Canberra Raiders Vs Queensland Cowboys Pre-Season Match Tips 23/2/2024

The Canberra Raiders go head to head with the North Queensland Cowboys NRL team in this week’s round 2 pre-season match.


Kick Off is at 3:00 pm

The pre-season match is being played at Seiffert Oval Queanbeyan.

Raiders for the win!

Canberra Raiders Tips

Canberra Raiders announced their 28-man squad to play against the North Queensland Cowboys on Wednesday. The starting lineup is no big surprise, with a mix of senior players and up-and-comers.

Matt Timoko, Trey Mooney, Hohepa Puru, Morgan Smithies, and Zac Hosking, are all being named in the starting line-up.

Last week the Raiders were missing several key players. This week the team has announced a strong team. The Raiders will be playing a hard match and looking to win. 

A victory in this match will provide some early momentum heading into the 2024 NRL season.

If you’re betting on this NRL game, Picklebet has the Canberra NRL club at long odds, $2.66.

North Queensland Cowboys Tips

The North Queensland Cowboys looked horrible in last week’s pre-season match. They experimented with a young fast team. 

This week sees the side field a more senior team. The Cowboys are desperate for a big 2024, as the last few seasons have been ordinary.

The forward pack looks strong, they will need to hit low and hard. Three and fours in tackles this week will be necessary to shut down the Raiders’ slick offense.

We don’t think the bookies have it right this week and believe the Cowboys won’t win.

Picklebet has the North Queensland Cowboys at $1.44.

Who To Place Your Bet With?

Picklebet as always is offering exciting odds on this pre-season match! Raiders at $2.66 and the Cowboys at $1.44.

Betfair is also offering some exciting odds on offer.

Betting on Rugby League should be done with caution, as most pre-season matches outcomes are extremely uncertain. Follow our weekly NRL tips here.

Betting Tips

The Canberra Raiders seem to be underrated by the experts and bookies in this match. The Cowboys did not look impressive last week.

This could be a match where having a bet could pay dividends!

Canberra Pre-season Starting Lineup

1. Albert Hopoate

2. Michael Asomua 

3. Matthew Timoko 

4. James Schiller 

5. Xavier Savage 

6. Kaeo Weekes

7. Ethan Strange 

8. Josh Papalii 

9. Danny Levi 

10. Emre Guler 

11. Hudson Young 

12. Elliott Whitehead (C) 

13. Morgan Smithies 

14. Tom Starling 

15. Nick Cotric

16. Trey Mooney 

17. Jed Stuart 

18. Chevy Stewart 

19. Adam Cook 

20. Peter Hola 

21. Mitch Henderson 

22. Zac Hosking 

23. Simi Sasagi 

24. Pasami Saulo 

25. Ata Mariota 

26. Hohepa Puru 

27. Zac Woolford 

North Queensland Cowboys Pre-season Starting Lineup

1. Scott Drinkwater

2. Kyle Feldt

3. Valentine Holmes

4. Zac Laybutt

5. Murray Taulagi

6. Tom Dearden (c)

7. Chad Townsend

8. Jordan McLean

9. Reece Robson

10. Jason Taumalolo

11. Heilum Luki

12. Jeremiah Nanai

13. Reuben Cotter (c)


14. Jake Granville

15. Griffin Neame

16. Coen Hess

17. Sam McIntyre

Extended Bench

18. Tom Mikaele

19. Tom Chester

20. Semi Valemei

21. Kulikefu Finefeuiaki

22. Jack Gosiewski

23. Jake Clifford

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