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Neds Review

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Neds Code and Review (Expert Review)

We’re sorry that you’re having trouble finding Ned’s Code. We get it -they’re super hard to come by these days and with all rules and regulations, things never seem to get easy. Please don’t panic, though; we’ve been down this road before and know what works.

However, referral codes don’t work anymore because of some recently passed laws, but Oyster is still offering our all-time favorite code: Ned’s.

So what’s so great about it? Well, besides being one of the best codes on the web, it offers you 10% off your entire purchase when you use it at checkout. That means if you buy a $50 item, you’ll only pay $45!That’s a fantastic deal. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to get your discount!

Neds Bonus code

Neds Sign Up Process

With the new sign-up process, I could get myself up and run in less than two minutes. It was as easy as typing my name and email into a form on the homepage and then clicking “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page.

I didn’t have to verify anything manually or deal with any other annoying steps. This cofirms that the site uses GreenID for verification.

Neds Sign Up

I was impressed by how Neds sign-up works. I had to stop and think about what I was doing, which is a pretty rare thing for me.

But the process was simple:

Step 1: Neds Sign Up

Step 2: Neds Set a Deposit Limit

Step 3: Neds Select a Security

Step 4: Neds Confirm Security and Deposit

Deposit Limit at Neds

Now that you’ve set up your account, it’s time to start making deposits! You’ll find a deposit button right in the top menu, click on it, and you’re taken to the deposit screen.

Making a deposit

Neds offer nine different payment options, including:

Credit/debit cards




Direct bank transfer

If none of those work for you, there’s always Bitcoin.

Neds Review

Hey, there! I’m so excited to tell you about my experience with Neds! I admit, when I first signed up and saw the little orange box at the top of the screen, I thought it was just a little pop-up reminder. But then I realized that it was a toolbox.

And when I started using it, it was like magic:everything worked! The best part? The process took less than a minute, and the money was in my account before I knew what had happened.

What does the toolbox contain?

Let’s talk about Ned’s toolbox. This toolbox is where you’ll find all your bonuses, which refresh daily. You always have several to choose from whenever you need a boost.

But wait – there’s more! Not only does this toolbox hold your bonuses, but it also houses some other goodies like daily gifts and special offers. So what are you waiting for? Check out the site today!

Neds Layout

I love the layout of this site. It’s so simple but still has all of the information you need.

The main section has a picture of a horse and race information, including the odds for that particular race. The sidebar is split into two sections:one for upcoming races (“Upcoming Races” button) and one for all of your favorite races(“My Races”).

In both areas, you’ll find everything you need to know about each event, including when it starts, what time it starts, what prize money is on offer, and who will be running it.

Neds’ design is much better than other sites I’ve seen in Australia; I think they’ve nailed the balance between information density and usability.

The Racing Menu

The first thing that caught my eyes when I logged into the Racing Menu was how clean and simple it was. It had a nice,easy-to-navigate layout and all the different options were right in front of me, so I could easily see what they were and choose which one I wanted to use. Selecting between dish lickers, harness racing, or horses was a plus.

It was a great way to differentiate between the different types of racing in Australia, Hong Kong and Zealand. There’s also a little gold medal icon under some races that shows if there’s a bonus back available-quite applicable to see them on the main page!

Bet Placing

I’m ready to place a bet! I’m excited to jump into the races and see what kind of returns I can make.

I checked out the complete form guide, and it looks like they share the same complete form guide as Ladbrokes-which is excellent. If you’re looking for a way to get some extra information on a horse without spending too much time or effort, this is worth checking out.

The form guide suggests that these horses have similar stats and that they’re all paid up. So far, I like All Paid Up as my first pick-she has some excellent stats and has won at least once.

But if you want something safer, you can always ensure All Paid Up doesn’t win with a bonus wager on the favorite.

Horse Racing at Neds

Winning races is great, but with a bit of luck, you can also win money. It was a close race, but All Paid Up came second to Super Pursuit.

Neds Backup win

I’m a fan of Neds’ Backup, and I can’t stop raving about it. I have had a great time placing bets, and it’s as simple as clicking a button. I’m also glad I can check out the rest of the sidebar with ease.

Shall we check out the filter form?

