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Elitebet Review

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Who is EliteBet and what do they do?

EliteBet is an Australian betting service, primarily focusing on horse racing, but also provides users with 15+ sports to bet on and follow.

Providing users with a simple, easy-to-navigate, and generic interface, the EliteBet website lacks the differentiation and marketing to set them outside of their competitors.

In spite of this however, EliteBet provides its customers with a Blog written by the EliteBet team where they provide customers with tips and tricks on how they should bet and what they should look for.

EliteBet, despite only providing promotions to its members, also gives non-members insight into existing members’ metrics through their ‘Hot Bets’ tab on the home page.

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A Look into the EliteBet Website

The EliteBet website is basic and unremarkable.

It gives users a feel of what websites looked like as the World Wide Web was first being established.

There is nothing about the website that makes it memorable in comparison to its competitors.

Despite this however, the basic interface makes it easy to navigate the website.

The home page is as you’d expect.

It has its contents page on the left-hand side and racing metrics in the middle.

Everything you may need to find in order to understand who EliteBet is and what services they provide is accessible through the home page.

One thing I saw that I personally haven’t seen before is their advertising winning bets, or as they label them ‘Hot Bets’.

These Hot Bets show non-members some kind of metric about how many people are winning with the EliteBet service.

Take user Silvs23 metrics for instance. We are able to see who they are betting on how long their winning streak has lasted, how much they have spent, and what their winnings look like (based on their bets)

For Silvs23 in this instance, we are able to see they have had a 4-month winning streak earning $48.70 in winnings.

Despite this, however, you still need to log in, in order to see what promotions they have running.

Something else that sets EliteBet outside of their competition, is their ‘contact us’ service.

A lot of bookmaker services, whether they be new or old, have lacked in being able to provide a contact phone number that their customers can call.

Being able to contact whatever service you are using directly, is an important component when it comes to a customer’s decision to use said service.

By providing a contact number, customers are able to directly contact EliteBet’s customer support and resolve any issues that may be occurring at the time.

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up to EliteBet is easy and straightforward.

Much like any bookmaker service, EliteBet requires your name, age, email address, phone number and home address.

Here you can also curate a username if you don’t want to use your email address, as well as a password.

EliteBet also provides users with the ability to opt out of their email and SMS marketing services.

You are also not required to set a deposit, deposit limit, or enter any payment details upon signing up, giving new members the opportunity to peruse the website to see what EliteBet has to offer.

Promotions & Bonuses

Currently, EliteBet has 6 running promotions.

This information, as stated earlier, is not provided to non-members.

In the instance of EliteBet, not providing their promotions to non-members isn’t something that can be frowned upon.

I say this because they provide non-members with their ‘Hot Bets’ tab where they can see what people are winning and how they are winning.

Further, EliteBet provides non-members with their blog page where they post tips and tricks on how to win and what to look out for when coming to bet.

The promotions listed on the members part of the website, have different titles and graphics to go along with them, allowing customers to differentiate them easily.

All six promotional banners have the same aesthetic, however, they incorporate different colors and images.

But doing this, they have made their promotions more memorable and easier to read, making members more inclined to use them.

Responsible Gambling Policies

EliteBet provides an adequate amount of Responsible Gambling awareness and help.

They have included ads in their rotating banner in their home page, bottom of their bet slip, the bottom of all their pages with the Australian national Bet Stop helpline.

Their responsible gambling link at the bottom of their page, when clicked on, redirects you to a page outlining how gambling addiction can be managed and a number for Gambling Help Australia.

Further, under their ‘stay in control’ tab, EliteBet provides 5 other third party services customers can use.

EliteBet have also given customers the option to self exclude.

The EliteBet App

The EliteBet app is available across all IOS and Android devices.

The app doesn’t differ much from the website, the interface and layout of it all are very similar.

Because of this, however, it can be difficult to actually navigate the app and it’s features making it hard and confusing to look for features like your bet slip for instance.

The app also does not provide live betting or streaming.