NRL Betting Sites Australia 2023 Reviews

NRL Betting Sites Australia 2023 Reviews

NRL is sacred in Australia, Rugby League is followed by millions of Australians. We love to place a bet on our favorite NRL team. Whether it be a small or large bet it is helpful to know what betting sites specialize in NRL betting. There are several things to consider when choosing your site to place a bet with. Do they have good odds, do they have a player stat section, is the site easy to use and can you cash out halfway through a game? The big betting sites generally don’t cover these points, we have put together a list to help you choose the best NRL betting site for you.

If any of these NRL sites don’t check your list use this link for more Australian betting sites.

Best Betting Site For NRL Odds



Top 4 Betting.


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Picklebet was traditionally an eSports betting site. In 2023 they have moved into multiple sports. In 2023 we believe they will be one of the best sites to place your bet on your favorite NRL team. Based in Queensland you can be sure they are mad keen Rugby League supporters. They have excellent support and development teams who are progressing at the speed of light. With such high levels of customer support, we have put them first on our list. Nothing is too much trouble and the site is where it needs to be to support your betting efforts. They are now backing their expansion with some of the best odds we have seen. If your betting on the NRL Picklbet gives amazing odds.

What we like – the color scheme is awesome and the platform is advancing extremely well and is one of the fastest betting sites in Australia.

Our Rating – we give Picklebet a 5/5 for NRL betting sites.

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Top NRL Betting Site For Player Stats



Your Best Bet – Proudly Australian


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PlayUp has been around since 2014. Their site looks awesome and they have the experience to know what NRL fans are looking for. They also have great customer support and the betting site excels for NRL punters on their player stats section. Having an in-depth review section on player stats allows serious punters to follow exactly how their NRL team is performing player by player. Player stats give punters a clear insight into how many mistakes a team is making or not making. These types of betting sites help to give the punter an even playing field. 

The site runs fast, has great color work and support is 24/7.

What we like – this is a great platform for NRL betting. It has an in-depth analysis of the game that is hard to find on betting sites and its customer support is amongst the best in Australia.

Our Rating – we give this NRL betting site a 5/5.

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Best NRL Betting Site For Ease Of Use



Take on your peers


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Betfair is a slightly different style of betting site, it’s what they call a betting exchange. This is an awesome feature if you know your NRL team is going to lose. Rugby League tipping all comes down to who is going to win and who is going to lose. Often you will find much better odds for tipping a losing team. At Betfair you do need to read the instructions for 5 minutes. After its initial introduction, it is the simplest NRL betting site in Australia. The advantage is betting on a winner or loser is made simple. To place a bet on a losing NRL team on other platforms is complicated and often requires a call. At Betfair they have made this extremely simple.

The site runs fast, has great color work and support is 24/7.

What we like – the simplicity of placing your bet on the loser is the best in the Australian market. Sometimes you know your team is going to lose. Betting on the loss makes financial sense.

Our Rating – we give this site a 5/5.

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Best NRL Betting Site For Cashing Out



Take it to the Colossalbet Level


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Colossalbet provides the best NRL betting site for cashing out. Cashing out is when your team is losing and you don’t think they can win. Halfway or towards the end of a game you can hit the cashout button and at least recover some of your money. This is an awesome feature if you are not confident in your bet should your NRL team start losing. Neds is a powerhouse of a betting site in Australia, if you are an Australian you would have heard of this company. They sponsor a lot of sports events and we hope they jump in as a sponsor for NRL soon. If you are a Rugby League fan who gets it wrong from time to time this is a great betting site for you to join.

The site runs fast, has great color work and support is 24/7.

What we like – their cashout option is second to none. It is instant and allows punters to receive some funds should their bet go wrong.

Our Rating – we give this site a 5/5.

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Notable Mentions

Picklebet – is one the youngest betting sites in Australia, they have just started covering multi-sports markets. We have spoken to their development team and these guys are complete legends. We expect Picklebet to eventually be one of the biggest betting sites in Australia.

