Australia’s Top 30 Bookies

1. Bet365

Coming from the UK and establishing itself as one of the world’s leading bookie services, Bet365 has built roots in Australia in 2012, cementing itself as Australia’s most trusted bookie.

With over 50 international sporting events, as well as Horse, Greyhound, and Harness Racing, Bet365 has provided punters with one of Australia’s largest betting markets.

This makes it easy to accommodate all the different punters and their betting needs.

Further, they have unmatched competitive odds and amazing live-streaming services

2. Dabble

Dabble is one of the first mobile betting apps that provides you with both a gambling service and a social media platform.

Established in 2020, Dabble provides punters with a platform where you can follow your fellow Aussie punters, see what they are betting on, their wins, loses, and what they are streaming and even give you the option to copy your friends’ bets.

They further incorporate features such as ‘banter’ where communal discussion forums take place for the different sporting options they have running.

Punters are also able to post to their feed, where they are able to post what they are betting on and their thoughts on the different sporting events occurring.

Unfortunately, however, Dabble does not have a website interface, they are currently only available on iOS and Android app stores.

3. Play Up

Quickly rising to fame in 2019 and becoming one of Australia’s leading online betting services, PlayUp has become beloved amongst Australian bookies.

They provide their punters with 20+ round-the-globe sporting and racing events, including novelty events like US Politics, reality TV, and award shows.

4. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is one of the world’s leading online bookmaker services.

Making their way to Australia from the UK in 2013, Ladbrokes has become one of Australia’s biggest providers with a wide range of markets.

They provide their punters with over 25 domestic and international sports, including racing and novelty events like US politics and award shows.

They are well-known and trusted and provide their punters with a wide array of features and promotions.

5. BlueBet

Established in 2015, BlueBet is a Sports and racing-focused betting agency.

BlueBet is primarily sports-focused, providing a great deal of sporting events running both domestically and internationally.

They further have great deals and promotions for their loyal punters and features like streaming, Same Game Multis, and even StarWars markets for their AFL fans.

 6. UniBet

UniBet made its way to Australia in 2012, providing its punters with over 30 round-the globe sports, as well as, arguably unbeatable competitive odds in their racing departments.

They provide its punters with features like live streaming, live betting, and daily rewards ensuring their punters are getting their money’s worth when betting with them.

7. Betr

New to the Australian betting scene, Betr was established in October 2022, bringing competitive promotions and special offers for their wide range of sporting and racing markets.

Betr ensures there is something for everyone, locking in loyal members with their ability to provide a promotion or special offer catering to their different punters’ needs.

If their promotions alone aren’t enough to keep you, features such as their Tips and Stats page where they give you the most amount of information possible to help you make the best bet, will.

8. Neds

Launched in 2017, Neds had an almost instant success rate.

Being a child company of Ladbrokes, Neds was launched with the experience and knowledge of people who have been in the betting game for decades.

With over 200 000 active users, Neds has made betting on your favorite sports and racing easy and fun! You have over 25 sports to choose from, including E-Sports, Darts and Snookers.

Members also have access to their ‘toolbox’, which is a feature Neds have created where punters are able to find their daily bonuses and daily rewards that can be used to help boost their next bet.

9. PickleBet

Established in 2017, PickleBet is a leading player in the e-sports betting industry. They are the biggest esports betting provider in Australia.

PickleBet is weak in the promotion department. This is however outweighed by the fact that they are the biggest esports service in Australia, including niche sports that you may not find with bigger sporting companies.

As of 2021, PickleBet has been seen to include regular sporting markets into their service, but still overall are strongest in their e-sporting services.

10. Colossal Bet

Australian-owned and operated Colossal Bet is an online betting service primarily focusing on horse and greyhound racing.

Priding themselves on their customer service, and quick cash out services, Colossal Bet also has exceptional personalised odds.

Punters will often find that they have some of the best odds, deals, and promotions in Australia.

They provide punters with 16+ sports, covering almost all Australian sporting events.

11. BetFair

BetFair made its way to Australia in 2005 immediately gaining traction following its launch in the UK in 2000.

BetFair is a betting exchange service which means punters have the opportunity to become bookmakers and have their peers bet against them bringing a new dimension to betting, and making it more fun.

Further, they also have one of the largest Australian betting markets.

12. BoomBet

BoomBet, re-branded from and re-launched in 2021 as one of Australia’s most respected online bookmakers.

BoomBet has a primary focus on racing markets, working with their punters to bring you the best odds possible.

They also offer sporting markets in some of the bigger sporting events like the AFL, NFL, and Rugby.

13. PuntNow

Only making its way to the betting scene in early 2023, PuntNow is a new and upcoming competitor in the Australian betting market.

They have quickly grown and shown potential to become a big competitor in the Australian betting circle through their primary focus on horse and greyhound racing.

They also provide Aussie punters with a handful of domestic and international sporting events to bet on.

14. Winners Bet

WinnersBet is a small and reliable Australian-owned and operated online betting service.

Established in 2020, WinnersBet has a heavy focus on Horse and Greyhound racing and a growing market base in sporting events.

They further provide their loyal punter with a Rewards program.

15. Top Sports

Finding wide success, TopSports was the first on-course bookmaker to provide a betting service to Australian bookmakers.

They provide their punters with fixed odds on various different racing events. This is accompanied by major sports from around the globe, such as the NBA, NFL, and Rugby.

Having a primary professional and experienced member base, TopSports provides their punters with loyalty rewards to help keep members active and interested.

