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Betdeck Review

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BetDeck Betting Site Australia Review

This, however, is not clear upon opening their website’s home page. Outside of the company name, there is not much that indicates BetDeck is a bookmaker service. It took some digging for me to figure out what the actual purpose of the website was.  Check out more Australian betting Sites.


Outside of the Join and Login pages in the top right corner, the BetDeck homepage has a selection of different sporting events listed and a rotating header that is composed of different prompts to get you to sign up, or place a deposit with no further information. 

It can be inconvenient to have a lack of information on what the company is providing. As stated earlier, you need to register or log in to see the latest promotions BetDeck is offering. Providing at least a singular promotion or two that BetDeck is running will make consumers more inclined to sign up and use the bookmaker service they are offering. 

Events You Can Bet On

Users are able to click on the matches that are listed, but again there is little to no information provided to users on what they are actually clicking on and looking at. There is no information provided on the match that the user has clicked on, who is playing, or even what they are playing for. User engagement can only be improved with more information that is provided. More information on what users are looking at will only equal higher sign-up rates and more trust built between consumer and provider, making consumers more inclined to spend more money on the service provided. 

Upon signing up, BetDeck asks for a voluntary deposit. This is odd as it doesn’t necessarily specify what the deposit is for (is it for a subscription to their site? A sum of money to have in the account to use upon signing up?).

Further, it doesn’t really specify the point of the deposit in the Terms and Conditions section on their website. The Terms and Conditions highlight that direct bank deposits are a feature that they provide, but outside of that, there is not much else information on the purpose of it when signing up. 

Upon going through their website and investigating their different links, I stumbled across the ‘About Us’ page. This page can be considered scarce at best. It only outlines the year BetDeck was established, a company slogan ‘Bet Deck, Your Call…’, and the Business registered name as well as an ACN number. 

This can be an issue as this doesn’t provide much transparency to users about who BetDeck is, what is the reason they started BetDeck? Did they want to build an online gambling website to promote safe gambling? Why are they here? What is the backstory behind who BetDeck is? These are questions consumers ask when looking into signing up and using a company’s services. BetDeck would benefit in providing information like this in their ‘About Us’ tab. 

By providing things like this, they are able to build a brand personality, allowing consumers to feel they are working with someone rather than with an automated system. Outside of the helpline that is shifted through the rotating header on the front page, consumers are unaware of the fact that BetDeck may be a voice for safe gambling and acknowledge the issues that can surround it. I reiterate BetDeck can only benefit from adding further information about who they are and what they are doing. 

They have listed nothing that can single them out from competing bookmaker services like SportsBet for example. Unlike BetDeck, SportsBet has provided links and pages to outline who they are, and the benefits of being a SportsBet member. BetDeck lacks this kind of transparency with their consumers, their website is scarce and lacks any information about why a user should sign up and become a member. 

Overall, BetDeck’s website could use more information about who they are, and what they are doing and they would benefit in acquiring new marketing and advertising techniques.