Neds Filter Form

Once you have selected your prefered form, click “Place Bets”, and you will be all set! The next option is “View Results”, which will show you how your bets performed during the race. The last screen is the “Report” page, where you can view a summary of your bets and performance.

Filter Forms Selections at Neds

Neds has many great features, but this one is the best. It’s simple:Selections are easy and intuitive to use. They have many options to choose from, so you can find something that fits your style and budget.

I have been a customer for a long time, and I’m never disappointed by their customer service. They’re always quick to get back to me when I need help or have questions!

I love that you can filter by sport so that I can search for the actual event I’m looking for and find the perfect odds.

Sports on offer at Neds

The first thing you see when you open the app is an extensive list of ports organized by type. You can scroll down to see all the different types of sports and their specific details.

Then, if you click on one of those sports, it will show you who’s playing and when it will start happening. You can also choose to filter by sports age group or even location.

Neds Sports

If you’re looking for a sportsbook that has the best odds on all of the big sports and some of the less well-known ones, then Neds is for you.

Neds has everything from football to basketball, golf to soccer and more – all in one place. They also have cool features like Live In-Play(LIPS), where you can place a bet while the event is being played.

Neds Live In-Play

The Live In-Play is where it gets interesting because there are so many markets in this section that it’s hard not to find something they’ve got that interests you. Neds Live In-Play gives you a more significant opportunity to win if you bet on an ongoing event.

Promotions at Neds

Neds Promo offers various promotions to keep you hooked on their site. From the standard “Free Bet” to the more nice “Gambling Diet”, this site has it all.

This time around, I will check out their site’s special offer on Ned’s Promo Code. I also point out that they have live-in play betting and live-streaming sports but only for UK punters.

Neds Betting Site

Hey there! If you’re looking for a great betting site, we have good news:Neds is here.

Neds Blended

Neds has created a new feature called “Neds Blended”, which means you can now bet on all runners for an event without picking which ones you want to include or exclude from your selection.

You can bet on all runners for an event in one go! This Blended is a massive change for bettors because instead of picking one or two runners at a time, you can now make a set of picks across all races simultaneously.

Neds Mobile

Have your bets ready when you are out and about with Neds Mobile! Now you can place your bets wherever you go with Neds mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Neds Mobile App

The perfect way to keep track of all your racing events is through Neds mobile app. With this fantastic app, you can access all the latest races from around the world straight from your phone.

Neds Card

 A Ned’s card is like having your debit card. With the Neds Card, you can access your winnings instantly – even if you win on the internet. You can use your Neds card like you use a credit card without the worry of interest charges or fees associated with using it.

Getting a Neds Card

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got some questions about getting a Neds’ Card. That’s understandable -you’re wondering:how do I get one? What should I do? How can I make sure my address is up to date? And what if I’m an Australian resident, but my address is wrong?

We’re glad that you asked! Here’s the breakdown:

  1. If you don’t have an account with Neds, sign up for an account in My Account(or navigate to the Verification Center). You’ll see the link to verify your ID with Neds in that section. Click on it, and it’ll take you to another page where you can fill out some basic information about yourself.
  1. You need a valid Australian ID issued by the Australian government. You must be legally allowed to live in Australia and not be on any immigration or visa hold lists or awaiting deportation from Australia or any other country. 

You must ensure you have the correct address information and that they are up to date with the Australian Tax Office(ATO) before applying for a card. This information includes your home address and other personal data like phone numbers. 

Neds Highlights

Neds Bonus Bets

Suppose you’re looking for a place to meet your punting needs; look no further than the Neds Punters Toolbox. With this exclusive feature, you can find everything you need to win in one place.

The punter’s toolbox  gives you features like:

Backup – Back up your bets so you never have a problem if your first selection goes down.

Extra Head – It increases your chances of winning with a second selection.

BetBack – It automates your betting, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes by manually entering each bet number.

PriceBoost – Increase your chances of winning by betting at lower odds than those offered in most bookmaker markets.

Jump Off – When you’re done with your first selections, jump off and make another selection without losing time or money on your original preferences.

Neds Alexa Skill

Using Your Voice

If you want to enable Neds Skill on your Alexa, say “Alexa, enable Neds”, and the skill will be allowed. You can then say “Alexa, open Neds” to open Ned’s skill page.

