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BetDogs Review

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BetDogs Review and Promo Code

You are likely here since you’re looking for a BetDogs Bonus Code. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for them with minimal success! In the past, most bookmakers offered bonus codes easily to customers. Nowadays, the process is a little more involved.

A brand-new betting website like BetDogs provides its new customers with special welcome bonuses and incentives when they sign up. It requires you to join and participate in the live chats to find out what assistance they can provide. So you can make a choice based on accurate information, let’s take a quick tour of the site.

Finding a betting site that suits your sport, race, and preference for betting is made simple in this review. At Betfresh’s , we have accurately described all sites listed to help you review which site is best for you. I have included the link for you to the BetDogs Homepage to save time.

BetDogs User Experience

I liked how the banners were designed. BetDogs website is devoted to greyhound racing, it doesn’t have the 20-plus sports you see on other sites. The site shows jumping races in areas where you can access them quickly for more for a fast bet. The next three live greyhound races are located at the front and center of the page. 

The remaining ten next-to-jump races are on the left-hand side in a drop-down banner. When you scroll down, you get details on races for today, and tomorrow, feature races, box challenges, and racing outcomes. The latest BetDogs promotions are displayed in a banner at the top of the page.

How To Sign Up

Every bookie wants to make the signup process as easy and as quick as possible. BetDogs has decided to maintain the older signup format. This is unlike most online gambling sites that have moved on to a more modern design for registration.

Most bets placed on greyhound racing are placed by the younger generation. This website aims to make punters feel more comfortable during signup. Just like other sites, BetDogs requires your data upon registration.

You will need to complete an introductory two-page section that needs your personal information. The signup procedure is easy to complete.

Next proceed to the second page, where you get a deposit limit option.

A mandatory deposit limit is a good option, especially as Betdogs market themselves to the younger generation who are more impulsive. We like the user experience it is simple clean and easy to use.

Making A Deposit

Adding funds to my BetDogs account was simple and quick. To access my account, I had to locate the “deposit icon” in the screen’s upper right-hand corner and then click it. I’m always limited to a few options when making deposits in my other accounts. BetDogs impressed me with tons of deposit options. I could make a deposit using a regular credit card or a bank transfer. As well, the site allowed me to use POLi, or BPAY, which is common in Australia.

When I used the bank card option, I provided banking information and clicked the “deposit funds” button to add dollars to my BetDogs account. The speed of transfer is impressive at BetDogs.

Making A Bet On Betdogs Is Easy

BetDogs has a decent racing structure; upcoming races are neatly highlighted in shades of red. This makes it easy for punters to determine which races are getting closer.

Each race is organized in grid lines. A teeny-tiny red corner is included in every race with a form guide. For new members, this is important. As I worked my way through the races, I came across one that caught my eye, and I decided to enter it to see how the course was laid out.

Not only was it organized in an orderly and well-structured fashion, but what I found appealing was its speed map. Right next to the dog’s name, you can find information regarding its jumpstyle, early speed, and racing line.

The short-form guide cannot be found. However, the full-form manual is now available.

Sports on BetDogs

BetDogs is specific to greyhound racing. BetDogs does not provide any other sports or racing variations. We believe this might change soon if the organization branches out into other sports. The only racing that can be bet on is greyhound racing.

BetDogs offers several excellent incentives for greyhound racing. One of them is the greatest Win Tote paid daily at selected meetings. Note that all BetDogs’s promos are hidden from anybody who is not logged in as a member. You’ll need to log in to view all available offers and promotions. They also offer multi-bets, favorite wins, and trifectas.

BetDogs Is A Great Site

In my view, and after exploring other sites, BetDogs is not bad! The site worked flawlessly. All in all, I’m happy with Betdogs, and I can’t wait to see other additions soon.

The Best Things About BetDogs

Betdogs is an Australian-owned betting platform mainly for Australian players. Second, the site is all about dogs. I know some wagers may find it a bit boring, but personally, I like dog racing. By sticking to one sport, the site eliminates the confusion we see with sites that feature hundreds of markets.

It has a clean, uncluttered look that is straightforward to understand. As a new user, exploring the site didn’t take me hours; instead, a click took me to the next and following pages. This site’s homepage is attractive and well laid out. It features everything you need at your fingertips.

How Can They Improve?

BetDogs is a betting platform that focuses just on greyhound racing and does not offer betting possibilities for any other sports or races.


The fact that BetDogs devotes every one of its resources to the sport of greyhound racing is the company’s most impressive quality. Other betting websites treat greyhounds as an additional option that receives less attention.


Greyhound racing is the only sport they promote. In this way, I am able to narrow my search to promotions that are relevant to the wagers I intend to make.

