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Betstar Review

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If you’re searching for BetStar code, you’re probably here looking for a bonus! Promo codes or bonuses are not what they used to be. In fact, not every betting site offers them.

However, not everything is lost. Some betting sites still offer great signup bonuses. The bonuses are sometimes better than promo codes. Keep reading our site. We have exclusive reviews of the best betting sites. Let’s get started with the Betstar review.

Betstar signup

Signing up with Bestar is one of the easiest things to do. The process takes a short time. You only need to fill in standard details that they will use for verification. You can easily find the site with a simple Google search, and it will appear on top.

You can also sign up HERE. Sign-up is pretty simple. In my case, verification was easy and automatic with the GreenID system. During signup, scroll to the bottom and set up a deposit limit. I found the feature pretty cool.

How to Deposit

After signup, a deposit screen appears. The site offers several deposit options. It includes all the standard deposit options. Some options, like PayID and Apple Pay, which are not common, are also available.

In my case, I used my credit card to make the deposit. I had to pay a $20 deposit to try the deposit process. It worked fast.

The site layout

Betstar features a simple site layout that makes it easy to see what you’re doing. There is nothing complicated. What’s more, the site layout comes in different colour contrasts. This makes it easier to navigate.

Upcoming hose races and sports line NRL & AFL are strategically located at the homepage center. You can also see quick links on the left side.

Placing a bet

Now that I’ve signed up and made a deposit, it’s time to place a bet. I clicked on the horse racing section. The horse racing page is simple and easy to navigate. It’s quite simpleand it’s hard to get lost. The horse racing markets are displayed, making it pretty easy to pick your bets.

After a few minutes of looking around, I finally selected my bet. Rahaan for the win! Next, I clicked the bet price under the fixed win, and my bet slip appeared. It’s pretty easy to choose the stake amount. This was my first time using Betstar, and I can say betting is quite easy. Did my horse win? Well, I came a close second but then, this is all about how the site works.

Next, a look at the sports markets.

In the sports markets, the site layout is similar.

The site has a wide range of sports to bet on.

From the NBA to bullfighting, there are options for you to try out.

What’s more, the markets are pretty cool too.

Extra Features

Unlike most Australian betting sites, Betstar does have live betting. I think the live betting feature is pretty cool, especially when you want to redeem yourself after a loss.

Verdict: Betstar is a decent betting site with everything working just fine. Signup and depots are pretty straightforward. 

They also have a simple site layout for easy and quick navigation. It’s a site I think will soon rank among the top betting sites in Australia soon!

Betstar 2022 Review

Now that you know how easy it’s to sign up and bet on Betstar, let’s have a much deeper look at the site.

What we like about Betstar

One of the outstanding features that make Betstar one of the best online betting sites in Australia is the “Past The Post Payouts”, which is exclusive to Betstar.

It’s a feature that allows for easy access to your winnings. They feature a well-known Betstar card. The card allows punters to withdraw winnings from an ATM moments after a win. You can also use the card for shopping or holidays with most machines that accept Mastercards accepting them.

What is Betstar missing?

They charge dormant accounts

Lack of online live streaming

Lack a QuickCall live betting feature

The lack of online live streaming is a big miss as most Aussies love to follow their bets. Live streaming allows for real-time tracking of betting, a feature that’s lacking on Betstar.

Major Bestar Highlights

The biggest highlight of Betstar is the live betting feature. You can place a bet as a match goes on. There is also the jockey challenge, where you predict who will come out on top.

On the jockey challenge, points are awarded for successful rides as follows: 3 points, 2 points, and 1 point. The points are split in case of a tie, with each rider getting 2.5 points. If two jockeys have the same point at the end of the ride, the odds are halved. However, this bet is available on a few selected rides within the Australian border.


If you’re looking to check out some of the latest Betstar promotions, you need to have an account and be logged in. Look for the promotions on the header at the top of the website on desktop or mobile apps.

Betstar Apple IOS APP

Betstar features a simple mobile App for Apple that allows for seamless betting. The App gets you everything you want in just a few taps.

You can find the app directly on their website.

Betstar Android App

The Android app features a simple and neat design putting everything at your fingertips. It is neatly organized, putting everything a few clicks away.

You now get to understand why most customers prefer Betstar.

Betstar mobile site

I like the mobile site and think this is the best version of Betstar. The mobile site offers a lot of functionality with everything on the homepage. Once you open the mobile site, four icons will pop up directing you to Racing, Sports, and Promos. These three are what most people are looking for to get what they want on the site.

If you scroll down, you’ll see four markets that people bet on regularly. These are the Popular Sports, Next Sports, Featured Sports, and Next Racing. The site saves you time getting you to popular markets. Here, you can spread your bets on sports markets and horse racing markets.

Betstar desktop website

The site simplicity is even better on the desktop website. The desktop site layout is one of the best, with all sports banners to the left. You can easily see and click on links to racing, sports, live betting, and much more.

I liked how easy and simple the pages appeared. They are not overloaded with information that gets you confused. I managed to place my bet easily without annoying pop-ups.

