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New South Wales Betting Sites

Betting in NSW is a tradition. NSW is the most populated state in Australia. There are literally hundreds of Australian betting sites to join up to.

NSW has a population of 8.16 million people. There are more punters in NSW than any other state in Australia.

Choosing the best NSW betting site is a matter of which bookmakers offer the best odds and also the best user experience. Most bookmakers will provide great bonuses once you join. The bookies, however, are not legally allowed to advertise their free bonuses in NSW.

Explore the user experience and odds on offer from each NSW betting site below.

Best NSW Bookmakers

Top Betting New South Wales Sites For Odds


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Betfair betting site in Australia

Punters Toolbox

Great App

Huge Odds


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Betfair is an Australian betting company set up in 2000 located in NSW. The website launched its operations in NSW in 2005. The site has grown into one of the best Australian sites you can place a bet with. They come with plenty of promotions, including a signup bonus. You can view the great odds easily on the app and their website. Odds are dynamic and change frequently.

An outstanding feature of Betfair is that you can bet on the looser which is a fun feature. Sometimes you can be more certain of who is going to lose than who is going to win. You Should give it a try!

Top Features – The sign-up process is very secure, you can bet your money is safe with this high level of website and transaction security. 5/5

Betting App – The app is available on Android and iPhone. It’s extremely simple to use and placing a bet only takes a few seconds. 4/5

What We Like – they place the biggest three sporting events of the week at the top of their home page. Offering everything from casino, slots, and sports betting it has the largest range of options to bet on than any other Australian bookie agency 5/5.

Final Rating – This is by far one of the best betting sites we have reviewed. 5/5

Best Betting Sites NSW Player Stats


Picklebet Australian betting site

Great Odds

Betting App



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If you’re into sports, then Picklebet is the best betting site. The site is focused on eSports betting. With eSports currently on the rise in NSW, it makes sense to have a site focused on eSports and have sports as an add-on. As a result, the site boasts a user-friendly site and one that is easy to navigate. Most of the games are fantasy and online games.

The site does offer multiple markets for various other sports. It’s the best esports betting site NSW with excellent promotions. Their New South Wales mobile app is easy to place your bet on. Sign up here. Their E-soccer betting options are huge, and we found Rocket League which was just straight-up exciting and a nerd’s paradise. Try it out here for a signup.

Top Features – eSports is complex for beginner punters. They make placing a bet is simple. 4/5

Betting App – is available on iPhone and Android and is available on the Google Play Store. 5/5

What We Like – Once on the home page scroll down and you will see the longest list of any Australian betting site options of games to bet on, it is an amazing agency. 5/5

Final Rating – if you love betting 24/7 this site is for you there is always a game happening. 5/5

Best Betting Site In NSW For User Experience


PLayUp Australian betting agency

Aussie Owned


Great Fixed Odds


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PlayUp is an Australian agency that gives great customer support. Their site lets you bet on fantasy sports, sports, and horse racing. They have convenient payment methods with instant withdrawals and deposits. They are a trustworthy agency that is 100% Australian-owned. Sign up here to have a bet on their website.

Top Features – The signup process was extremely fast and easy. Enter your details and confirm through email and you’re done. 4/5

Betting App – The races and sports are in a white box, this makes them stand out and much easier to find compared to other sites. 5/5

What We Like – We loved the color scheme, the black against the green with the sports popping in white gave the agency a completely different feel. 5/5

Final Rating – With huge options for racing and sports matches they are one of the best betting sites in Australia. 5/5

Best Site For Cashing Out In N.S.W


Colossalbet Australian top betting website.

Live Streaming

Top Tote +

Trusted Bookie


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Colosalbet is one of the biggest names in sports betting. They have a mobile app for Android and iOS, which lets you place bets on over 19 sports and races.  The app also offers horse racing, tennis, and more. Located in NSW they are one of the best bookmakers in NSW.

The app has a detailed registration form. The sign-up process takes about two minutes to complete and with no need to enter any payment information until after you’ve placed your first bet!

Top Features – Their app is lightning-fast. The odds are constantly updated without any lag.

What We Like – we like that for an old company they have kept up to date with technology. They also offer eSports betting via their app. Again the app is super fast.

Final Rating – Colosalbet is one of the most trusted bookies in NSW. Their app technology is awesome we give this app a 5/5


Bluebet aus betting site.

Great Odds

Betting App

Bluebet TV


Referral Code

Bluebet offers an easy and intuitive platform to maneuver through. It has convenient payment options, allowing you to instantly make deposits and withdraw wins. BlueBet offers thousands of sports and racing markets as well as live racing vision. Try Bluebet register here and get going!

