Tennis Betting Tips Australia

Betting on tennis is different from betting on other sports. Each match is untimed, so points are not calculated together. 

Moreover, to be successful at tennis betting, you must first know the sport’s basics. Then, you must learn the right tennis betting techniques to take you to the top. Read it carefully, study the techniques well, and become the number one tennis bettor today.

How Does Betting on Tennis Work?

The first tennis betting tips we want to share are the most popular ways to bet on tennis. We will take a deeper look into every one of them so that when you feel ready to bet, you will know which betting way is best for you.

Spread betting

The first and most popular way to bet on tennis is spread betting. This method is mainly preferred amongst the more experienced bettors as it can be more profitable. With this betting, a sports book creates a hypothetical amount of games. In all these games, the favoured player should beat the opponent.

In other words, this type of tennis betting allows the bettor to bet on how the player will perform. Instead of betting on match results, you can put your money on the player’s performance.

Over/under betting

The second way you can do tennis betting is by over or under-betting. This bet represents the total number of sets that can occur in a particular match. 

Like the previous method, the sports book will also create a predetermined number of sets. This number represents the number of sets for which they believe the match will last. 

If you want to bet on this method, you can bet that there will be either fewer or more sets than the hypothetical number. Remember that with over/under betting, money line odds are generated for both under and over amounts.

Match betting

Match betting is the simplest way that is ideal for all beginners. This method means you will bet on the player you believe will win an individual match. The best tennis betting tip we can give you here is that payouts may significantly increase or decrease, so you must be careful. 

This happens when the public drastically bets on a particular player to win the match. As a result, it will shift the money line, and you might get less than expected, so keep this in mind. Here is an example:

PlayerMatch betting odds$100 bet returns
Rafael Nadal+120$220
Novak Djokovic-200$150

Outright betting

Outright betting means you will bet on a single player to win the entire tournament instead of a specific game. These bets are simple and are recommended for beginners.  You must also be careful here, as favourites to win will have lesser payouts. So, if you bet on an underdog and they win, you might expect a larger amount of money. 

Another thing you must be careful of here is that there is still a major risk of selecting a player to go undefeated. Finally, you need to know that most outright bets always pay off better than even money. 

Exact score betting

This method allows you to bet on the number of games the player will win. This can be referred to as the number of games in a specific match or set. The exact score betting is recommended for knowledgeable bettors looking for a challenge. As exact scores are extremely difficult to predict, you can expect wealthy monetary returns. Here is an example:

ScoresEmma RaducanuSloane Stephens

The Ultimate 10 Rules of Tennis Betting

Now that you are familiar with the most popular tennis betting methods, it is time to move on to more concrete tennis betting tips. 

By following our instructions, we believe that you will become a professional tennis bettor in no time. All you must do is read these tennis betting tips carefully. Then, success is guaranteed.


As you already know, it is impossible to know every little detail of every tennis match ever played. Therefore, you must choose a field, player, game, or other parts of tennis. 

Then, you can study that topic much deeper and specialise in it. By doing so, your knowledge and experience will be much greater. This will result in more successful tennis betting regardless of whether it would be women’s or men’s tennis or some other event.

Also, we strongly recommend you focus on the tennis betting types. You can see which method best captures your valuable knowledge by exploring them. For success, you must be selective and focus only on particular areas of your expertise.

Keep a record

If you want to be a successful bettor, you must always keep track of all your bets. You must keep a record of this information:

The tournament;

The date;


Your stake;

Your odds;

Profit or loss;

Your comments on the game, player, or the betting itself.

Keeping this detailed record of your betting will provide you with the ultimate insight into your performance. You will be able to see your weaker links and your stronger sides. With this information, you can become a better bettor instantly.

Understand returning and serving

You must develop more specific skills if you want to bet while watching the game on live streaming. This means you will have to take a deeper look into the serving and returning statistics of the players. 

Doing that will give you a valuable indication and probability of the likelihood of a player dropping or holding a serve during the set.

Head-to-head matchups

An incredibly useful tool in tennis betting is seeing the players’ head-to-head matches before making a bet. By doing so, you will be able to analyse a few important factors, such as:

The number of matches;

When the matches took place;

The score lines;

The results;

Overall statistics on the players and the game.

Follow tennis betting tips

A wise tip we always like to share is to find reliable tennis betting tips and follow them regularly. You can improve your tennis betting skills by identifying a tennis tipster who knows their job.  More specifically, you can get verified tennis information in an area with which you need to become more familiar.

However, as these tennis tipsters are incredibly rare, you must do extensive research before deciding on one. Remember to read reviews and statistics to see whether the tennis tipster is reliable.

Best Tennis Betting Sites in Australia

  1. Bet365
  2. Unibet
  3. TAB
  4. Ladbrokes
  5. Palmerbet

Our rating criteria

Before we started looking for the best tennis betting sites in Australia, we assembled a list of priorities. On each website, we have looked at these critical areas:

Tennis markets – We looked for variety. For example, whether there are minor tennis tournaments.

Tennis betting offers – We looked for bookmakers to add more promotions and bonuses.

Customer support – We looked for a quick and precise response from the customer support teams.

Tennis betting odds – We looked for bookmakers that consistently offer good tennis odds compared to others.

Live tennis betting – We looked for sites offering this exclusive feature. We have also paid attention to the quality of the feature itself.

Tennis Futures Market

Like other sports, there are also futures markets for tennis. Wagers are being placed ahead of the tournament resulting in longer odds for the tournament’s winner. The statistics for the futures market for Wimbledon 2023 would look something like this:

PlayerOdds to win Wimbledon 2023
Novak Djokovic+200
Matteo Berrettini+700
Rafael Nadal+800
Daniil Medvedev+800
Carlos Alcaraz+900
Alexander Zverev+1000

Although these statistics are based on numerous previous information, you must keep up to date with players’ injuries or other tennis updates to ensure your chances to win are the highest. Always follow the latest news from the tennis world and the news from reliable tennis tipsters.

Tennis has become one of the most popular sports in the past few decades, especially for bettors. As tennis matches are scheduled almost every day, this sport represents the perfect choice to bet on.

Another reason why people love betting on tennis so much is that there are lots of public metrics and data. Having all that information on hand makes the chances of winning much higher.

So, if you want to try yourself as well in tennis betting, you have come to the right place. Find out the best tennis betting tips and start earning money as soon as today

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Mar 8BNP Paribas OpenIndian Wells, USA
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