Sports Betting Different Methods

A Guide On Sports Betting – With A Video Explanation

Are you looking for information and up-to-date sports betting tips? We post regular articles on basic beginner tipping suggestions to information advanced bettors need to know. Below are advanced betting methods people gambling regularly need to know.

How Margin Betting Works

Margin betting in AFL lets you select how many points your team will beat the other team by. For example, in AFL, we will use Richmond winning by 1-39 points as an example. A $1 bet will give you a payout of $4. However, you would receive up to $24 if Richmond wins by 40 points. Choose a great betting site here.

For the next example, we will use an NRL team. Using Newcastle Knights winning by 1-12 points as the example. A $1 bet will give you a payout of $6. However, if Newcastle Knights win by 13 or more points, you would receive a payout of $17. As you can see, larger payouts come with increased difficulty, which also presents a higher risk.

Line Betting Explained

Line betting in AFL is more like handicap betting. You can think of it as giving the team you’re betting on a head start. Here is an example of line betting on an AFL team.

A line bet on Essendon will require the team to win by 17.5 points or more. A $1 bet on the team will give you a payout of $1.92. You can place a line bet on the losing team. Using Essendon as the example again you can place your bet for Essendon to lose by a margin of 17.5 points or less. This also gives a payout of $1.92 on a $1 bet.

Line betting is for more experienced gamblers or experts in the sport who really know their team.

Line betting gives high returns but has higher risk than simple bets like win or loose.

How Head-To-Head Betting Works

This is one of the most straightforward bets. You simply choose which team wins regardless of the scores. Using Carlton as the example with odds of $1.95 to win playing against Collingwood with odds of $2.3 to win. A $10 bet on Collingwood to win will give you a payout of $23.

Take the Sea Eagles with odds of $1.95 to win playing against the Broncos with odds of $2.3 to win. A $10 bet on the Broncos will give you a payout of $23.

Another example is in soccer, where Liverpool is at odds of $1.95 to win, playing Manchester United with odds of $2.3. If you bet $10 on Manchester and they win, you would get $23 back.

How To Place Over/Under Bet

Over and under betting does not involve picking a specific team to win. Here, you need to predict the total points or scores in a game. Will they be over or under a set amount of points? As an example in NRL Manly Vs the Broncos, if you predict more than 30 points total by both teams combined is scored you win. This is a high-risk bet even for advanced gamblers.

How Live Betting Works

Live betting involves placing a bet as the game progresses. The odds on live betting will vary as the game progresses. However, the bookmaker will show the odds live on their website. NB: Government regulations require that you make a call to your bookmark when placing a live bet.

How Accumulator Or Parlay Betting Works

Accumulator or parlay betting are multiple bets placed together. Winning from every single bet is turned into a wager in the next bet. This creates multiple bets running as one bet. An accumulator is successful only when every game or race wins. It’s a common type of bet advanced gamblers place. It is available in most sports like AFL, NRL, football (soccer), and Horse racing.

Let’s have a look at an example of a 3 leg parlay

The starting amount is a stake of $10

The first bet with odds of $3.3 wins, giving you $33

You’ll now place bet two with $33

Take a bet 2 with odds of $4.8 which will give a payout of $158.40

You’ll now place bet 3 with $158.40

Bet three wins with odds of $1.9, giving a total payout of $300.96

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