Top Features – The convenient payment option allows you to deposit your money from any payment platform available in Australia. These are great features for any betting site as they allow you to be at the game in your armchair at home. 4.5/5

Betting App – The betting app is smooth and fast to load. 5/5

What we like – they provide great odds and brilliant user experience. 5/5

Final Rating – it is one of the best betting sites in Australia. 4.5/5

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Top 15 Betting Sites In Australia

A List Of More NSW Sites To Place A Bet On

We have reviewed carefully 68 other betting sites NSW and listed them below. These sites are all very good but did not make it into our top 11 picks. We based our best 11 sites on the highest odds, ease of use, and how trustworthy and ethical the bookies and agencies are. Sport Bet Kings is constantly assessing and reassessing bookies and agencies. Helping guide you towards the most trusted, highest paying odds and tech-friendly bookies.

Betting Sites Name

Betting Sites description


RealBookie is another leading betting site designed and developed by Chris Leste and Mark Sampieri.


BoomBet is an excellent betting company that offers horse racing, sports, and esports.


The WinnersBet site is a relatively new betting site and one to consider.


PointBet was launched in 2017 N.S.W’s and has grown over the years.


SportsBet is a well-known betting site in Australia and one you should try.


Are you looking to solely focus on Greyhound racing? If yes, then BetDog is your ideal betting site.


TAB is another growing betting site in Australia with reasonable offers and promotions.


Colassalbet is a relatively new Australian betting site specializing in horse betting.


PicnicBet is another excellent betting site with a solid range of betting options.


Punt123 is a new competitive bookmaker with prompt and friendly service.


CrossBet offers sports betting and horse betting.


TopSport is another excellent bookmaker with competitive odds for sports betting and horse betting.


WishBet is a relatively new Australian bookmaker created in 2021.


Booki is a simple and reliable betting site with a wide range of betting markets.


Rivalry is another exciting betting site that is entirely devoted to esports betting.


ActionBet is another reliable betting site that has been in operation for years.


EliteBet is an average bookie that offers solid bets in horse racing.

Bet Deck

Bet Duck is a relatively new site.


ZBet is another excellent betting site that is quite similar to CrossBet.


DraftStars is an Australian fantasy sports betting site.


Moneyball is another exciting betting site that offers fantasy sports betting.


BBet is another Australian company launched in 2019 by an Australian bookmaker.


WinBet is Bulgaria betting company that operates in various countries.


SportsChamps is a new and exciting fantasy betting company in Australia.


BetBarn is another old bookmaker in Australia to consider using.
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David Dwyer Bookmaker

The Bookmaker has been on the Australian market for over 25 years now.


LucasBet is another trusted betting site with great horse betting markets.

Pendlebury Bet

Pendlebury is an Australian bookmaker with lots horse racing bet options.

Moriarty Racing

Moriarty Racing is a licensed bookmaker in Australia with excellent betting odds.


Lynchbet is a simple design betting site but with no selling point.

Southern Cross Bet

Southern Cross Bet is a decent site for horse racing in Australia with decent odds.

The Track

The Track is a licensed betting site that offers limited racing bets.


This is an award-winning social sweepstake where punters can play live racing games and sports.


Topodds is an online sportsbook offering horse racing.


Tombet is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency betting platform.


VicBet will offer you better odds than most bookies giving you great value for money.


WannaBet is another online betting site with limited racing bets.

The Punters Pal

The punter tends to focus more on VIP racing betting.

VIP Betting

VIP betting is a safe and reliable site with good reviews online.

Bad Bookie

Bad Bookie does not offer any odds online and seems to be under development.


ClearyBet is a well-known racing bookmaker with a wide array of horse racing markets.


BeazaBet is a Victorian racing bookmaker with a wide range of horse racing bets.


This is an Australian-based bookmaker that focuses on horse racing.


This is a unique site where you bet against your mates.

Barrington Bookmaking

Barrington Bookmaking offers excellent horse betting in Australia.

New N.S.W Betting Sites

There are Australian bookies creating new sites regularly. We stay up to date on who the new bookies are and the sites they have created. What we recommend you do when looking at new agencies before joining their site, is check their odds and follow whoever is offering the best odds to wager on.

When choosing a new betting site, there are several other things to consider. This includes promotions, bonuses, odds, markets, features, betting apps, and whether they are trustworthy enough to deposit your money into their system. I hope you enjoyed reading and have found a new betting site.

Here is a list of new sites

Midasbet – Launched 2022

Moneyball -Launched 2021

Swiftbet – Launched 2022

Bookie – Launched in 2021