NRL Preliminary Finals Betting Tips & Expert Predictions

This week’s NRL (National Rugby League) finals has fans on the edge of their seats. Expert tipsters and bookmakers are betting on a Brisbane Broncos vs. Penrith Panthers Grand Final next week. First, we need to see which team wins this week’s NRL preliminary finals.

NRL Prelimanry Finals Tips

In the first NRL game of the week, the Penrith Panthers take on the Storm. Betting companies and tipsters are tipping the Panthers to destroy the Storm and have set their odds accordingly.

Picklebet has set the odds at $1.19 for a Panthers win.

Picklebet has set the odds at $5.00 for a Melbourne Storm win.

In game 2 of the NRL preliminary finals, we see the Brisbane Broncos take on the New Zealand Warriors. Experts are tipping the Broncos to crush the New Zealand Warriors.

Picklebet has set the odds at $1.26 for a Broncos win.

Picklebet has set the odds at $4.00 for a New Zealand Warriors win.

Game 1 Of The NRL Preliminary Finals

Friday, 22/9/2023 Accor Stadium

7.50 PM Start, Panthers vs. the Storm

The Penrith Panthers NRL team is doing it again, absolutely destroying any opposing team they face in the finals. Injury rumors have tipsters in two minds, however, the bookies have set the odds and the team is almost impossible to tip against.

The Storm have played a good 2023 season of footy, but have faded towards the end of the season. Plagued with injuries and poor form it is hard to tip them for a win in this week’s preliminary finals.

On the upside any Craig Belamy-coached side stands a fighting chance no matter who the opposing team is, he is one of the best coaches in NRL history.

Bookies have set the odds with a -12.5 points spread and roughly $1.19 to win head-to-head. 

It’s a bit of a stretch to predict the Panthers to beat the Storm by 12.5 points.

Betting Tip Panthers to win $1.19

Game 2 Of The NRL Preliminary Finals

Saturday 23/9/23 Suncorp Stadium

7.50 Start Broncos vs The Warriors

This rugby league face-off sees the Broncos take on the Warriors and is tipped to be one of the best rugby league matches in 2023. 

The Warriors have never won a grand final, and the team is desperate to make it into next week’s Grand Final. It will be a matter of will vs. skill. 

The Warriors are outclassed in the skill department. But will the Broncos be able to match the will of the New Zealand Warriors in this week’s NRL preliminary finals match?

Bookmakers, tipsters, and fans across the country are betting on the Broncos winning the match. Bookies are united and have set the odds at roughly $1.25 for a Broncos head-to-head win and a -10.5 spread.

Betting tip Broncos to win $1.25

What Betting Site Should You Bet With In The NRL Preliminary Finals?

Picklbet or Betfair is our best pick of bookies for this week’s much anticipated NRL preliminary finals.

Will Player Injuries Affect This Week’s Odds?

Surprisingly we are not seeing any of the four teams playing in the preliminary finals affected with too many injuries. Penrith Panthers had a few concerns early on this week, however, most players are now looking fit and ready to play some exciting footy.

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