TOP 3 Betting Sites In Australia

A List of the Top Three New Sites To Bet On

My guess! You’re here because you’re searching for the best new betting sites in Australia? Right? It can be you have accounts with different betting sites but want something new. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. We want you to make an informed decision. We researched and compiled new betting sites for you. To help you find the best new betting sites, we’ve narrowed down the list to the (top 3). Top 3 List of the Newest Betting Sites

Bet Right: New bookmaker, great odds, and promos

Tex Bet: New Aussie bookie, huge promos, and protest payouts

Rob water House: New bookmaker, great promos, and a great app

Benefits of The Top 3 Betting Websites

We’ve seen the top three best Australian betting sites. But what’s the deal with new betting sites? This is a great question! You would want to know the benefits of signing up to newly registered betting sites. There are tons of benefits.

Signing up to new betting sites gives you unrivalled promotions and offers. This is a marketing strategy designed to pull new customers away from older betting sites. But first, you must sign up to the new betting sites to see and enjoy the promotions offered. You can easily see and know which promo is only after signing up.

However, that’s no big deal as signing up is pretty simple. What’s more, you don’t need to make any deposit to sign up. So, apart from the top new betting sites, which are the common betting sites?

While many new betting sites have come up, many classic betting sites remain reliable. These are betting sites that have been around for over 50 years. They are widely known companies that users can always turn to in a pinch. Let’s have a look at them.

What are the industry shifts: Are gamblers staying put?

Yes, there are a few industry shifts. Teams like Adelaide United have refused to work with betting companies calling for positive investments. However, this is not working as Australia is a traditional gambling country. Gamblers are staying put and the new mindset is not working. 

For most people, betting in sports is a great way to get involved in the games and earn a little cash. That’s why you’ll find most companies in other industries cannot keep up with gambling companies.

What’s more, the betting companies are creating better sites and revolutionising the betting industry. However, the great international appeal of esports has pundits on their toes.

The Classic Right Betting Betting Sites

While many new betting sites have come up, many classic betting sites remain reliable. These are betting sites that have been around for over 50 years. They are widely known companies that users can always turn to in a pinch. Let’s have a look at them.


This is one of the most popular sites in Australia. It is a great site for any Australian interested in some recreational betting. The site can only be accessed in Australia. Sportsbet was first launched in 1993 in Darwin Australia. Matthew Trip bought it in 2005.

Before the purchase, the company was going under. However, it grew exponentially after the sale. In 2009, PaddyPower acquired a 51% stake before acquiring the entire company in 2011. SportBet is an Irish-owned company. However, its use is limited to only those in Australia. The company signed a deal to sponsor the National Rugby League of Australia from 2016 to 2020.

It’s a leading company with a pretty huge following. Their Twitter account boasts over 120, 000 followers while their site enjoys pretty high traffic. So, what makes SportsBet popular? Let’s see some of its benefits.

Benefits of SportsBet

Being one of the most popular Australian betting sites, there are endless sports to bet on. While you cannot bet outside of Australia, the site allows betting for events outside Australia. Some of the sporting activities they offer include Cricket, Baseball, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Cricket, Surfing, Volleyball, MMA/UFC, Snooker, Hurling, Darts, eSports, Motor racing, Ice Hockey, Chess, American Football, Rugby League, and Rugby Union, Tennis, Alpine Skiing, Sailing, etc.

What’s more, the betting site is very user-friendly. The site is quite sleek and easy to navigate. Even novice users can easily navigate and place bets with ease. The company also offers excellent customer service available 24/7. You can chat with customer support via email, live chat, and phone support. In addition, the site offers in-play betting via telephone. This is possible despite bans on lie bets in Australia. Live betting is done via call centers. You cannot place the bets digitally but can see the results on the sites. New customers get to enjoy huge bonuses once they sign up. Continuous users also get to enjoy great offers and promotions all year.

It’s a user-friendly company with multiple payment options. These include the traditional card payments, PayPal, BPay, and POLi. The major con with the site is easy to account for suspension if you fail to comply with the set procedure.


Tabcorp is a pioneer betting site in Australia for racing and Australian sports gambling. Referred to as TAB, it is a large and internationally recognized betting company. It is one of the largest publicly traded gambling companies.

Even the NBA chose TBA as its official betting company in Australia. As of 2018, Tab was recording over 300, 000 active customers. These are customers placing bets via the company’s digital websites, phone lines, and in-cash wagering.

The company was first created in 1964 and made its first public offering in 1994. It’s registered in the ASX and has since bought several gambling companies.

Tabcorp Benefits

The company stands out when it comes to extensive racing markets. It is positively reviewed. In addition, the site supports live streaming via audio channels on the site and through the Sky racing video app.

It also boasts a simple site that is easy to use. New users can easily deposit and place bets without problems. Withdrawals are also easy and fast. The fact that you can watch games live makes it easier to track your bets.

In addition, the site features one of the best search features. You can type anything and the unique algorithm will bring markets related to your search.

Any Tabcorp issue?

Yes, the company has faced a few issues over the years. Tarbcorp was caught accepting 37 live bets which are bannedl in Australia in 2021. However, the company defended itself saying it was a technical issue.

According to Tabcorp, the company providing them data provided the incorrect start-time of a college basketball game. However, regulatory bodies said the company should have voided all those bets.

Classic Meets Contemporary

The classic sport in Australia is horse racing. However, there are only four major horse races throughout the year. In between, gamblers can bet on small races that take place.

Horse racing is part of the Australian tradition. Even the government supports bets on horse racing. They have a great depth of knowledge on horse racing such that they don’t consider horse racing bets as gambling.

Most online gambling and betting tend to focus on esports. Esports games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch have blown us away. It makes sense seeing people betting on esports. Furthermore, games like Fortnite and Overwatch have industry backing giving punters great bonuses. Currently, the amount of money being pumped into the esports industry is unimaginable.

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