From here, you can select which racing event you want to use by saying, “Alexa, ask Neds what’s on tonight”.Ned’s skill shows you how to get the most out of it.

How to use the Alexa App

Are you ready to race? Well, I’m not going to tell you that you have to be a professional racer -you don’t have to have won any races or even finished one. But what you need is a car. And maybe a helmet?

The point is, we want you to be ready for anything in the next race. So how do we make sure that happens? By using the Alexa app!

You can find Neds on your Alexa app by opening the app and selecting “Skills and Games” from the top left corner of the screen, which takes you up to a search box.

Once you press enter, you’ll see a list of all the available events under that skill. Connect this skill to your Alexa device by clicking the “Enable” button. That’s it!

Neds Android App

We’ve been following Needs for a while now, and we knew right away that their Android app would be the best.

When we downloaded it and checked out their website, we saw that they had an Android app with a simple design and relatively simple to navigate.

What we appreciate most about it is that they have biometrics on there so you can log in with your fingerprint instead of typing in a password; this is a valuable asset. The two tabs at the top of the screen; Racing and Sports – make switching between the two easier.

Neds Apple IOS App

If you’re the type who likes to stay up on the latest and greatest, then you should be familiar with Neds. They have been around for years and have a reputation for being one of the best bookmakers in the industry.

The Neds iPhone app is easy to use with simp. WInterfacelike apps. You can find what you need with a few clicks of your finger. It’s worth mentioning that placing bets was quite fast

Neds iPhone App

Mobile site review 

When it comes to the Neds Mobile Site, I don’t think there’s anything more important than knowing that you’re getting a good product.

And I love Neds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone there to place a bet, and the process has always been quick and easy. If you’re looking for a sportsbook that’s easy on your eyes and your wallet, then Neds is perfect.

Neds website

Racing and Sports Betting Markets at Neds

I admit; that I was a bit skeptical about reviewing Ned’s website. After all, the bookmaker is well-known for having some of the best-betting markets on the web, so it seemed unlikely that they could get more than that.

But I was proven wrong! The site is easy to use, with straightforward navigation and well-designed forms. It’s fast and responsive so you can place your bets quickly and easily. And it’s also secure – you can make transactions through Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Neds Sign Up for New Account

To sign up for Neds, all you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

Go to the signup page

Enter your details

Choose a username and password.

Verify your identity with the Needs verification process.

And best of all -you can withdraw from your account in just a few clicks!

Neds Verification Process

Neds know how important your identity is to you and want to ensure that when you’re using their site, you can feel confident that your information is secure and private. That’s why they go ahead to verify it for you.

This process is simple:When you sign up for an account with Needs, they’ll send a notification from Green ID, Australia’s leading electronic compliance solution. Neds will verify your identity electronically through the Green ID,  but only for Australian residents.

Banking with Neds

Deposit Options at Neds

Neds is a great Australian bookmaker with several different deposit options.

With Neds, you have the option to deposit via:

Apple Pay








Bank Transfer

If you’re thinking about gambling with your credit card, we want to ensure you know what you are starting.

For starters, a few banks do not accept gambling transactions. These include:

Virgin Money

Bank of QLD



Minimum deposit

Do you know what the minimum deposit amount for Neds is? It was only $10.00! That’s not all. Your account balance is updated after you deposit your funds. So don’t sweat it if you’re trying to get that $10 in one fell swoop – Neds will handle everything for you.

Betting Markets at Neds

Neds is a great place to bet on sports and racing. Neds Racing and Sports is your one-stop shop for betting on horse racing, greyhounds, and thoroughbreds. They offer everything from yachting, horse racing, cricket and football.

Neds Horse Racing

Neds Horse Racing is a betting site that allows users to bet on everything from greyhounds and thoroughbreds to harness racing within Australia and beyond. Users can also place bets on racing features, like the  Melb

Neds Sports

Neds Sports is an exciting new way to bet on sports. They offer a wide range of markets and betting types, including point spread, total points, under/over markets and half-time markets. With Neds, you can bet on all the most popular sports:tennis, cricket, AFL and soccer.

