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The Totalisator Agency Board, more commonly known as TAB, was established in 1961 originally a government-owned, Australian and New Zealand betting service that later became privatised. 

Upon opening the TAB website, it is easy to tell that this is an established company that understands how to build and provide a service. They offer you the option to peruse through the various sports they provide betting services for at the top of the page, making it easy to get an idea of how big the company is and other organisations they are affiliated with, which can further help customers feel like the company is reliable. Check out more Australian betting sites here.

However, despite there being a plethora of information provided to you on the company’s affiliations with sporting companies, the way the information is presented can be overwhelming. 

Looking at the home page, everything is presented to you right off the bat. You have your upcoming racing events, popular sports that customers often bet toward and then the NRL and AFL fixtures. This is all alongside a Bet Slip that offers you the opportunity to place a bet giving you the incentive to later sign up, as well as, a rotating header. 

This can be overwhelming because you don’t really know where to look and what information to take in first. It would probably benefit to possibly remove one feature, whether that be the Bet Slip or the NRL and AFL fixtures. This would make it less overwhelming and possibly easier to navigate and take in the different services being offered. 

The site is very easy to navigate, everything is easy to find and it’s very much a ‘follow the prompts’ type of website, making it straightforward and more favourable amongst customers. 

The menu bar is easy to find and organised well. It gives you all the tabs you may need or be looking for, as stated earlier, it’s very straightforward and easy to navigate, everything is self-explanatory and doesn’t require you to do much digging to find the betting information you are looking for. makes it a point to highlight safe betting. They provide customers with an online service (, as well as a phone number to service, giving customers the options in regard to getting help if needed, while also simultaneously reminding them that there are limits to using betting apps and being smart about all betting decisions. 

Although providing customers with gambling help, they could make these banners more colourful like the other ads and banners they broadcast on their website. The current banner they have is black and white and quite bland and easy to skip over and neglect. By adding more colour to it, as well as, possibly some kind of animation or graphic, it will catch more customers’ eyes and be made further aware of the risks surrounding gambling. 

The one thing that the page is lacking, is an ‘About Us’ tab. This may not be such a big issue considering the size of the company. But it is always a good idea to have some kind of ‘About Us’ information page or FAQ page in order to make customers feel as if they are dealing with someone they have something in common with, rather than a big corporation or computer. 

Further, it can be difficult to find where their terms of use/terms and conditions are. To find the linked pages, you need to scroll through to the bottom of the page, where they are written at the very bottom in small font sizing. 

Overall, the TAB website, for the most part, is well put together and managed. They provide you with all the information you may need, including a page highlighting promotions they may have when looking into establishing an account with them. They could benefit from organising their homepage a little better and possibly incorporating an ‘About Us’ page and make information about the actual company more accessible to its customers.