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Whether you place a bet for fun or to earn money, you shouldn’t jump in with no knowledge about the event. Our expert tipsters are here to guide and help you with free boxing predictions and tips.

At Bet Fresh, tips are provided regularly, and you can check them out before any big event. Our experts do their research for every event, and we even cover undercard fights because we know it can be challenging for punters to find info about them. They also help punters create effective strategies.

Don’t know how to bet on boxing matches? In the following section, you can find the best and most popular betting types/options chosen by our experts.

How to Bet on Boxing Matches

1. Outright winner/bout betting

You will have to pick the winner of the match, and if the fighter you choose wins, you will win the bet. You can choose any fighter, but the odds will vary depending upon several factors, including the fighter’s recent form, career stats, and history with the opponent, and your potential profit will depend on them. If the fight ends in a draw, you may get your money back, or some amount may get deducted from it, depending upon the rules mentioned on the chosen betting site.

It is one of the most common types of betting and is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. As a result, this option is available on most betting sites.

2. Method of victory

A fighter can win a boxing match in several ways, including knockout, technical knockout, judge’s decision, and disqualification. If you are familiar with these terms, it means this type of bet is suitable for you.

The available options vary from platform to platform, and you can choose any given method of victory and place a bet. The odds are likely to be appealing in this case, and different victory methods generally have different odds, but the chances of winning are low.

3. Round betting

Round betting is another popular alternative that allows the punter to predict the round in which the fight will end. Such bets usually come with good odds. Some platforms also allow users to predict the points each fighter will have when the fight ends.

Grouped round betting is another common option. Users can predict which fighter will win a group of rounds – rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12.

4. Over/under rounds

Predicting the specific round in which the game will end can be challenging for beginners. Over/under rounds is a comparatively safer option, as it allows users to predict whether a match will end before or after a certain number of rounds.

If two in-form fighters are competing, and you think the fight won’t end before 7.5 rounds, you can choose over 7.5. In this case, if the fight doesn’t end before the one-minute and thirty seconds mark in the eighth round, your bet will pay out.

5. In-fight or live betting

Many people place their bets before the match starts and hope for the chosen fighter to win. Well, you can make things even more interesting with in-fight betting.

In-fight or live betting allows people to place bets after the bell rings, and they can analyze the situation before putting their money at stake. Multiple options are available for users, including victory method, round bets, and winner. However, you can’t place bets on the rounds that have already passed for obvious reasons. The odds change quickly when we talk about in-fight betting.

It’s a great option for people who can pick up on the tone of a fight. If the boxer you have chosen isn’t doing good and is likely to lose, you can place new bets to minimize the loss.

6. Draw bet

Experienced players know that draws are rare in boxing, but matches can end in a draw. The draw bet is a rarely available option on betting platforms. If it’s available, you can expect appealing odds, but your chances of winning won’t be good.

7. Will the fight go the distance?

As the name suggests, you will have to predict whether the fight will run its full course or not. You will have to choose either yes or no, and if the outcome is in your favor, you will win. It’s not easy to predict the outcome, as one solid move can make a fighter win at any point during the match. You should analyze the form and techniques of both fighters before placing the bet. In this type of betting, it doesn’t matter who wins the match.

So, these are the most popular options boxing betting enthusiasts can go for. Multiple betting options exist, but it doesn’t mean you have to try them all. You can try them to have fun, but if your goal is to make money, you should stick to the options you feel confident about. Successful punters usually stick to a few options and ignore the others.

While placing the bet, you can choose your favorite boxers and support them; however, they won’t always win. The better and more logical approach is to ignore personal bias and choose the boxer who is likely to win the fight. Let’s discuss the important stats and info you should know before placing a bet.

Stats and Info Every Punter Should Know

The record

Before placing a bet, you should always check the number of wins and losses both fighters have. If a boxer has won most of his matches, he’s a good player.

A zero or a small number in the loss column attracts many punters; however, numbers don’t always tell the whole story. A boxer who has never competed with a strong opponent may have a good record on paper, but an experienced boxer may defeat him with ease. To get a better idea about the skills of a boxer, you should check how many experienced and strong opponents he has faced in his career.

Head-to-head matchups

Head-to-head matchups also help a lot, and punters should always check both boxers’ records against each other. Most players have some weaknesses, and some opponents expose them better than others. A fighter’s move set can also give him an advantage over his competitor, and such info can help you increase your chances of winning.

Recent form

You should also be clear about a boxer’s recent form before placing the bet. Good players can also go through a dry period during their career, and players with bad career stats can also enter their golden period and win big matches. Moreover, ring rust can be an issue if a player is returning after an injury. If an in-form boxer is on a winning streak, picking him will be a safe option; however, he can lose too.

Follow boxing betting tips

Don’t want to spend hours on the research and analysis part? Let the experts do that for you. You can always follow the boxing betting tips our experts offer.

You can increase your likelihood of winning while betting by checking the stats and info mentioned above. Many betting sites are available in Australia, and new ones also join the list every year. Choosing the best site can be an overwhelming task for beginners, but we are here to help.

Best Boxing Betting Sites in Australia





All of them are well-known betting sites. You can check them out and choose the one that suits your betting style. Let’s discuss how we chose these sites:

How we chose these sites

Many betting sites are unreliable, and there is no point in wasting your time and money on them. The sites we have listed above are trustworthy and have a good reputation. They offer transparency, and punters can place their bets without worrying about any hidden charges, safety issues, or unfair rules. Moreover, they offer excellent customer support.

These sites offer competitive odds, and their user interface is eye-catching. Beginners can choose these platforms without thinking twice, as they have multiple categories, and users can directly pick the sports/events of their choice, boxing in this case. We also checked the payment methods these sites offer to ensure a smooth experience for punters.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Boxing Events

With our boxing betting tips and the information shared above, you can increase your chances of winning. You can try your luck in the upcoming boxing matches and tournaments.Betfresh is the right place for every punter interested in boxing. We keep posting content for boxing enthusiasts to help them stay on the right track while placing bets.

Boxing is a popular sport, and people from different parts of the world support their favorite boxers. Its popularity is also increasing in Australia, which is known for its love of sports.

The popularity of boxing betting has also increased over the years, and the punters who are interested in this sport love making bets on boxing matches. As a result, most betting sites have added the boxing section to their platform.

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