Neds will help you get started with sports betting by giving you access to their website, which hosts all of their markets, including live betting and in-play betting opportunities.

Neds Bonus Bet

Bonus Bets, Bonus Cash, and Bonus Offers are three different bets you can make with Neds Australia. The first option that you have is to make a withdrawal from your Neds account and use the cash wallet feature.

You can choose between using their currency or any other currency you wish for this purpose -SUCH AS USD, GBP, or AUD. Even if you don’t have any money on your account yet, you can still withdraw free cash from Ned’s Australia.

Neds Racing Bonus Bet

There are a few different ways to bet at Neds. You can bet on the exact winner of a horse race with Neds, known as the “2ND or 3RD” BACK.

The second way to bet at Neds is to bet on the number of horses finishing in first place in a horse race. This type of bet is known as “SAME RACE MULTI 3+LEG”.

Another way to bet at Neds is to bet on how many legs will go before one of your horses wins a race. This type of betting is known as “3+ LEGS SAME RACE MULTI”.

 Racing betting types at Neds

There is a wide variety of betting types at Neds. These includes:

Placing betting – This type of bet allows you to choose where you think your horse will finish on the leaderboard(1st,2nd or 3rd). You can place this type of bet using any combination of horses or races as long as they are from different races or classes within the race.

Win betting – A win bet is placed when you think your horse will win. You pay to place this type of bet.

Each way betting – Also referred to as “anyway, it allows you to place a bet on any combination of horses or races that show up.

Neds Odds

The best bookmakers are the ones that can offer you a wide variety of gambling options. Neds Odds has a great selection of betting markets, and they’re also constantly expanding their offering.

Ned’s Odds are unbeatable. You’ll love the options available and the fact that they have all the best bets on racing and sports. You can bet at fixed prices, tote prices, or any combination.

Tote Prices

Neds Tote is the place for totaliser odds relative to three primary Australian Tote:VIC, NSW, and QLD. You can bet on the best Tote operator or pick a middle or home Tote operator.

Ned’s best bet is the final dividends that pay equal to the highest Australian Totaliser operator. That’s because Ned promises to deliver a final tip that guarantees an amount equal to the second-highest Australian operators.

Neds Promo Code

Our friends at Neds just made an outstanding offer available to our customers.

We’re giving one of the best experiences in your bookmarking journey:enter the promo code KRUZEY in the box under “Bonus Bets” at Neds. You can claim this by going into the account section of their site, clicking on “Bonus Bets”, entering the KRUZEY code and watching as your bet multiplies!

Ned’s Contact Customer Service

Neds is one of the most trustworthy and reliable online betting sites. They have a vast reach and have been around for years. Neds has an excellent customer support team that works 24/7 to help you with anything you need.

You can contact them by email or live chat or call their phone number. Neds are also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.

Phone Number

Call line: 1300 006 337(+617 3184 9333).

Betting line

Betting line: 134 777(+618 7918 7300)

Live Chat: 24/7


You can also Live chat Neds at their website.

Neds Rules

If you’re looking for a place to gamble responsibly, Neds has it all. You can set your limits, read their responsible gambling policy, and even sign up for betting offers.

They have a range of betting options available in the “My Account” section of their website, so you can bet with confidence on whichever sport you like. Neds is a great place to start if you want to play while keeping your finances in check.

Neds is a licensed and regulated company. It doesn’t share users’ information with third parties unless those third parties are reputable and provide services that the user requires.

About Neds

Neds is a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who believe sports betting should be easy, convenient and accessible.

They created Meds to help you bet on your favorite teams and leagues while enjoying the excitement of being an active player in sports betting.

Neds Review Verdict

Neds is a great betting site for Australian bettors. Neds reviews show that they are one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Australia, with over 200,00 active users and more than $100 million wagered per week.

They offer an incredible selection of markets and an impressive line-up of live betting options. The website layout is easy to navigate, making it simple for bettors to find what they need quickly.

One thing I liked about Neds was their Responsible Gaming Policy – they let you know exactly how much money you should be risking at any given time.


Yes, Neds is safe and secure.

The Australian government has strict rules that regulate companies' operations in that country, and these rules are some of the toughest in the world.