NRL Dolphins News

The Dolphins are a professional NRL Rugby League club. Based in the Redcliffe Peninsula they are led by coach Wayne Bennett. 

2023 News

In the 2023 off-season, Wayne Bennett has been busy.  Bringing in a string of constant good news. Dolphins coach Wayne Bennet has signed three NRL stars Jesse Bromwich, his brother Kenny, and Felise Kafu all from the same team, Jarrod Wallace,Kodi Nikorami and has now signed Tabuai-Fidow.

Dolphins Sign Jesse Bromwich

The news of Jesse Bromwich signing with the Dolphins is huge. On a bad day Jesse is dangerous, on a good day he is one the most devastating NRL players in Australia.

Felise Kafu News

Felise Kafu has reportedly been helping Wayne Bennett recruit in the offseason. In the news, it was reported he had been in the ear of former teammates to come and join the team. Which he admitted in a news interview “was a little cheeky”.

Tabuai-Fidow To Join The Dolphins In 2023

In 2022 Tabuai- Fidow early in the 2022 season suffered a knee injury. He struggled to get match time and became a second pick. On a good day, he is one of the most explosive players in the NRL. He will be an important player for the Dolphins in 2023 and is a perfect fit for coach Wayne Bennett.

Jarrod Wallace Moves To The Dolphins

Jarrod Wallace is a veteran prop, who was vocal about his signing with the Dolphins. Making public his text message to his manager public to the media. “If you don’t get me there your gonna get fired”.

Jarrod had played with the Dolphins coach early in his career.

Kodi Nikorami 2023

Kodi was signed in mid-2022, to play with the Dolphins in 2023. He will be a key player for the team. His defense is solid and he is one of the most disciplined players in the NRL making very few mistakes. 

Kodi will be aiming to play hooker in 2023 for the Dolphins, although spending most of his NRL career playing in the halves.

The Dolphins Have Repeatedly Made The News In The Offseason

This is one of the biggest build-ups we have seen in modern times for an NRL team. If coach Wayne Bennett can get the players to gel as a team in the offseason it will be a great year for the Dolphins and we hope they are hitting the news regularly with a pile of wins.

Wayne Bennett isn’t just a coach he is a good human being. We wish Wayne all the best for 2023 and look forward to seeing the Dolphins fire.

What Coach Wayne Said In The News About 2023

When the Dolphins Coach was asked by a reporter “what the 2023 season will look like” he replied.

” I want you to look at the script for what we did with the Broncos in 1988 because there won’t be much difference to what we’re going to do here in 2023 .”

“Well, if you look at the plans we recruited, particularly all the players and their background, it’s a pretty good idea what we’re what we’re going to be chasing.”

When asked about the wooden spoon (finishing in last place) the coaches response was:

“He responded he is not allowed to bet on NRL, but wouldn’t be betting on the Dolphins winning the premiership anytime soon.”

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