PlayUp – this site is really in-depth they have everything you would want in a betting site for placing your NRL bet. They are not complicated, but the extras are there should you be an advanced punter.

Betfair – is an online betting exchange. If used correctly for NRL betting the site allows you to punt on the loser with ease. They also list a lot more teams than other sites.

Neds – is one of the great Australian betting sites. They are trying hard to capture more clients at the moment and their cashout option help to achieve that. The site is fast and colorful and is a place where advanced punters or beginners can place a bet easily.

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Although this article is about what we think are the best betting sites in Australia for the NRL there are still other sites you can place your bet on your favorite Rugby League team. We factor in the best odds, player statistics available, ease of use, and whether you can cash out should your team start off poorly. 

If you would like to do the work yourself and go through all the betting sites for the NRL in Australia here is a complete list of 49 sites where you can place a bet on the NRL in 2023. Most of these sites are easy enough to place a bet on a Rugby League match.

Betting Sites Name

Betting Sites description


RealBookie is another leading betting site designed and developed by Chris Leste and Mark Sampieri.


BoomBet is an excellent betting company that offers horse racing, sports, and esports.


The WinnersBet site is a relatively new betting site and one to consider.


PointBet was launched in 2017 and has grown tremendously over the years.


Betfresh is a well-known betting site in Australia and one you should try.


Are you looking to solely focus on Greyhound racing? If yes, then BetDog is your ideal betting site.


TAB is another growing betting site in Australia with reasonable offers and promotions.


Colassalbet is a relatively new Australian betting site specializing in horse betting.


PicnicBet is another excellent betting site with a solid range of betting options.


Punt123 is a new competitive bookmaker with prompt and friendly service.


CrossBet offers sports betting and horse betting.


TopSport is another excellent bookmaker with competitive odds for sports betting and horse betting.


WishBet is a relatively new Australian bookmaker created in 2021.


Booki is a simple and reliable betting site with a wide range of betting markets.


Rivalry is another exciting betting site that is entirely devoted to esports betting.


ActionBet is another reliable betting site that has been in operation for years.


EliteBet is an average betting site that offers solid bets in horse racing.

Bet Deck

Bet Duck is a relatively new site.


ZBet is another excellent betting site that is quite similar to CrossBet.


DraftStars is an Australian fantasy sports betting site.


Moneyball is another exciting betting site that offers fantasy sports betting.


BBet is another Australian company launched in 2019 by an Australian bookmaker.


WinBet is Bulgaria betting company that operates in various countries.


SportsChamps is a new and exciting fantasy betting company in Australia.


BetBarn is another old betting site in Australia to consider using.

Fast NRL Betting Websites

  1. Ladbrokes
  2. Neds
  3. BetFresh
  4. Picklebet
  5. Bluebet
  6. Betfair
  7. Boombet
  8. PlayUp

These sites all run lightning-fast. If you need to cash out in a hurry if your team is losing they are perfect. Sometimes you might be running late and forget to have placed your bet and a fast instant bet will need to be made. It makes placing your NRL tip of the week quick and efficient.

NRL Betting Sites With A Good App

If you are an NRL fan who loves a punt but prefer to place your bet on your phone rather than on your computer these sites also have great apps:

  1. Textbet
  2. Bluebet
  3. Picklebet
  4. PlayUp
  5. Boomtown
  6. BetFresh
  7. Neds
  8. Ladbrokes
  9. Bet365
  10. Betfair

NRL Sites That Accept Pay Pal

If you love NRL betting you will most probably want fast deposits and withdrawals PayPal sites are extremely reliable for fast deposits and withdrawals. These are the best NRL betting sites that accept PayPal.

  1. Picklebet
  2. Betfair
  3. Bluebet
  4. BetFresh
  5. Ladbrokes
  6. Bet365
  7. Neds
  8. Textbet
  9. PlayUp
  10. Textbet


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