The Betstar site is much like Ladbrokes, considering it’s a sister company. If you have used Ladbrokes, you’ll feel at home at Betstar.

Types of Betting at Betstar

So, what are the various betting types on Betstar? Let’s have a look below.


Fixed price betting is the odds at the specific time you place a bet.

Best Of The Best (BOB)

Best of the best gives the best-paid odds in the three main TopFluc totes in Australia. It’s a unique bet with a maximum stake of 250 dollars. The bet is usually available up to 35 minutes before a race.


This is the second-highest paying bet of all the three totes in Australia. It’s one of the few things you’ll enjoy when using Betstar. The bet is available to winners of selected races. In addition, you get a 5% bonus on the dividend.

Best Tote

Best Tote will offer you the highest odds in Australia of the three main totes.


This is a bet type where punters nominate a tote price for supported events.


SP is the starting price, and it’s the official bookmaker price on the horse.

Best Tote or SP

The Best Tote on Betstar is also called the Starting Price (SP). It is the highest odds of the three major toes.


TopFluc stands for the Top betting fluctuation, which Betstar offers in the last 3 minutes before a game starts. This kind of bet is usually available 35 minutes before a race begins.


These are the Victorian Tote dividends paid on a few selected racing meets.

Top Tote

This top tote comes from the three main toes in the Australian market. Top Tote bets are allowed only on a few selected events.

Racing and Sports Betting on Betstar

The site possesses some of the best sports bets and racing markets. Markets also include greyhound racing and horse racing. There are extensive betting markets on the NRL and AFL, among others.

Horse Racing in BetStar

If you’re into horse racing like me, then Betstar is an excellent site. The horse racing page is elementary to navigate. Betstar wants punters to have a straightforward process of placing bets.

Their racing markets include horse racing, greyhound racing, jockey challenge, and harness racing.

BetStar Sports Markets

Under Sports betting, they feature NRL, AFL, MLB, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, the Olympics, and much more. I wouldn’t see the NBA, which was a little surprising. However, when you scroll further, you’ll find esports and cycling.

New Account Signup on Betstar

I’ve already mentioned how easy it is to register a new account on Betstar. You only need to fill out a form and enter standard details for verification. Next, create a username, and your account is ready!

Minimum Deposit At Betstar

The minimum amount you can deposit is $10.

Minimum Bet

Different betting sites have a minimum amount you can place on a team. The minimum amount depends on the type of bet. For Betstars, the minimum amount for online bets is $1. However, the telephone requires a minimum stake of $20. Live bets also require a minimum stake of $20.


Once a signup is complete, you’ll be directed to a deposit page. I did mine via a credit card. You can use a VISA or Mastercard. Other options to deposit include PayPal, Bank transfer, BPAY, flexepin & POLi.

Withdraw Options

The main withdrawal option is bank transfer.

Customer Service and Contacts

You can reach Betstar customer care through the following channels:


Phone support: 

1300 238 782

24/7 Live Betting:

1300 238 722

Bonus Bets

There are bonus bets on Betstar. You can easily see them on promotions on the bonus backs. A good example of a bonus bet is when they refund your stake when you bet on a horse, and it finishes 2nd or 3rd. You can then use the money to bet on another race.

Promo Code

Unfortunately, there are no promo codes available on Betstar. However, this does not take anything away from the site. It remains one of the leading Australian betting sites. There are great promotions and excellent wagering opportunities.

Betstar betting rules

Betstar, like most betting sites, has rules that guide punters. Visit the homepage and scroll to the bottom. At the foot of the homepage, you’ll find gambling help under the footnote “ Gamble Responsibly”. There is an option where you can contact them and get help if gambling has become a problem for you.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s it on Betstar. As you can see, there are several reasons to start using Betstar. It’s a great everyday betting site with standout features like the Best Tope, SP, Past the Post Payouts, and much more.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Betstar

Yes, Ladbrokes owns Betstar. Michael and Alan Eskander and the founder of BetStar. However, the company was bought by Ladbrokes in 2014.

Betstar is currently owned by Ladbrokes, a leading Australian betting company. Initially founded by the Michael and Alan Eskander family in 2007, the company would later be sold to Ladbrokes.

Yes, Betstar allows cashouts. Just like most online betting companies, you can cash out as long as the amount in your account is higher than the minimum withdrawal.

Yes, Betstar is a legal and licensed company in Australia. The company offers betting markets in racing and sports for Aussies.

Anyone over 18 with an Australian bank account and online support can sign up. The platform requires deposit and payment solutions like credit cards, which might limit players without an Australian bank account. 

So ideally, you need to be in Australia and at a place with good internet.

Yes, Betstar is legal and has an operating licence from the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

Without a doubt, Betstar is a safe online betting company in Australia. The company is 100% legal and safe. It has a licence and is properly regulated, making it an excellent choice for punters. 

The company is fully registered and has a Northern Territory Racing Commission licence. The licensing means they are required by law to provide customers with a safe online betting experience.

When it comes to financial transactions, they have safe encryption that ensures customer security. You can be sure your personal data is safe.  The company does not share customer information with third parties. However, customers have to abide by local betting rules and regulations.