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Betprofessor Review

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Who is Bet Professor and what do they review

Betprofessor, established in August of this year (2023) is an online betting service accessible through their website and also through their IOS and Android apps. 

Betprofessor provides 11+ national and international sports to follow and bet on, outside of their focus on Greyhound and Thoroughbred Horse racing. Check out more betting sites here.

Betprofessor Website Review:

Taking a first look at the Bet Professor website, the home page alone is chaotic at best. 

Everything on the Home Page seems randomly placed and out of order. 

There is a lot going on and it seems to be never-ending information that is not organized well. 

Bet Professors have played into their name, making both the website and app crazy scientist in a dark lab themed. 

Although their play on their name is clever, it is executed poorly. 

The overall way they have designed their website is overwhelming, making users not know exactly what they are looking at, or even where to look to be able to pinpoint a starting screen to peruse the website.

Outside of this, however, the information provided to users is standard. 

The drop-down contents box on the left-hand side of the page highlights the sports they offer. 

The top of the page has the standard ‘current’ races and/or sports that are occurring and a rotating banner providing users with prompts to sign up and get started on their betting.

Their Sign-Up Process Reviewed  

The signup process is easy and takes no longer than a minute or two. 

They ask for your standard information, name, number, address, age, email etc…, while also giving you the option to opt out of email and SMS marketing. 

It has a follow-the-prompt feel to it, making it simple and straightforward. 

For information prior to signing up, you can scroll to the bottom of the page where you can click on the ‘terms and conditions’ link. 

Here you will then be redirected to a well-written and thoroughly thought-out document, outlining the terms and conditions upon your signing up.

Signed Up Review

Upon signing up, you are then redirected to your account home page where you are prompted to set a deposit limit as well as input your card details. 

You also have the option to skip these steps. 

Outside of having an account page where you can track your open bets, the only feature that differentiates your membership page from the non-membership page is the quick links box at the bottom left corner of the page. 

This now also includes a logout feature and a Responsible Gambling link.

Bet Professors Promotions: 

Something that was disappointing to find was that no promotions are actually advertised upon signing up. 

The non-membership Promo page asks you to log in or sign up in order to access the promotions that Bet Professor is offering. 

However, when signed up and browsed their promotion options, there was nothing there. 

There are paragraphs of information highlighting rules, regulations, terms, and conditions and welcoming you as a new Bet Professor member. 

There is nothing that actually highlights any promotions they have, or even makes members known of any upcoming promotions.

This is, as stated earlier, disappointing and misleading to users who are looking to become members. 

Lack of providing any information on promotions, under a promotions tab is something that easily deters customers. 

This could possibly cause members to de-register their account as there are competitors who provide the same service, with more features and better promotions.

Responsible Gambling Awareness:

One good thing that I found with Bet Professor is the awareness they bring toward issues with gambling. 

They have a gambling awareness ad running through their rotating banner and any spare spot where it would be deemed necessary.

We see these ads under the bet slip on the right-hand side of the page, at the bottom of the page where there is miscellaneous information, and a running banner right along the bottom of the page. 

Further, when signing up they have a responsible gambling tab linked in their quick link and in the settings feature of their account page. 

However, Bet Professor would benefit from providing more than one standard gambling helpline service, making it more inclusive to not just Australia-wide, but also, individual to each state and possibly providing an international service.

Take a Break and Lifetime Exclusion with Bet Professor 

Further, they provide members with the option to ‘take a break’. 

This break is one that can take anywhere from a day up to 30 days. 

Although this is a great way to help promote balance and restriction for betting, Bet Professor could do well in possibly giving members the option to have an extended break that could last up to a couple of months.

For members who are finding it difficult to deal with their gambling addiction. 

Bet Professor provides a lifetime exclusion option where any account made with Bet Professor will be closed and you will be prohibited from being able to make any new ones in the future.

The Betprofessor App:

Moving on, the Bet Professor app has a better feel to it in comparison to the website. 

The animations and overall theme that Bet Professor has going on, work better with the app, making feel like it flows better, rather than feeling like a heap of information has been thrown onto a page. 

The app has the same features and information that the website has, but it is organised much better and it is much easier to navigate in comparison to the website

Overall, Bet Professor has some work to do on the overall organising of their information. 

The foundations for a solid service are there, but they need further fine-tuning. 

If you are looking into signing up and using Bet Professor, I would suggest doing so through the app, as it is more functional and easy to navigate in comparison to the website.