NRL Dolphins Pass Their First Test

If you bet against the Dolphins on their first match you would have lost. Wayne Bennett has played down the team’s hopes of making the semi-finals but what we saw in their pre-season match was simply outstanding. We are tipping them to be a conder in their first season in the NRL. They beat the Central Coast Queensland Capras 24-8. The stadium was fully booked and supporters came out to show their support for the new NRL team.

How The Dolphins Front Row Performed

We saw a lot of side-to-side movement as we predicted weeks ago we would see from the Dolphins. Their front row was solid in defense and played disciplined football with not many dropped balls or missed tackles.

How The Backline Performed

For such a young backline they performed like veterans. Not spilling the ball and minimal missed tackles. Disciplined football is a trademark of the Dolphins coach Wayne Bennett and it looks like he has installed this early on in the team. Rodrick Tai managed to score a try and put in a solid performance.

Capras & Dolphins Partnership

After this match, it was rumored that the Capras and Dolphins will more than likely form some kind of partnership in the not-so-distant future.

How The Halves Performed

The two halves both had a good game and moved the ball around a lot. They seem to be clicking early which is great for the Dolphins as Wayne Bennett’s coaching style relies heavily on his halves taking risks.

Stand Out Players For The First Win

It really was a great team performance with no real standout player, which is a great sign for the 2023 campaign. We are tipping the Dolphins to make the quarter-finals, no matter how much coach Wayne plays this possibility down.

What Kafusi Said About Wayne

“From what I’ve seen in the media he’s pretty staunch and doesn’t give you much, but behind the scenes, he’s just really genuine. He cares for you, he makes you feel confident as a player and he puts the responsibility back on you because he just wants you to be the best.”

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