Knights Vs Storm Pre-Season Match Tips 23/2/2024

Two legendary NRL teams will be going head to head this weekend’s pre-season match., Newcastle Knights will be taking on the Melbourne Storm in what is set to be a cracker.

Newcastle Knights NRL team

Kick-off is at 1.45. 

Experts are tipping the NRL Storm to beat the Newcastle Knight Rugby League team.

If you’re looking for great odds Picklebet has the Storm at $1.71 and the Knights at $2.03.

Newcastle Knights Tips

The Newcastle Knights have confirmed their squad for this game. 5 new players are added to the squad and 9 older players have been excluded. 

The Knights seem to be experimenting with their line-up to test if the team will play 2024 with a leaner team that’s less experienced. 

Newcastle Knights aren’t this week’s favorites but we expect a great round of footy out of the team this weekend.

If you are up for a bet, Picklebet has the Sharks at short odds at $2.03

Melbourne Storm Tips

The Melbourne Storm NRL club announced their 28-man squad for this game four days ago.

It’s a very different side to the team that was fielded one week ago. The majority of the team is made up of their regular starters.

Will Warbrick, Nick Meaney, Xavier Coates, Jahrome Hughes, Tui Kamikamica, Harry Grant, Josh King, and Eli Katoa have all been included in the starting lineup.

Bookies are favoring the Storm for a win. With the odds being set almost even it is a tough bet to place.

Picklebet has the Storm at $1.71

Who To Place Your Bet With?

As usual, Picklebet is offering exciting odds! Storm at $1.71 and the Newcastle at $2.02.

Betfair is also offering some exciting odds.

Betting on the NRL should be done with caution. Follow our weekly NRL tips here.

Betting Tips

The Storm looks great for a win, Coach Craig Bellamy is known to always have his side in peak physical condition. In pre-season matches match fitness plays a huge role as some teams simply aren’t ready.

The Newcastle Knights looked dangerous in 2023. In my opinion, they were unlucky not to make the Grand Finals last year. I’m tipping the team to surprise everyone this year and make a grand final appearance.

Head To Head – Storm

First Try Scorer – Nick Meaney

Storm Pre-season Starting Lineup

1. Ryan Papenhuyzen
2. Will Warbrick
3. Reimis Smith
4. Nick Meaney
5. Xavier Coates
6. Jonah Pezet
7. Jahrome Hughes
8. Tui Kamikamica
9. Harry Grant
10. Josh King
11. Kane Bradley
12. Eliesa Katoa
13. Trent Loiero

14. Christian Welch
15. Joe Chan
16. Tristan Powell
17. Tyran Wishart

18. Keagan Russell-Smith
19. Dean Ieremia
20. Shawn Blore
21. Bronson Garlick
22. Young Tonumaipea
23. Lazarus Vaalepu
24. Jack Howarth
25. Treigh Stewart
26. Chris Lewis
27. Marion Seve
28. Coby Williamson

Knights Pre-season Starting Lineup

1. Kalyn Ponga
2. Enari Tuala
3. Dane Gagai
4. Bradman Best
5. Greg Marzhew
6. Tyson Gamble
7. Jackson Hastings
8. Jacob Saifiti
9. Phoenix Crossland
10. Leo Thompson
11. Tyson Frizell
12. Dylan Lucas
13. Adam Elliott

14. Jack Cogger
15. Daniel Saifiti
16. Jack Hetherington
17. Kai Pearce-Paul

18. Thomas Cant
19. Riley Jones
20. David Armstrong
21. Will Pryce
22. Jed Cartwright
23. Brodie Jones
24. Tom Jenkins
25. Fletcher Sharpe
26. Laitia Moceidreke
27. Fletcher Myers

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