Sterling Parker review:

Sterling Parker Review

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Who is StirlingParker?

Sterling Parker, only established in 2023, is a new competitor in the Australian Bookmaker market.

Giving users a dark, slick, royal, and very Greek methodical feel to their website, Sterling Parker provides 11+ sporting events to choose from alongside Greyhound, Harness, and Thoroughbred Racing options.

Despite the high-class feel of their website, however, Sterling Parker is yet to implement a live watching and betting service, as well as, provide users with promotion options.

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The SterlingParker Website:

As stated earlier, Sterling Parker gives their users a very high-class feel with how they have aesthetically presented themselves.

The black and gold aesthetic, combined with the detailed HQ images they have used, gives users the feel they are highballers using a high-class service and like they are a part of an exclusive set of people.

By branching away from using traditional sport betting images of sportsmen on horses for example, and using very theme-focused images that make the horses and sports feel upper class, Sterling Parker have used a strategic and smart marketing tactic putting them outside of their competitors.

This then leads customers to become loyal to the Sterling Parker brand, whether it be for their betting service or just for their aesthetic.

Moving on, upon opening the Sterling Parker Website, you are initially met with their Horse and Greyhound betting metrics.

This is accompanied by a contents page on the left-hand side that provides you with their features sports and races, and a bet slip to the right.

On the home page, both for members and non-members, you are able to shift between the racing and sport metrics provided, by flipping the VIP labeled chip in the top left-hand corner of the page.

By doing this, Sterling Parker has separated and organized their information well making it easy for users to navigate their website and clearly find what they are looking for.

The way they have aesthetically presented themselves and organized their information, the overall website is easy to navigate and flows seamlessly.

Their Sign-Up Process and What Happens After

Sterling Parker has made it simple and easy to sign up for their services.

By clicking on the Sign Up option in the top right corner of the page you will be redirected to their Sign Up page.

Here you have to provide basic information including your full name, address, email, birthday, and phone number, and also create a password to your account.

This is followed by prompts to set a deposit limit, you can however opt out of this option if you are not ready to spend your money.

As part of this process, you are also able to opt out of marketing emails and text messages, giving members the inclination that they control their betting and exposure to gambling content.

Sterling Parker Promotions Reviewed

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you are thrown into the members’ access to the website.

Here you are prompted to set a deposit limit and payment method, but again, you are able to move past this and explore through the website.

Upon Face Value, there isn’t much difference from the non-members and members interface of the Sterling Parker Website.

The only visible difference is their ‘Quick Links’ tab below their contents list has additional tabs, one leading you to responsible gambling content and another prompt to Log Out when you’re ready.

Upon becoming a member, you are also introduced to their promotional page.

Sterling Parker Responsible Gambling Policies

Sterling Parker has done an exceptional job in providing support for people struggling with Gambling addiction.

Gambling, although established for people to have fun, can become an issue.

Sterling Parker have made their users aware of this.

They have done this through implementing Responsible Gambling banners through their website in places like: Their rotating banner on their homepage, beneath their bet slip, at the very bottom of their page with a responsible gambling link as well as a banner.

This has been furthered for members.

Sterling Parker has curated a Responsible Gambling page that can be accessed in the quick links tab, through the users member page and again at the bottom of the page.

On this Responsible Gambling page, Sterling Parker have provided members with access to Gambling Help Helpline, as well as, the national Bet Stop website and help line.They have further given members the option to deposit limits, self exclusion, and further how their terms and conditions help reduce the risks that come with gambling.

The Stirling Parker App Review:

The Sterling Parker App is available across all IOS and Android devices.

The app doesn’t differ from the website too much.

They provide you with all the same information as the website, only making it more accessible to bet on the go.