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PuntNow review:

PuntNow Review

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Who Are Puntnow And What Do They Do?

PuntNow is a fairly new Australian Bookmaker first hitting the markets in 2022.

PuntNow is an online betting service, that provides members with access to Australian Wide Horse and Greyhound Races, as well as, 13+ Sporting events.

PuntNow primarily focuses on thoroughbred domestic and international races, providing users with a wide selection of races for Horses, Harnesses, and Greyhounds.

Despite being one of Australia’s leading bookmaker services, one thing that sets PuntNow behind in comparison to its competitors is its lack of a live-streaming service.

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A Look into the Puntnow Website

A first look at the PuntNow home page, there is a lot going on.

It can be hard to focus on one singular piece of information as everything is displayed for you on the home page.

This can make things feel chaotic and overwhelming for first-time users.

The home page is split up into three sections, all of which include the same information.

On the right-hand side of the page, there is a contents call-out tab giving you the option to look at racing and/or sporting insights.

This automatically loads up onto the racing tab.

Here there are insights into the current races occurring, options to view races for the next four days, the different categories of races they offer as well as, a racing results tab.

The Sports option lists the different sporting events they offer.

The middle of the page lists the current races/sports games occurring and their metrics.

The left-hand tab provides users with current sporting events happening, as well as, again, their metrics.

As stated earlier, there is a lot going on and a lot of repeated information making it difficult to navigate the PuntNow Website.

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up to the PuntNow website is straightforward.

There are two steps when signing up to PuntNow.

The first requires you to provide your personal details.

This includes your name, age, number, email, and home address.

Following this, the second step asks you to curate a username and password. It also further asks you if you’d like to set a deposit and how often you’d like this deposit to be made.

You do have the option to opt out of setting a deposit limit.

This, however, was the furthest I could get.

I was unable to get through the sign-up process and into the members-only part of the PuntNow website.

I’m not sure why this has occurred, I kept getting prompted to contact PuntNow through either their LiveChat option or send them an email.

This was unfortunate as I am not able to provide insights into how the members-only part of the website works and what is offered.

Promotions Review

Promotions are not advertised to the general public.

When clicking on the ‘Promo’ tab on the top right corner, you are prompted to sign up in order to gain insights into what promotions they have running.

As we saw earlier, I was unfortunately unsuccessful in signing up, because of this I was unable to see what promotions they have running.

This was frustrating for me, as someone who is just trying to review the website, I can only imagine it would be the same for customers who are looking to sign up with PuntNow

By advertising their promotions, PuntNow will be able to provide users and potential members with further insights into who PuntNow is and what they have to offer.

PuntNow doesn’t have to advertise all of its promotions, but providing users with at least two or three will give users a taste of what PuntNow has to offer and further incentivize them to sign up and become loyal members with PuntNow.

Responsible Gambling Policies

PuntNow provides users with a sufficient amount of responsible gambling information.

We can see it in their rotating banner on the home page, the bottom of all pages where there are two banners, as well as a link users can click under the ‘Regulatory’ tab.

The ‘Responsible Gambling Policy’ is located at the bottom of the page under the ‘Regulatory’ tab.

Clicking on this link, you are then redirected to a page where PuntNow discusses how gambling, although a form of entertainment for most, can become a problem for some.

Here they further highlight their policies surrounding deposit limits, self-exclusion, and further how their terms and conditions help reduce the risks that come with gambling.

PuntNow provides users with a gambling helpline and two websites that people can use if in need of help.

These helplines are restricted to work domestically.

Because of this, PuntNow members who may be outside of Australia may not obtain the same help at the same level as those accessing them domestically.

PuntNow would benefit from providing members with an international helpline.

The Puntnow App Review

The PuntNow App is available across all IOS and Android devices.

The app doesn’t differ from the website too much.

The biggest difference I found was that the information was a lot more organized and easier to navigate.

Outside of this, the PuntNow app provides users with all the same information and services.