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Puntgenie review:

PuntGenie Review

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Who is PuntGenie?

PuntGenie, established in June 2023 is an online racing and sporting betting service.

With its Magical Genie and mythical aesthetic, PuntGenie differentiates itself from its competitors through its use of animation and color, while also marketing itself as a brand that grants its user’s wishes, really playing into their central theme.

Providing users with competitive prices, PuntGenie is a Horse and Greyhound-focused service, slowly building their sporting range, currently providing users with 10+ sports to bet on.

PuntGenie provides users with fun and animated betting and watching features putting them on par with competitors.

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The PuntGenie Website

The PuntGenie website, as stated earlier, really plays into their name.

They have curated a website that follows this Middle Eastern genie in a bottle-feel.

They have done this through the use of gold, blue, orange, and purple animations, giving the website the feel of being set in the middle of the desert, drawing heavily on themes that may remind users of Aladdin the Disney film.

This, however, doesn’t distract users from the information and metrics provided.

The theme helps with the flow of the overall website where animations of camels, men dressed in traditional Middle Eastern wear, gold coins, and genie bottles replace those traditional betting website images we see of sportsmen riding their horses for instance.

We can see how the PuntGenie team has incorporated genie-like jargon and language into their content, making the experience of betting with Punt Genie more interesting.

Outside of the theme, however, the information that you find on the Punt Genie website isn’t out of the ordinary.

Much like their competitors, you are able to switch the home page between the racing metrics and the sporting event metrics.

Further, there is a contents page on the left featuring their featured events and bet slip on the left.

The overall layout of their website is quite good and easy to navigate, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary that users will have trouble with.

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up to PuntGenie is straightforward and easy to navigate.

By pressing on the gold ‘Sign Up’ option in the top right-hand corner of the home page, you are redirected to their sign-up page.

Here you need to provide your name, number, address, age, email, and if you would like to opt into receiving any marketing emails and/or messages.

Following your sign-up, you are thrown into the member part of the website where the only difference for members is gaining access to the promos page, the ability to actually set a deposit, place bets, as well as further responsible gambling content.

Setting a deposit limit and payment methods are not required upon signing up to the PuntGenie website.

This gives new members the opportunity to peruse the member-only part of the website where they can now, as stated earlier, access things like the promotions page.

Following signing up to Punt Genie, you are now able to pursue your promotion, have access to further Responsible Gambling Resources, and begin to place your bets.

Promotions & Bonuses

PuntGenie has done an exceptional job in ensuring its users are aware of the issues that surround gambling.

Highlighting in their ‘Responsible gambling’ link through their quick links tab, although established to be a form of entertainment, can become an issue for some and is something that should be monitored and maintained.

They have further shown this by providing ads running through their rotating banner, and any spare spot where it would be deemed necessary, like at the bottom of their bet slip for instance banner running along the whole bottom of the website, a Responsible Gambling tab on the left hand table of contents page for members.

PuntGenie provides you with the Australian National helpline.

By doing this it would make it more inclusive to not just Australia-wide, but also, individually to each state and possibly providing an international service.

Punt Genie also provides users with features like deposit limits, lifetime exclusion options, and the ability to take a break from gambling for up to 30 days.