NRL Offseason News – Canberra Raiders Off Season Challenge

Canberra Raiders are set for their first off-season game. With trial matches against the Tigers and then later the bulldogs. The games will be held on two consecutive weekends. It is important for the Raiders to get off to a good and gain some confidence as early as possible.

With Ricky Stuart as the coach we are all looking forward to 2023. Rick has been one of the most vocal and emotional coaches of the modern era and wears his heart on his sleeve since the famous interview in which he got fined $10,000. He has become the coach we love at betfresh.

“But we weren’t good. We weren’t good in regards to some of our plays, but it led to fighting and this leads to a bunch of blokes who are busting their ass a bunch of blokes who are just trying so hard and making a lot of simple little errors that are costing us. But then when you get a display from the referees like that today which you often get when you’re in this type of scenario that we are doesn’t help. In my days I have seen some good ones but my gosh that was a shocker. I’ll be labeled as a whinger but I wouldn’t be protecting my players if I didn’t come out and say it .”

Pre Season Game Raiders Vs The Bulldogs 

The first pre-season game will be held on the 12th of February, against the bulldogs. The Raiders have a long history of passion and enthusiasm and are comfortable being the underdogs in any match. The first game is scheduled to be played on the central coast. Any fan willing to do a bit of a drive is guaranteed to see a first-class pre-season NRL match.

Predicted 2023 Team

  • Xavier Savage
  • Nick Cotric
  • Matt Timoko
  • Seb Kris
  • Jordan Rapana
  • Jack Wighton
  • Jamal Fogarty
  • Josh Papalii
  • Zac Woolford
  • Joseph Tapine
  • Hudson Young
  • Elliott Whitehead
  • Corey Harawira-Naera
  • Tom Starling
  • Emre Guler
  • Pasami Saulo
  • Corey Horsburgh

Canberra was the first team to fill their top 30 squad in 2023. With Ricky Stuart coaching and being supported by Mick Crawly, we look forward to seeing them in action in 2023.

Furner Is Positive About 2023

David Furner the former coach of Canberra Raiders and former player is excited about 2023. He has stated it should be a great year for the team and the players are looking fresh and fit and he looks forward to their pre-season matches.

Does The Canberra Raiders Have A Chance In 2023?

Can the Canberra Raiders win a premiership in 2023? well, we believe they certainly can. If off-season training goes well, discipline is installed into the team, and the team can gel and stay injury free, we believe they’re in with a shot. With Ricky Stuart’s enthusiasm and never say die approach, we wouldn’t bet against them.

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