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Bet With Mates Sportsbet

Betfresh has a great betting product on its platform called Bet With Mates. It is fun, easy to use and navigate, and provides a group environment for betting. If you navigate to their website or mobile app it is easy to spot on their main menu. Click here to view the best betting sites.

Betting With Mates Introduction

The product (bet with mates) is super simple to understand. If you have ever participated in a betting syndicate you will understand the concept. Bet With Mates is a product that allows people to create a group. They then pool their funds together and bet on behalf of the created new Group.

The app allows the group to decide what the buy-In level will be. You as a group of mates then decide on the rules about how and what to bet on.

Bet With Mates Requires A Social Contract

It is the responsibility of the Group and its Members to decide, set, and administer any particular Group betting protocols they see fit, including any betting limits imposed on Members. This is called the Social Contract. Accordingly, all Group Members acknowledge and agree that it is their responsibility to form and adhere to the Social Contract in relation to the Group.

How To Create a Group!

Navigate to the Bet With Mates option in the Main Menu on Sportbet. To create a Group, Betfresh customers have to set the Buy-In and transfer options. Then set the number of funds into the Group from their own unique Betfresh account. The customer who creates the Group will be listed as the group’s Admin.

A Group needs to have at least two Members. This includes the set Admin. who has transferred the Buy-In amount into the joint Group. Then the Admin Activates the group. When all of the group members are happy that all the invited members have joined and deposited the Buy-In amount. All Members will then own an equal share in the funds.

Betfresh states in writing that there can be no more than 100 members in the Group at any one time. This is mainly due to technology not being able to handle more than 100 and also Australian gambling laws around syndicates.

Activating the bet with mates Group is simple. The Admin clicks on the ”start betting” button and then clicks on the confirmation. Once the account is activated, no individual can be added as a Member. Betfresh states that Duplicate Groups are not permitted.

The Admin Has A Lot Of Responsibility

Each Group must appoint at least one Administration account. If a group of mates has only one Admin and that Admin decides to leave the Group of mates. The Member who joined the Group secondly will automatically be appointed as the group’s Admin.

Once activated, an Admin is not allowed to remove any of the members. If the bet with mates group has not been Activated. The Admin can close the Group and any funds transferred into the Group by a Member will be returned to their personal Betfresh account. The returned funds maintain the status applicable to them upon being transferred into the Group.

The Admin can request a Top-Up from the group, at which time the Admin and other Members are required to transfer the requested amount of funds from the Admin into the Group from their own Betfresh account.

Once all bet with mates Members who want to top up have done so, the Admin can choose to resume the group betting.

How To Send An Invitation & How To Join!

The invitation to join a group can be sent to any and all individuals with a Betfresh account. Their ability to join is not a sure thing. This depends upon each individual’s circumstances. This depends on Betfresh account settings upon opening a Betfresh account.

The Members Roles

Members are entitled to an even share of the number of funds within the group of mates. This includes any winnings generated from all bets.

Members are not obliged to bet, Top Up or do anything in connection with their participation in the group. Refusal to top up can result in removal from the group. (listed above)

A member is allowed a short break to be applied to their personal Betfresh account. The Member will remain in the Group but will not be able to participate until the period of their short break has ended. (this is known as the naughty corner).

How To Leave The Group

Members can leave the group of mates at any time. If choosing to do so, you will have to acknowledge and accept that they will no longer be able to:

View any of their previous activity within the group of mates including any bet or transaction history.

View any of the future transactions or bets the group makes.

If a Member decides to leave the group of mates, they are legally entitled to an equal share of the number of funds within the Group prior to exiting the Group including any winnings generated from pending bets with the funds returned to their Betfresh account, with any portion of the returned funds not turned over within the Group maintaining the status applicable to them upon being transferred into the Group.

Upon a long break or permanent exclusion being applied to a Member’s personal Betfresh account, they will automatically leave the Group and are entitled to an equal share of the number of funds within the Group prior to leaving, including any winnings generated from pending bets.

Betting Rules

It is the responsibility of the Group to determine the operation of the Group with respect to betting turns, stake value, bet selection, Buy-Ins, Top Ups, Cash Out, promotions and generosity use, and invitations to join.

There are no set turns for bet placement within the Group meaning a Member can place a bet at any time and of any value provided that there are Group funds available (subject to any applicable Member and market limits) and each Member owns an equal share in all bets placed on behalf of the Group.

It is a Member’s responsibility to ensure they are correctly placing their bet selection with their Group or personal Betfresh account. Betfresh’s normal bet cancellation policy applies to Groups.

All bets placed by a Member will stand. A Member may not request to cancel a bet made by another Member.

Live Betting and Betting-In-Run (Racing) is unavailable for Groups.

If Cash Out is available, it may be performed by any Member regardless of whether or not they placed the relevant bet. Betfresh is not responsible for any Member’s decision to Cash Out. The Member is responsible for deciding to Cash Out will not be viewable within the Group.

Bet With Mates Dispute Resolution

Any dispute which may arise in relation to a bet placed by a group. Will be handled under Rule 1.14 of Sportsbet’s General Rules, Terms, and Conditions. Also known as (‘Dispute Resolution). The dispute can be lodged by any member of a group in relation to group bets known as (mates betting).

Group Limits

An individual cannot participate in more than ten Groups at a time.

An individual cannot create and/or join more than three Groups per day.

A Group cannot consist of more than one hundred (100) Members (including the Admin).

Reservation of Rights

There are a few conditions that Betfresh lays down in its T&Cs. It is important to take a few minutes to have a good read:

Betfresh reserves the right to remove Members and/or an Admin from a Group at any time for any reason without notice or explanation.

Betfresh reserves the right to promptly close any group at any time for any reason without notice or explanation or warning.

Betfresh reserves the right to determine that a Group is ineligible to receive promotions or generosity above and beyond normal service.

Betfresh reserves the right to prohibit any individual from joining or participating in a group. Reserving the right to do this at any time for any reason without any formal notice or explanation.

Betfresh reserves the right to refuse any bet by a group at any time for any reason without notice or explanation. The reasons Betfresh may refuse a bet (or part of a bet) of a Group include:

If a member is or potentially may be less than 18 years old.

If a member is or is suspected to be betting on behalf of another person who is less than 18 years old at the time of the bet.

If a member is or is suspected in breach of the Rules or these and Betfresh general Terms and Conditions.

If a member is or may be potentially in breach of any applicable law.

If a member’s proposed bet would (in Betfresh’s absolute discretion) present an unacceptable liability risk to Sportsbet’s business and reputation.

Betfresh reserves the right to share a group name and activity for its own marketing purposes.

An individual’s ability to join a group is never guaranteed and this will depend upon their current circumstances and Betfresh current account settings (if a customer).

Privacy For Mates Betting

Betfresh is not allowed to provide information about other Member’s personal Betfresh accounts. There is no exceptions to this rule.

Betfresh will not provide information about any activity of any group once a Member has left the Group.

The admin, (not Betfresh ) handles sending invitations to join the group. Any individual must, before sending the invitation. Take care to ensure that the individual has consented to receive this communication.

Betfresh will operate and manage the bet with mates software in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

To everyone willing to give it a try, good luck and most of all – have fun. We highly recommend this app, it is fun!!!!!