least two in either of the positions.

How To Place Your Bet

Trifecta cost varies depending on the number of combinations you make. It also depends on the type of trifecta you choose.  Adding more selections to your bet increases the cost for each unit which greatly influences your chances of winning. 

When you strike a balance between the cost of the bet and the winning possibilities, this gives you an edge in winning.

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