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Picnicbet review:

Picnicbet Review

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Picnicbet Review Australia

Established in 1981 PicnicBet is an Australian-owned and operated online betting service.  For more Australian betting sites click here.

At first glance of the PicnicBet home page, they offer a simple and easy-to-navigate home screen. They have two callout tabs, one providing you with the ‘next to jump’ information on current races, giving you an insight into the live races. The second callout tab provides you with upcoming sporting events. 

Home Page Review

The home page is easy to navigate, and everything is accessible and easy to understand. Their website has a very ‘follow-the-prompt’ feel to it. However, scrolling through the ‘Next to Jump’ callout is difficult and inconvenient. Adding arrows in consistency with the rotating banner at the top of the page would make it easily accessible and more appealing to customers who want to have an in-depth peruse of the website. 

Promotions Review

The promotions are not easily accessible, you need to log in or sign up to see the kind of promotions that are being offered by PicnicBet. Restricting promotions seems to be a running theme throughout the betting industry. Although this seems to be used to incentivize customers to sign up and gain further information on what the company is offering, online betting platforms like PicnicBet would benefit from giving new customers a little taste of what they have to offer. 

How Does Picnicbet Compare To Other Australian Bookmakers?

Gambling awareness is provided, however, it doesn’t seem to be a big priority to PicnicBet. They have an ad providing an online gambling help site  (gamblinghelponline.org.au) as well as a provided gambling telephone helpline. This is then also reiterated at the bottom of the home page where a ‘Responsible Gambling’ page is provided for customers to read through. I would argue, that raising further awareness and being more self-aware of the issues and problems that surround gambling is crucial to the overall well-being of both the customer and the business. 

Customer Support Review

When attempting to contact PicnicBet there isn’t much you can do outside of using the provided email address (admin@picnicbet.com). They give you the option of a ‘Live Chat’ feature, but this then just redirects you back to an email chain. It would benefit PicnicBet to provide customers with a direct telephone helpline, as it makes PicnicBet more accessible and appealing to customers who may feel uneasy or have inquiries that could be settled quickly over the phone. Further, having a telephone helpline is more convenient and shortens conflict resolution times.


Overall, PicnicBet is one of the better examples of a betting online service. They have a mostly easy-to-navigate website with a straightforward menu bar and an in-depth terms and conditions page. PicnicBet might benefit from just making their website more cohesive and consistent, while also adding more awareness to issues surrounding gambling.