The Parramatta and Raiders are just a win away from reaching Grand Finale. Both have a golden chance to grab the NRL trophy this season. While the Cowboys are waiting to win the trophy, both Eels and Raiders are anticipating their chances to reach the grand finale that will be held in Townsville. However, they need to lock a win at the preliminary final match first held at CommBank Stadium on 16th September. Ladbrokes so far are offering the best odds.

Eels vs. Raiders Team Analysis

In the past five encounters, Parametta Eels and Raiders have won 4 matches between teams. Paramatta has finished 4th with 16 wins & 8 losses, while Canberra Raiders finished 8th and have 14 wins & 10 losses, Last time when Parramatta and Raiders met during the regular season at GOI stadium, the Eel overpowered Canberra with a score of 28-20. 

The raiders are the 8th best team in NRL but its forward pack is the strongest. Front rowers Tapine, Payne Hass, Josh Papalii, and second rowers Elliot Whitehead, Hudson Young, and Corey Harawira-Naera have a creative flair, which makes defense a challenge. Unfortunately, their discipline has been an issue this season. Ball handling is not its best within their half. They have been the 4th most penalized team with an average of 6.1 per game. Keep an eye on our weekly NRL tips.

On the other hand, Parramatta Eel stands in 4th position with powerful forward players. Junior Paulo alone can handle 2 to 3 defenders to initiate a short pass or late offload before the line or catch out. Other top forwards listed for per-game offloads are Ryan Matterson, Paulo, and Shaun Lane. Lane even tops forward for the try assists with a total setup of 11 this year. To get the best odds on your punt check out our betting site review page.

 Eels have a weakness of not pulling straight wins but players in hot form like Shaun Lane and Mosses deemed to fit the game seem to be a thriller. Reed Mahoney is not so focused but one cannot overlook his long-range kicking style that can come in handy. 

Last week Brad Arthur’s team got unlucky as they went down 27-8 against Penrith Panthers. It is a score that does not define how brutal and close the match was in the first 55 minutes but the moment Mitch Moses was injured and forced away due to concussions Eels got blasted. Moses is the halfback and leader for attacks and the try assists that go through the home. He is considered medically fit to play, while the other 17 are the same players that faced Penrith Panthers. 


The forward pack for the Raiders looks good but their recent form seems hard to handle for 4-straight weeks. The Grand finale accompanies momentum, which is a challenge to a team that finishes 8th.

On the other hand, Parramatta Eels has the best chance to win because they have changed their style. In the past, they performed best in ¾ of the year and began waning. Today, they are on an upward pathway. Micthell Moses is a dominant player empowering the ball to get over pick teams and ad line. Sports Bet Kings bet is on Parramatta Eels!

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