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  1. WinnersBet: Include Screenshots

WinnersBet, established in 2020, is a fairly new sports betting service primarily focusing on Horse Racing. 

The age of the company shows with the layout upon opening the website. Once it opens, everything is available to you, all on one home page. There is no formal ‘menu’ bar/tab, because of this, the WinnersBet homepage is chaotic at best. There is great organization on the home page. For other Australian betting websites click here.

Both the top bar and far left column have the same information, this is an unnecessary feature that WinnersBet could go without. This double feature clusters the page further and is unnecessary.

Website & App Review

Moving down the page, we see what seems to resemble a ‘menu’ bar/tab. This provides you with what a formal ‘menu’ tab does. It gives you the option to look through their regulations, sporting events, racing events, help, and rules, as well as an ‘about WinnersBet’ tab. 

Despite this ‘menu’ esque section being in an odd spot on the website and its configuration being out of the ordinary, it provided customers with sufficient information. Looking at the ‘About WinnersBet’ and ‘Help and Rules’ tabs, we are able to see that they have conducted themselves well and provided customers with the correct and relevant licenses, regulations, and information that they would look for upon their consideration of joining. 

Horse Racing Section Review

One thing that WinnersBet seems to lack is their specification that they are a predominantly Horse Racing betting site. Upon sifting through reviews on the websites, reviewers have highlighted how WinnersBet lacks in providing as many sporting events as their competitors. WinnersBet would benefit from making their niche known to new-coming customers. 

Live Streaming Review

Further, unlike its competitors, WinnersBet doesn’t provide live betting and live streaming. This is often a crucial component of a betting site as it attracts more customers and keeps a company in this industry on par with its competitors. 

Ethics Review

One crucial thing when looking at gambling and looking into the different services provided is the code of ethics surrounding gambling. WinnersBet has on multiple pages and throughout their website reinstated the need for safe gambling, providing the number to a gambling helpline and URL for an online help service. They have further specified in their terms and conditions and regulation pages to ensure that you are making smart gambling choices.

Customer Support

Looking at the WinnersBet ‘Contact Us’ page, they provide customers with an email address (, as well as the option to ‘LiveChat’ which looks to redirect you to what looks to be just another email chain. Although there is no issue with this, WinnersBet would also do better by providing a telephone contact line. This makes them more accessible to customers and would help in any conflict resolution that may need to be done. 


All in all, the WinnersBet website could use some work. They have the foundations for a decent and well-run website. But re-organizing themselves and being more direct with who they are and what they do, like providing customers with the information that they have more of a focus on Horse Racing, would only benefit them and possibly help signup and betting rates.