16. Elite Bet

EliteBet made its way to the Australian market in 2012 with a primary focus on horse racing and a range of 15+ sporting events to bet on.

EliteBet, much like its competitors, has standard bets, including exotic bets.

They are also constantly running promotions to help their punters get the most they can out of their bets.

New to the betting scene? Then EliteBet is the agency for you, making betting simple and fun.

17. Bet Right

‘Built for today, designed for tomorrow’. Established in 2021, BetRight has become one of Australia’s leading bookmakers.

They feature quality markets and specialized personal betting experiences.

They provide their punters with a large array of sports betting markets including the Horse, Greyhound and Harness racing markets

Unlike their competitors they have integrated a Bet Right Discord, allowing punters to socialise and share their bet tips with one another.

18. Palmer Bet

Established in 2013, PalmerBet was made with the intention to revolutionize the Australian wagering market and also provide punters with the best odds in the Australian Industry.

PalmerBet has a decent range of sporting markets covering most round-the-globe events.

However, punters will find PalmerBet’s strengths lie in their Horse and Greyhound racing markets.

 19. Punters Pal

Arguably Australia’s most trusted and beloved sports betting site, PuntersPal has been in the industry since 2003

They are primarily racing-focused, but also provide a range of sporting markets.

PuntersPal also has a decent range of competitive odds and promotions and even features a horse racing calendar to help racing enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with upcoming races.

20. Vic Bet

Being Australia’s longest non-corporate online betting service, VicBet was established in 2005

They have an old-fashioned way of service, giving their punters that one-on-one customer service

VicBet only focuses on the racing market so if you are a sports fan, this may not be for you.

VicBet is known for providing some of the most competitive odds in the Australian market.

21. Pendlebury Bet

Established in 1968, Pendlebury Bet is strictly an online horse, greyhound, and harness racing service. Unfortunately, if you are a sporting fan, then Pendlebury Bet is not for you.

With over 55 years of experience in the betting industry, Pendlebury Bet has seemingly unmatched prices and racing odds.

They provide racing markets for all Australian races, as well as a handful of international ones located in the USA, New Zealand, and Japan.

Pendlebury offers no promotions as they are a no-nonsense bookmaker.

22. Rivalry

Coming from Canada, Rivalry is an online esports with a main target audience of young punters.

As they made their way to the Australian market, Rivalry expanded their portfolio to include more sports betting markets.

This, makes them more appealing to Australian punters. They do not, however, provide any racing markets at this point in time.

 23. Volcano Bet

Hitting the Australian betting industry in July 2023, Volcano Bet has gained quick popularity with its competitive odds.

If you are looking for a fun and fresh agency that offers competitive odds on horse, greyhound, and harness racing, then signing up for Volcano Bet would be in your best interest.

They cover racing markets domestically, as well as a handful of international markets as well.

Volcano Bet also offers a range of sporting events punters can bet on. Currently, they have just over 10 sports for punters to choose from.

24. Southern Cross Bet

Providing fixed odds for racing markets and niche sports like MMA, snooker, and esports, Southern Cross Bet made its way to the betting market in 2004.

They pride themselves on excellent customer service and providing their punters with a range of promotions to keep betting with them fun and interesting.

Southern Cross Bet is a primarily sports-focused bookmaker, you will find the best odds and promotions offered are for some of Australia’s most popular sporting events.

25. Punt Genie

Making it quick and simple for punters to put in their bets, PuntGenie has quickly become beloved in the Australian betting industry.

Established in mid-2023, PuntGenie offers a range of competitive odds on their racing markets and same-game multis on some of Australia’s biggest sporting events.

Currently, PuntGenie does not have any promotions and under Australian legislation is unable to promote and/or offer sign-up bonuses. They do however let their punters know that they have something cooking.

26. We Bet

With an owner with over 50 years of on-track sports betting experience, WeBet prides itself in attempting to provide their punters with the best and more easy and reliable experience while betting.

WeBet allows punters to create their own same-game multis for their sporting markets and provides some of the best competitive odds in the country for their racing markets.

27. Get Set Bet

Coming under the SwopStakes brand umbrella, GetSetBet was established and launched to the Australian market in late 2021.

It is said that if you are familiar with any of the SwopStakes brand companies using a BetMakers software model, then you will be familiar with the way in which GetSetBet works.

They cover a growing and wide range of sporting and racing markets, but not enough to compete with their major competitors.

They do however feature things like, Next Up Ticker, GetSetBet TV, and SwopStakes.

28. Quest Bet

Launching in 2023, Quest Bet is a new and interesting bookmaker in the Australian market.

With their Ninja-themed interface, they provide their punters with competitive odds in their growing sports and racing markets.

You will find that they cover all Australian and New Zealand racing meets, along with a handful of popular domestic and international sporting events.

29. Well Bet

WellBet are one of the new and upcoming betting services in the country.

WellBet are one of the new and upcoming betting services in the country.

As expected, they have a few knots they are trying to loosen as they build a seamless and easy-to-use service.

They have a growing sporting market providing only 7 domestic and international sports currently.

Their racing market comes along with commendable competitive odds.

30. Bet Galaxy

Brand New to the Australian betting scene, Bet Galaxy is a racing-focused online betting service.

Due to their youth, you will find some hiccups in their services, however, Bet Galaxy is working to refine their services, making them seamless and easy to use.

Unlike most of its competitors, Bet Galaxy offers a small but growing range of sporting events for punters to choose from.

Bet Galaxy do not have any current promotions running, however, they have informed their members that something along the lines of a rewards program is in the works and will be launching soon.