Positive Messages Limit Online Betting

Positive Messages Limit Online Betting: Research Shows

An Australian study conducted by CQ University and funded by Gambling Research Australia (GRA) discovered that positive messages assist online gamblers.

According to the study, people who bet online and receive positive feedback spend less time and money than those who do not receive positive feedback.

Positive Messages Help Bettors Stake Less Money

More than 2,000 online gamblers participated in the study and were shown random messages to determine how they would wager. Participants received these random messages for more than five weeks.

There were 27 messages sent to gamblers in total. The research team created these in collaboration with regulators and organizations that assist people with gambling problems. During the study, researchers recorded each participant’s betting behavior, including the amount wagered, the length of time spent betting, and any issues resulting from their betting.

When asked what they found most beneficial, participants indicated that positive messages about controlling their gambling spending were the easiest to comprehend and most beneficial. The study’s director, Professor Mathew Rocklow, reported that those who participated spent less money. In addition, they wager on shorter periods.

Bookmakers Need to Constantly Remind Bettors to Set Betting Limits

Another GRA-funded study revealed that bookmakers do not always advise customers to use betting limits. Over 3,000 people who bet on races and sports participated in the survey, and only 41% of those questioned had set a deposit limit.

More than half of those surveyed said they would likely never set a limit on the amount they could deposit or wager. Like the previous one funded by the GRA, this study contained betting messages. This time, however, they were concerned about the betting limits. More than 1,200 regular bettors received these messages over four weeks. Nearly one-third of the participants had utilized at least one type of betting limit provided by their bookmaker by the end of the period.

Since 2019, Australian sportsbooks have been required to allow bettors to set limits on how much they can deposit and wager. Additionally, they must constantly remind their customers to set limits and monitor them.