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Neds Code:

Neds Bonus Code

Neds bonus code is not what it used to be, however, our Neds referral code KINGS is still alive and a great bonus for punters. Our Neds code is still working here in Australia for bettors searching. 

Neds account holders get a stack of great bonuses regularly. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Neds bonus codes.

  1. Neds Free Bonus Code
  1. Neds Referral Bonus Code
  1. Neds Random Bonus Code
  1. Neds Frequent Depositer’s Bonus Code
  1. Neds Loyalty Membership Bonus Code
  1. How To Apply The Code
  1. Promotion Code

Neds members can access a stack of free tools, while also receiving a bonus when on the punt. Thousands of sportbetkings punters have used our Neds bonus codes, when using the referral code provided above bettors are using the most popular code in Australia.

Neds Free Bonus Code

Neds betting platform provides bonus features like great odds, tools, best TOTE, cash-out options, and all the bells and whistles a punter could hope for. One thing Neds does really well is provide bonuses for their members.

Often Neds will surprise their members and put cash in their accounts randomly as a bonus. This is deposited into your account as a bonus code, and on your next bet, you need to click on the code they have provided and use the free cash they have bonused your account.

Neds consistently offers great odds for punters in Australia, and the free bonus codes provided puts a smile on every bettor’s face. Use our free code “Kings” now.

Neds Referral Code

Thousands of gamblers across Australia have used a Neds referral bonus code. The referral bonus code is when you visit a website and click on their referral code. Once you join up and deposit, Neds bonus your account with some freebies.

Websites that promote and review Neds will almost 100% of the time be using a referral code. Also at sporting events and races, it is common for companies like Neds to hand out flyers with the referral code on them. It helps Neds track where the new member sign-up has come from, so Neds can give the person who gave the referral some bonus cash.

Use our referral code “KINGS”

Neds Random Code

Neds rewards their members frequently with random bonuses. Once Neds has randomly bonused your account you need to click on the bonus codes within your account to use that money for your bet.

There is no set amount, no set limit, and no set time. Neds just seem to randomly add a bonus code to your account, that is extra cash to bet with. Punters can not cash out their random bonus, they must use it for betting with Neds.

Neds will send you an email when they have randomly added bonus cash to your account with a code. 

Use our random bonus code “KINGS”.

Neds Frequent Depositer’s Code

Neds provides exciting odds and promotions all year round. Being one of the more mature platforms for betting in Australia they reward members who deposit frequently with bonus codes.

There is almost no need for Neds to promote its services, as they are a brand that almost every Australian recognizes. One thing Neds is really good at is rewarding punters who frequently deposit money into their Neds account.

Many people have found the more frequently they deposit, the more frequently Neds frequent depositors bonus code appears on their dashboard when they log in.

Frequent depositors are rewarded with bonus codes regularly.

Use our frequent depositer’s code “KINGS”

Neds Loyalty Membership Codes

Neds loyalty bonus codes are infrequent and lack any rhyme or reason. Punters are rewarded randomly, whether they have placed a bet lately or not. 

Australians love to bet and logging into your account when you haven’t placed a bet for a long time and seeing some bonus cash via a code is awesome!

Whether you bet regularly, or once a year as long as you are a member of Neds you can be rewarded with this code. This code can be used in the punter’s toolbox, for best TOTE, same game multi’s, and every type of bet you can think of that can be placed.

Neds Loyalty Membership Bonus Code is at HOC and infrequent.

Use our Membership bonus code “KINGS”.

How To Apply The Code

The first time we applied the bonus code was slightly confusing. The punter needs to log in, and then choose the race or sport they want to place a bet on. Once chosen a pop-up will appear, it has two columns, on the right is the cash in your account you can bet with.

On the left is the bonus code. You click the left to use your bonus code. The cash code Neds has bonused your account with will then be used for your bet.

Promotion Codes

Neds run promotions all the time, however, according to Australian law, Neds are not allowed to promote bonus cash and bonus cash promotions. So when you see Neds running a promotion, keep in the back of your mind it is their way of quietly saying bonus cash code will be coming.

Australian gambling regulations are very strict on the promotion of bonus codes and free cash. So we have written this article in a way to let you know bonus codes are rewarding, they just can not be promoted by the bookmakers in Australia.


Neds is a trusted Australian bookie, that offers great codes and incentives. The codes are easy to use and Neds accept payment via credit card, PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfer. Neds have their own card you can deposit cash into and use at the shops or to buy things. Our current Neds code “KINGS” is simple to use and is still working across Australia.

The agency has a great APP and website to place a bet on, no matter the sport or race NEDS has it all.