CBA NRLW Women’s Rugby League Deal 

The NRLW has had an extra $118 Million Dollars injected into the league. This is aimed to help women rugby league players who have infants or that go on maternity leave to be better looked after.

Legendary rugby league man Peter V’landys has given a hand and helped the CBA NRL deal finally make progress. In one of the toughest standoffs we have seen in modern rugby league, we needed to see progress and again Peter V’landys has stepped in and knocked some sense into both parties. 

Peter was instrumental in re-launching the NRL after COVID stopped rugby league games from being played. He has stepped in once again and done a stellar job in helping the RLPA and NRL make progress in the bitter CBA negotiations. Now the NRLW women’s agreement has been finalized we need him to sprinkle just a little more magic and get the men’s CBA agreement sorted.

CBA NRLW Updates

The NRL and RLPA have finally reached a financial agreement in the women’s CBA agreement. This was one of the major sticking points that instigated players threatening to strike. The NRL players wanted to see the women players in a better financial position and also looked after should they not be able to work due to injury.

Players Still Threatening To Strike Over The CBA

Nathan Cleary last week was very vocal in stating that strikes are still on the table this is what he said on Fox Sports “We are prepared to sit out games. This is something we do not want to do as it robs fans of what they want to see” 

Players abandoned the plan to cover up logos in the pre-season matches as progress is steadily being made.

$118 Million Dollar Boost From The NRL In CBA Agreements

With the historic agreement in the NRLW women’s league, a whopping $118 million dollars has been injected into the women’s league. The women will now also receive private health insurance. 12-month contracts are now mandatory and the ability to sign multi-year deals is now available. This is a serious milestone for the NRLW and provides a massive increase in support for women rugby league players.

Womans Salary Cap Increase

The women’s salary cap increase was one of the big wins for the RLPA. Seeing the maximum salary cap of $350,000 increased to $900,000 it now gives the women’s league a real chance of becoming a lot more professional and allowing the women to focus on their NRL careers without the worry and stress of working a second job. It is a milestone both the players and the NRL can be proud of.

This is great news however it is not finalized and also needs to see the men’s NRL CBA agreement terms agreed upon to make it a formal deal. It does however look like a major win for the women as their terms have been agreed to!

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