Panthers Vs Storm NRL Finals Tips 2023

Penrith Panthers vs. Melbourne Storm NRL Finals Betting Tips

Experts are tipping this week’s NRL clash between the Penrith Panthers and the Melbourne Storm to be a thriller for betting enthusiasts and tipsters. It’s been three years since these two rugby league teams met in the grand finals with the Panthers winning the match.

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The Panthers have been on a winning streak ever since, however, it just might be the Melbourne Storms’ time to have a win and put an end to the Penrith Panthers dynasty.

Penrith Panthers Head To Head Tips

The bookies and NRL tipsters are united! Penrith Panthers for the win, with the bookmakers offering short odds on the Penrith Panthers at around $1.10 – $1.30.

PlayUp is tipping the Panthers at $1.19

Picklebet is tipping the Panthers at $1.17

Colossalbet is tipping the Panthers at $1.18

Bluebet odds are $1.16

Betfair odds are $1.18

Penrith Panthers First Try Scorer Tips

Punters will be betting heavily on the Penrith Panthers footy team in this week’s NRL finals.

The Panthers look unstoppable at the moment, the team’s low error rate in both defense and offense was the highlight of the match. 

The movement style of NRL the team is playing in this year’s 2023 finals, is paying off.

PlayUp tips the Panthers at $1.19

Picklebet tips the Panthers at $1.17

Colossalbet is tipping the Panthers at $1.18

Bluebet odds are $1.16

Betfair odds are $1.18

Penrith Panthers Defence In The Finals

In defense, they are playing a sliding line, and covering the opposition with a 1 on 1 style of defense after the players have marked their man. The Panthers are hardly missing a tackle all game, it’s some of the best footy I have ever seen.

The forwards, Chris Smith, Eddie Blaker, and Isaah Yeo are hitting hard and low in defense.

Nathan Cleary in the back line and Jarome Luai are playing excellent defensive footy, making it almost impossible to tip against the Panthers NRL team in the 2023 finals.

The Panthers Offense In The Finals

Nathan Cleary once again is playing some awesome footy, in his last match his kicking, running the ball then offloading was a pleasure for any NRL fan to watch.

Regardless if you are a Penrith Panthers fan or not Nathan Cleary is on fire and we are tipping him to be the first scorer in this week’s NRL match. 

Stephen Crichton is playing some great offensive footy running the ball up hard, and side-stepping his way into the try line, we are tipping he scores a try this week.

Melbourne Storm NRL Finals Betting Tips & Predictions

The bookies and tipsters are betting heavily against the Melbourne Storm NRL team this weekend. Expert predictions are in favor of a heavy loss for the club in this finals match of rugby league.

Melbourne Storm looked solid all year long, playing some exciting rugby league. In the finals, to date they have underperformed, looking weak in defense and making lots of errors in attack.

PlayUp is tipping the Storm at $4.80

Picklebet is tipping the Storm at $4.74

Colossalbet is tipping the Storm at $4.78

Bluebet odds are $4.69

Betfair odds are $4.79

Melbourne Storm Defense In The Finals

The Melbourne Storm NRL team has played solid defense all year. With a close win against the Sydney Roosters last week, the tackling was a bit ordinary and undisciplined.

Watching the game it was obvious the team was tackling in 2’s and 3’s but rather a lot of 1 or two players in the tackle. This let the opposing team run the ball and put pressure on the Storm’s defense.

Justin Olam had a great game in defense and put on several really big tackles.

Melbourne Storms Offense In The Finals

Melbourne Storms’s offense was put under a lot of pressure last week due to the defense letting the side down. In attack, they looked tired and lacked the side-to-side movement we have seen in the team’s 2023 season.

Tipping the team this week, we need to see their defense hold the ball down for longer and allow players to get back to the mark.

Nick Meany had a great game last weekend and we have chosen him as the first try scorer for the Melbourne Storm.

Has Player Injuries Affected The Odds?

The Melbourne Storm has a stack of injured players who will be missing this week’s finals match. Jahrome Hughes, Tui Kamikamica, Tui Kamikamica, Ryan Papenhuyzen, and Dean Ieremia will not be playing, making the Storm a bit harder to tip.

The Panthers also have their fair share of injuries with Nathan Cleary, Taylan May, Izack Tago, and Jarome Luai set to miss this week’s finals match. With Nathan Cleary out this week, it is hard to understand why the bookmakers have set the odds so heavily for a Panthers win.

However, the Panthers are almost impossible to tip again with or without a few star players injured.

Final Betting Tips For This NRL Match

It’s hard for any tipster to seriously bet against the Panthers in this finals match. Truth be told the Panthers are due for a loss sooner or later. However, we are not sure the Melbourne Storm can defy the odds and beat the Panthers. To check out other betting sites to place a tip with click here.

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