Sportsbet is an Australian gambling company founded in the Northern Territory in 1993. It has become Australia’s largest betting company. Sportsbet is one of the most controversial gambling sites in Australia. In 2020 it sued over name rights. In the same year, it spent over $193 million on advertising. This was nearly $60 million dollars more than its closest competitor.

Sportsbet Australia

Despite being a controversial company, it is an extremely savy sports betting company. Listed on the stock exchange as ASX: PBH (Points Bet Holding Company) shareholders have been in for a rough ride. Our personal belief is maybe the bottom is close, and it’s time for Australia to forgive this company.

It’s been claimed that Sportsbet bans all winners. We have an account that has won big and we have not been banned. Sportsbet is a great platform for all betters both novice and advanced. Although sites like Bluebet and Neds are great, the sites and apps are not nearly as betting-friendly as Sportsbet.

Sportsbet Pros

Bet with Mates 9/10

Advanced betting options 10/10

Live Stream Racing 8/10

Mobile Experience 9/10

App UI Experience 8/10

Payment Deposit & Withdrawal 9/10

Sportsbet Cons

Odds Fluctuate 8/10

Speaking of the cons there is not a lot we don’t like about Sportsbet.

Sportsbet Screen Shot

Sportsbet Facts

Sportsbet is owned by flutter entertainment. Mainly targeting the Australian market they have grown to be the largest online sports betting company in Australia. Not only do they provide services via their website and app. They also allow you to place a bet over the telephone.

They provide a platform that covers three racing codes and over 30 different Australian and international sports that you can place a bet on.

In 2022 Sportsbet reportedly has taken nearly 50% of the Australian betting market. This makes them by far the largest betting market in the country. It is hard to watch TV or Youtube without seeing one of their ads.

People assume it is an Aussie-owned company. Matt Trip bought the company for $250,000 in 2009. Selling a small stake in 2009 and then sold the rest of the company in 2010 to Paddy Power an Irish bookmaking company for $338 million.

Why We Recommend Sportsbet

  • Sportbet covers all racing and sports you can bet on.
  • With Sportbet deal with Skynews excellent live streaming is available.
  • Sports bet is loaded with extras other agencies don’t provide, like bet with mates.

How does Sportsbet Compare Against Its Competitors

Sadiur Our Analyst

Sadiur Our Analyst “Sportsbet is a state-of-the-art platform that in my opinion has received unfair criticism. Compare them against Ladbrokes, Bet365, or even Betdeluxe, and it is obvious their platform is superior in every way. Sportsbet odds are reasonable but they need to improve their deposit methods. At SportsBetKings we are fans.

How Does Sports Bet Work?

Sports bet works like many other Australian betting sites. You create an account, deposit money and enjoy placing a bet on your favourite sport.

  1. Crate an account by click on this link.
  2. Deposit funds, using one of their many payment methods.
  3. Find the sport or race you are looking for. Navigation is easy.
  4. Navigate to the odds you wish to accept.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to wager.

Creating an account is simple. There is no obligation to deposit funds to have an account which is awesome!