Australia Vs Pakistan ODI 18/48 20th Oct 2023 Betting Tips

Australia vs Pakistan, The Australian Cricket Team On The Back Foot

The Australian cricket team is getting hammered! This is one of the worst periods of Australian cricket, fans have had to endure.

Adam Zampa stepped up heavily in their last match. Playing with severe back spasms, he managed to get four wickets in his last match.

The Aussies may well be the underdogs when they take on Pakistan in their next ODI cricket match on the 20th of October 2023. 

Bookmakers are backing the Australian team.

With bookmakers setting the odds at around $1.28 for the Aussies to win, it appears the bookies may have this wrong.

Betting Tips

Pakistan is in form and the Aussies are not. Although the team lost to India in their last cricket match, they looked sharp. We are tipping the Pakistan cricket team to win this match.

The Australian Team

The Australian cricket team won by 5 wickets against Sri Lanka last week. 

In their previous match against South Africa, the Aussies were flogged.

There are no serious injury concerns for the Australian cricket team at the moment.

Marcus Stoinis hit an awesome 6 to win their last match.

Expert cricket tipsters are mixed in their predictions, some heavily backing the Aussies for the win, some betting against the team heavily.

The Pakistan Team

The Pakistan cricket team was beaten handsomely by India in their last outing.

In their previous match, they beat the Netherlands easily and looked in form.

With a few minor injuries, the team still has a string starting lineup.

Expert tipsters around the globe are predicting a win for the Pakistan team.

Our Tips For This Match

With the Australian cricket team playing the way they are, it’s hard to tip the team for a win.

There was a lot of excitement that the Aussies might be back in form after their last match, however, the Sri Lanka team looked weak. 

The win saw the Aussies lift themselves off the bottom of the table, giving hope that the Australian team might be back in form.

The style of cricket the Pakistan team is playing is very hot and cold. With lots of mistakes and then some very solid cricket, we wouldn’t be tipping the team anytime soon.

The safe bet is to stay on the sidelines for this match and bet on another game. It looks even to us.

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