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Who is Punt123 And What Does The Betting Agency Do?

Punt123 established in 2006 has been one of Australia’s leading bookmakers for over 15 years.

They offer users the opportunity to bet on and follow 15+ national and international Sports, Horse Racing, and Greyhound Racing.

A Walkthrough of Punt123’s Website

Punt123 has established a simple and straightforward website interface.

The home page has a simple and minimalistic feel to it, providing you with a rundown of the current and upcoming sporting events and races.

They have included a table of contents on the left-hand side of your screen, clearly highlighting where users can find the variety of different sports and races they have on offer and further, any races and games that are due to commence.

Under their table of contents, Punt123 has provided users with a list of their featured events giving possible members an insight into what their more popular sports and races are.

The simplicity of the website, although easy to navigate, is underwhelming.

Punt123 could possibly incorporate more color or out-of-the-box features to help make their website more memorable to users, further giving them something to come back to and incentives them to sign up and become loyal members of Punt123.

Everything on the Punt123 website is standard and easy to understand.

They haven’t provided users with any information that differs from their competitors.

All process’s terms of conditions and privacy policies are clearly written and easy to access and read.

Punt123 has not lacked in providing users with the sufficient information they may need when considering to become a Punt123 member.

The sign-up process Reviewed

Punt123 has made signing up to their service quick and easy.

To sign up you need to simply click the ‘Join’ button in the top right-hand corner.

Here you will be redirected to a signup page where you will need to provide basic details such as name, age, address, phone number, and email.

Punt123 does not ask for card details upon signing up.

They do however have a prompt asking if you would like to set a deposit as well as a deposit limit.

This is an option and users can choose to skip over this step if they are not ready to process any money through Punt123 just yet.

Further, there is an option to opt out of receiving marketing content via email and SMS, making it easier for members to have control over their gambling limits


What Do I Get After Signing up With Punt123

Upon your sign-up with Punt123, you now have access to actually place any bets you like, set limits to how much you deposit, the ability to peruse their promotions tab, and further access to gambling help and awareness.

Punt123 Promotions Review

Unfortunately, Punt123 does not give access to view their promotions to non-members.

Punt123 would do good in providing non-members with the ability to pursue their promotion selection, even if it’s only a handful of what is being offered in comparison to their full selection.

Providing non-members with access to at least some of their running promotions, it gives them further insight into what Punt123 has to offer and whether Punt123 is offering services that correlate with what potential members are looking for.

This could further save Punt123 from seeing people register and then not long after their sign-up, having people deregister.

Despite this, however, upon signing up, you gain access to these promotions.

Currently, Punt123 has 9 promotions running.

All 9 of these promotions have the exact same graphics, making it hard and demotivating for users to continue browsing through them.

Keeping a central theme between website graphics is important, but so is differentiating them and Punt123 would do well in bringing further variety into their website graphics.

Punt123 Gambling Policies Review

Punt123 has done really well in providing their customers with Responsible Gambling policies and reminding them that there is a limit to Gambling that should not be crossed.

We can see Responsible Gambling ads providing Gambling helplines and websites that users can utilize.

Non-members see it in the rotating banner on the home page, a link to a responsible gambling tab at the bottom of the page under the ‘legal’ heading, and down toward the very bottom of the page.

Members see it in all the same places but further have a drop-down box in their ‘my account’ page.

Here you can not only get information on Responsible Gambling but also have the options to set daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly limits, as well as, put your account on pause and take a break from gambling altogether.

When setting limits, Punt123 gives you the option to set a deposit limit, as well as, the option to set a loss limit.

This loss limit means that you are unable to lose more than what you have set to deposit in the time frame you have set your deposit to be.

This is a smart feature, ensuring members are being smart about their betting purchases.

Further, Punt123’s’take a break’ feature gives members the opportunity to take a short break that can last anytime from a single day, up to 6 weeks.

Their long break option gives users the option to take a break that can be either 6 months or one year.

Punr123 App Review?

The Punt123 app is available across all Apple and android devices.

The app is not much different from the website.

Only the app allows users to access their accounts and bet from anywhere in the world.

With the LiveWatch feature, Punt123 has curated the perfect gambling travel buddy.

The app, much like the website, is simplistic in its aesthetic and straightforward and easy to use