Dabble Buys Moneyball

Dabble, Australia’s leading betting app platform announced it will acquire the mobile sports betting platform Moneyball. 

This is a Strategic Acquisition

The acquisition is aimed at increasing Dabble’s social media punters who like to bet with other like-minded punters. Moneyball previously was a fantasy sports betting platform that was revamped in 2021. The revamp saw them move into live sports betting and racing. Money ball did extremely well during COVID when lots of sporting events were shut down due to their advanced sports fantasy platform.

What This Means For Moneyball

Moneyball will officially close down, the staff will stay on and all technology and will be merged into Dabble, rather than keeping two separate companies. The staff at Moneyball are reportedly excited about this acquisition as Dabble is well known in the industry for its excellence and high standards.

Why This Acquistion Will Improve Dabble

Tom Rundle Dabble’s Chief Executive Officer was clear in his explanation of how the acquisition of Moneyball will improve Dabble. 

This what Tom said:

 “With many of Moneyball’s customers already familiar with the community-based element of wagering via their strong daily fantasy sports background, we believe there is a tremendous alignment that will appeal to these customers and make our community stronger.”

How Will The Aquisition Improve The Punters Experience?

Dabble is aimed at the younger generation of punters who are tech-savvy. They use social media as means to connect punters to others who are like-minded via, Twitter, Tik Tok, to improve their betting experience and community interaction amongst punters. Essentially connecting the community to one another. The acquisition of Moneyball will see Dabble’s users now have access to live streaming, a larger range of fantasy sports, and many more cool options in an effort to become Australia’s top betting platform.

How Much Did Dabble Pay?

The amount payed to Moneyball to date has been kept secret, we believe it was a great buy and the synergy of these two companies makes sense. Dabbles headquarters are in Darwin and Moneyballs headquarters are in Sydney. The location difference in the merger should not matter as nearly everything can be done online nowadays, it is unclear if they will keep both offices open.

Lasy year Dabble leveraged of chat GTP AI to acquire more customers. The crew their are extremely tech savvy and we wish them all the best with this exciting acquisition.

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