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ReadyBet Review

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Who is ReadyBet and what do they do??

ReadyBet, established in 2022 is an Australian Racing and Sports betting service.

ReadyBet provides customers with in-house priced Horses giving themselves a competitive edge and their members better odds amongst their competitors.

Further, ReadyBet provides its customers with 16+ sporting events to follow and bet on.

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The ReadyBet Website

The ReadyBet website is what you expect from a classic bookmaker website, it is very much like its competitors.

There are lots of remarkable things about the ReadyBet website, the colors are exciting and the layout is unique.

However, despite the genericness of it all, the website is easy to navigate and not overloaded with repeated information, with the homepage prior to signing up containing nothing but the ‘Next to Jump’ race metrics.

Upon clicking on the ReadyBet website you are met with a short contents tab on the left-hand side where you can click and find the different races and sporting events that are occurring.

As part of this content list, you are also able to click into the ‘Promotions’ tab, however, users are unable to access their promotions unless they are a member of ReadyBet.

Everything you may need to find in regards to ReadyBets services is on the home page and can be accessed through the contents tab.

The Sign-Up Process

ReadyBet has made signing up to their Website simple and easy.

By simply clicking on the ‘Join’ link in the top right-hand corner of the page, you are redirected to the ReadyBet Sign Up page.

The first step in making a ReadyBet account, you will need to provide basic information such as your age, email, and phone number and are prompted to create a username and password.

Once you’ve done this and ReadyBet has verified this information, you then need to provide your full name and home address.

Here you can also opt into ReadyBet’s marketing email and SMS service, this gives members the inclination that they control their betting and exposure to gambling content.

Promotions Review

ReadyBet currently has only three promotions running, all with the same graphics and the same premise to their promotional content.

As stated earlier, ReadyBet’s promotions are only available upon signing up/logging in to their website.

I understand how this can be seen as an incentive to get users to sign up, however, this could also lead to users signing up and then de-registering their accounts as the service isn’t one that aligns with what they are looking for.

ReadyBet hasn’t given itself a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Promotions are a resource that can be used by a company to set themselves apart from their competitors.

ReadyBet has not utilized this to its advantage.

By providing their members with unique and well-marketed promotional content, they will be able to build their brand and keep a loyal member base.

Currently, outside of its unique horse pricing, there is nothing ReadyBet has done to set itself outside of its competitors.

If ReadyBet doesn’t want to provide many promotions, that is fine, but by differentiating their existing promotions, spreading them out to cover all bases of their services, and giving them differing graphics, ReadyBet can set themselves outside of their competitors making themselves a serious competitor.

ReadyBet Responsible Gambling Policies

ReadyBet has done a decent job in providing their customers with Responsible Gambling policies and reminding them of the limits that need to be followed and practiced with Gambling

Non-members can find a link to a responsible gambling tab at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on this link you are redirected to a page that extensively highlights the issues that can come with gambling as well as ways in which people can seek help if they are facing gambling addiction.

Members see it in the same place but further have a drop-down box on their ‘my account’ page.

Here you can gain information on Responsible Gambling, but also, ReadyBet gives you the options to set daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly limits, as well as, put your account on pause and take a break from gambling altogether.

Setting Deposit Limits

When setting limits, they give you the option to set a deposit limit, as well as, the option to set a loss limit (this means that you are unable to lose more than what you have set to deposit in the time frame you have set your deposit to be).

This is a smart feature, ensuring members are smart about their betting purchases.

ReadyBet also provides a ‘Take a break’ feature.

This is a feature that gives members the opportunity to take a break anytime from a single day, up to a year.

When taking a break, your account will be paused and all marketing materials will cease being sent out.

They have a short break option that lasts from a single day up to 6 weeks.

Their long break option gives users the option to take a break that can be either 6 months or one year.

ReadyBet would benefit in providing more banners and warning content throughout their website, and not rely on people clicking on their links in order to get the information they need.

ReadyBet App Review

The ReadyBet app is available across all Apple and Android devices.

The app is not much different from the website, only the app allows users to access their account and bet from anywhere in the world.

With a LiveWatch feature, ReadyBet has made its service accessible and central to one platform.

The app, much like the website, is simplistic in its aesthetic and straightforward and easy to use.

Betting Markets

ReadyBet is a young betting platform, that is developing every week. One thing the bookie has got right from the start is offering a large range of sports to bet on.




Horse Racing



With over 15 different sports to bet on, ReadyBet are waiting for you to sign up now.