BetDogs also runs daily promotions for the greatest win tote on a selection of races and meets. If you’re the dog owner, BetDogs provides the finest opportunities to win the tote and put bets on your greyhound.

Android App

At this time, BetDogs doesn’t provide an Android app; however, they may release one soon. As soon as the app is available, we’ll let you know.

Apple IOS App

BetDogs is in the initial stages of their betting site, so the fact that they do not yet have an iPhone app is not surprising. We also look forward to them introducing the iOS app alongside the Android one.

Mobile Site

The BetDogs mobile site gives the impression of being a reduced version of the desktop version. On the other hand, jumpstyle and racing lines are unavailable on the mobile site.

It’s worth checking out because I can already see that this is how mobile apps are going to be organized in the future. You may access BetDogs’ mobile website as you do with the desktop site.

BetDogs Website

BetDogs is undoubtedly the first betting website I’ve explored that sticks to greyhound racing. It gives the impression that they have refined their emphasis in significant areas. BetDogs has created a website that is extremely simple to navigate

BetDogs’ Contact & Customer Service

Although calling or sending an email is the most common way to get in touch with BetDogs, you may also reach out to them using any of the other options below.


Toll-Free in Australia: 1800 867 776

Inside Australia: (07) 5599 2244

Outside Australia: +61 7 5599 224


Banking Queries:

General Queries:


In Australia: (07) 5599 3855

Outside Australia: +61 7 5599 3855


PO Box 455, MIAMI Qld 4220 Australia

The BetDogs Verification Process

BetDogs verifies player accounts with the use of GreenID. If you want to check whether or not your account has already been verified, navigate to the top right corner of the screen.You can access your account summary by selecting the body-shaped icon.

If BetDogs is unable to validate your identification via the GreenID verification method, you will be required to call for more assistance. This step may also require you to email them a copy of your passport or driver’s license to verify your identification.

BetDogs Bonus Bet

Bonus bets are available on BetDogs, and you will receive one of these bets whenever one of your wagers turns out to be successful. These free bets may also be used on their sibling site, TopSport. The parent site is convenient if you like to wager on other sports or horses.

BetDogs Deposit

BetDogs provides its customers with the following four distinct methods of payment:

Credit card

BetDogs will only take Mastercard and Visa credit cards.


Bank Transfer


Withdrawals from BetDogs

With BetDogs, you can withdraw your money using either of two distinct methods.

Credit/Debit Card

Bank Withdrawal

BetDogs Racing Bonus Bet

BetDogs offers greyhound racing reward bets to both new and current clients. Most of these bonus bets are deemed a bonus if your dog finishes second or third in the race. On the other hand, BetDogs gives you a bonus wager if your greyhound comes in first.

BetDogs Limits Its Bets To Greyhounds

BetDogs is primarily a greyhound racing betting website. It does not provide any horse racing betting markets.

BetDogs Odds

BetDogs offers odds for various wagers featuring win/place, quinella, trifecta, exacta, first 4, and quaddie. I found this similar to what I bet on horse racing. BetDogs provides odds comparable to those of other bookmaker businesses based in Australia.

BetDogs Signs Up for a New Account

BetDogs makes it quite simple to sign up for an account. However, they ask for personal information.

First Name

Middle Name


Date of birth






You will, of course, need to be verified before any transactions can be approved. You may verify your identification by heading into the area of the website devoted to your profile and pressing the confirm button.

BetDogs Promo Code

The BetDogs Promo Code that we provide is, without question, the best one that can be found elsewhere on the internet. web at Our promo code is reliable and never disappoints.

BetDogs Rules

BetDogs and its clients must follow a set of rules and regulations. These help keep everything on the betting site under the law. You may check their terms of service by going to the part of their website labeled “terms and conditions.”

Is BetDogs Safe?

BetDogs is unquestionably a trustworthy online betting destination. They hold a license issued by the State of New South Wales. In addition, they are subject to the oversight of Greyhound Racing New South Wales to provide you with a risk-free betting environment.

About BetDogs

BetDogs is a gambling website owned by Merlehan Bookmaking Pty Ltd. BetDogs’ parent company, Merlehan, also owns TopSport. TopSport operates as the betting and horse racing division of the betting firm. This division is under the same umbrella as BetDogs.

Who Owns BetDogs?

BetDogs is run by Merlehan Bookmaking Pty. Ltd., the parent company. Lloyd and Tristan Merleham are the directors of the firm. They have over thirty years of experience in the bookmaking industry and are licensees.

Both Lloyd and Simon are recognized members of the Tattersalls. In 1990, Lloyd established himself as the first on-course authorized bookmaker to offer sports gambling services to customers.