Cameron Munster Plagued With Injury Heading Into 2023

NRL sensation Cameron Munster reveals he is still struggling with the same injury he had in 2022 Osteitis pubis. This is not a dangerous injury or an injury that will prevent him from playing but rather a very painful injury. It causes inflammation around the center of the pelvis. 

How Long Will It Take Cameron To Recover From This Injury?

Osteitis pubis – is common in athletes who have to kick a lot or pivot from one leg to the other. The average recovery time is around 3 months. If you don’t take the time off and completely rest this injury can go on for years.

The Seriousness Of This Injury

Cameron Munster is a workhorse and in some people’s view the best NRL player on the field at the moment. Without proper treatment and rest this injury could end his career. The injury can lead to sclerosis and eventually separation or displacement of the pubic junction which would definitely end his NRL career if that takes place. The National Library Of Medicine published, 3%-5% of all soccer injuries are due to this condition and the average recovery time if treated properly and rest included for stage 1 of this disease was 26.7 days.

Cameron Munster Off-season

Cameron played in the world cup in the offseason and then rested to try and heal the injury. Cameron reported he is getting frustrated with the injury and doesn’t seem to have the zip he had prior to the injury. Coach Wayne Bennett attempted to sign him for the Dolphins in the offseason but Cameron decided to stay at the Strom.

Camerons Physiotherapist

The head physio at Melbourne Storm Meirion Jones has a stack of experience. Having been a physio at several professional sporting teams and mostly in football you can rest assured Cameron Munster will be getting the best treatment available for his injury.

Who Will Replace Munster If His Injury Gets Worse?

Melbourne Storm has a lot of depth in its halves. Even if Munster needs to have a rest for a few months Melbourne Storm will still be a strong team with Jahrome Hughes, Jonah Pezet, and Tyran Wishart all fully able to play in his position and do well.

Treatment For This Injury

Treatment and diagnosis of this injury is difficult and for a player like Cameron Munster, we can only imagine how boring it would be to spend 3-6 months on the couch resting playing X-Box.

Treatments Available:

1. Managing training loads.

2. Cryomassage over the painful area.

3. Strengthening Core Pelvic Muscles.

4. Potential Steroid Injections.

5. Cryotherapy.

6. Long slow gentle warm-ups before training.

There are lots of different treatments available and whether the disease is in stages 1,2 or 3 depends a lot on how Cameron Munster will recover.

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